King of kings 2089


Grandmaster Green King snorted, “You really know how to trap your master, Zhu Wuyan is a member of the Fourth Class Hegemonic Family, and you’re asking me to offend him?Didn’t you just say that Zhou Mi is handsome, why don’t you let him go and persuade Zhu Wuyan, that girl, or the one who came with Zhou Mi.”

Tian Xiang said, “Zhou Mi is only at the middle stage of Human Immortal, where could he stop Zhu Wuyan.”

“Then he’ll have to be taken away by Zhu Wuyoung.”

Star Luo, who was in the crowd, was also very angry when he saw Zhu Wuyan’s shamelessness, Star Luo said inwardly, “Zhu Wuyan’s family is not weak, it’s not good to offend him, but if Zhu Wuyan really dared to take Yun Meng away in public, then I’ll say anything to go out and stop him.”

omi practiced the Great Domain Method in his mind as he said, “Zhu Wuyan, Yun Meng is my friend, you don’t have to insult her.”

“Hahaha, what a big joke, your friend?What about it?Which family’s grand son are you, so honorable, I pooh, don’t say your friend, even if it’s you, if I want to insult, I can insult.”

Yun Zi was busy saying, “Zhu Wuyou, my sister has already said that she doesn’t like you, although my uncle used to want to introduce her to you, but, introduction is introduction, whether you like it or not is another matter.”

Zhu Eyeless looked at Yun Zi, his eyes twinkled and smiled, “Yo yo, another big beauty, it looks like a pair of sisters.Not bad, not bad, I like it, I, Zhu Eyeless, since I’ve already been called shameless by everyone, I might as well be a little more shameless.This little sister, I like you too, do you like Brother Zhu?”Zhu No Eye looked at Yun Zi with narrowed eyes.

Yun Zi snorted, “I pooh, who likes you.”

Zhu Eyeless said, “What did you say?Don’t like me?Who gave you the courage to dislike me?I’m one of the top ten in the late stages of human immortality, why don’t you like me?If you don’t give me a reasonable reason, I will definitely take you away by force today as well, and then, you sisters, I will, hehehehe.”Zhu Eyeless rubbed his hands as if he was fantasizing about some scenario and was about to drool.

omi saw his woman being molested, how could he endure, and said angrily, “Zhu Wuye, do you think I don’t exist?Yun Zi is my woman, don’t you dare try.” A second to remember to read the book

Zhu Eyeless scowled and said to omi, “Yeah, I’ll pretend you don’t exist, how dare you, your woman?Do you believe I’ll sleep with your woman in public?”

“You dare.”

“Hahaha, I, Zhu Eyeless, have a bad reputation across the board, what do I dare not.Zhou Mi, do you think that you defeated Mei Tianqing, so many people worship you, your status is this high, do you think that so many women, flirtatious looking at you, you are really handsome?Now let’s see which one of you dares to come out and say a word for you.I pooh-pooh, Zhou Mi, get lost immediately, don’t affect my ability to pick up girls, today this pair of sisters, I, Zhu Wuyou, want to make sure.”

omi snorted coldly, “I’m just afraid you don’t have the ability to do that, I’d like to see what ability you have to take them away from my hands.”

“Hahaha, Zhou Mi, you’re telling a joke, I’m in the top ten of the late Human Immortal stage, you’re actually arrogant in front of me.”Zhu Eyeless laughed coldly.

The crowd of onlookers were now also a bit disappointed in omi’s ignorance and arrogance, when they had just defeated Mei Tianqing, they had admired Zhou Mi, now that they saw that Zhou Mi was actually arrogant, they were suddenly a bit disgusted.

omi exhaled a deep breath.

omi was just stalling for time.

At this moment, in omi’s mind, the third spell of the second level of the Silence Art, the Great Domain Law, omi had already practiced it.

Under pressure, the practice was particularly fast, just now, although only a few minutes, but, omi felt that there are still results than the previous practice for a year.


sp; Having practiced the Great Realm Law, omi was already fully confident of defeating a late stage Immortal.

Although there were almost no immortals who crossed over to fight, if the opponent had a strong enough magic weapon, or spell, then the realm gap was made up, and crossing over was not so unrealistic.

This Great Realm Law of omi’s was definitely super powerful.

omi said coldly, “Zhu Eyeless, you brought this on yourself.”

Zhu Eyeless saw omi, a mid Human Immortal, speak in such a tone, and then he also said furiously, “Zhou Mi, I’ll grass your mother, what kind of thing are you, daring to speak to me like this, fine, then I’ll kill you first.”

At this moment, the secret Star Luo was about to make his move.

However, omi had already made the first move, omi’s momentum surged, and a storm of windless waves was raised on the scene.

omi instantly divided a radius of tens of meters into his domain.

“Roar.”omi roared, and his roar turned into a flame that struck Zhu Wuyan.

“Ah.”Zhu Wuyan was shocked and pushed his hands to block the flame.

“Boom.”There was a fierce blasting sound, and Zhu Wuyoung’s hands were pushed backwards by the flames for several steps before stopping to suppress the flames.

Everyone at the scene, immediately withdrew from the battle circle, while everyone’s face changed dramatically.

Including Mei Tianqing, who had just dueled with omi, as well as Mei Tianqing’s grandfather, Mei Seed, and of course, Green King and Star Luo.

“Oh my god, this isn’t a dream.”

“Oh shit, just now, just now Zhou Mi actually fought with Zhu Wuyou, and, actually, he didn’t fall into the trap.”

“Tsk tsk, could it be that Zhou Mi is only at the middle stage of Human Immortal, but he has the ability to challenge the late stage of Human Immortal?How is this possible.”

After retreating dozens of steps, the crowd discussed in shock.

At this moment, Star Luo was also shocked inside.

“He, what he just performed, it’s like ah Great Domain Method, how is this possible, according to the Demon King’s introduction, at least a late Mortal Immortal would have to be strong enough to practice the Great Domain Method, but he.”

Mei Tianqing’s face was also green at this time, and said, “Grandpa, Zhou Mi actually dared to fight against Zhu Wuyan, could it be, could it be that he dared to fight against Zhu Wuyan?If he can really fight against Zhu Wuyou, then it would be really, logical that he didn’t put me in his eyes before.”

Plum Seed said, “Don’t talk yet, let’s see.”

Everyone stared at omi and Zhu Wuyoung.

Zhu Wuyou’s expression at this point was the same as everyone else’s, incredulous, a mid Human Immortal, actually.

omi roared back Zhu Eyeless, and said to Yun Meng and Yun Zi, “You two, quickly retreat, leave this place to me, Zhu Eyeless wants to take you away, hmph, I’d like to see if he has the ability to do that.”


“Back off.”

“Yes.”Yun Zi and Yun Meng immediately retreated back to the crowd for air, omi and Zhu Eyeless, surrounded by the crowd.

Zhu Eyeless’ face changed several times, and finally said heavily, “Very well, Zhou Mi, you actually dare to fight me, fine, let’s do it then, I would like to see if a mid Human Immortal really has the ability to counter the late Human Immortal.”

After saying that, Zhu Wuyou didn’t hold back and killed towards omi.


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