King of kings 2090


“Compassionate Great Hands.”Zhu Eyeless slammed his hands on his chest as if he was slapping a palm on the ocean, and the entire ocean rolled in waves.

“Wow.”The surrounding buildings were instantly blown away by the invisible waves, turning into barren lands within a radius of hundreds of meters, showing that Zhu Wuyoung was not an idle person.

However, no matter how strong Zhu Wuyou’s hand was, it didn’t hurt omi in the slightest.

“Ah.”Zhu Eyeless was shocked, he didn’t know how omi had dodged it.

At this moment, omi’s eyes were filled with rage, and omi roared again, “Get out of here.”

“Boom.”The three words omi spat out turned into three breaths of air, and the three breaths of air turned into three huge flames, and the flames blasted at Zhu Wuye with the consciousness of destruction.

It was only because omi’s realm was slightly lower, so the power was slightly lacking.

However, for Zhu Wuyan, even though it was slightly lacking, it was already an intensity that was difficult for him to deal with.

Zhu Wuyan immediately gushed out his Immortal Power, Immortal Power went out of his body, and then collided with omi’s three flames with one palm.

“Bang.”Zhu Wuyan only lasted for three seconds before he couldn’t hold on and was instantly blown away by these three flames of omi’s, powerful force.

“Ah.”Zhu Wuyan screamed, and when the flames dissipated, Zhu Wuyan was black all over, and his clothes and hair were burned away. The first website

“Wow.”Everyone was stunned.

omi was actually so strong that he didn’t know what kind of spell omi was casting.

Many of the strongest people on the scene looked at omi as if they were thoughtful.

A spell that could counter the late stages of Human Immortality, such spells were almost uncommon in the Upper Fell Hell Continent, and even if they were, not many people were likely to be able to practice them.

This was something that Star Luo felt most strongly about.

In the past, the Demon King had said that the Silence Technique could not be practiced by an ordinary person, and that it would take an extremely intelligent person to be able to practice it, and with Star Luo’s talent, it was still just about right.

However, omi was not bad at all, it had only been how long since he had practiced the Great Domain Method.

At this moment, Star Luo who was watching from afar, admired him.

Star Luo looked at the heroic and mighty omi, and for some reason, was suddenly a bit moved.Thinking back again, from a mortal as weak as an ant, this man had gone all the way against the sky to become an immortal, how revered was this kind of courage.

Zhu Eyeless, who had turned black, was now very embarrassed and angry.

Just now, omi’s three flames, Zhu Eyeless failed to resist, burning him black all over his body and so on, but apart from that, it didn’t burn him, after all, omi’s realm was one level lower, and it was a bit difficult for Zhu Eyeless to seriously injure him.

However, it was just the beginning of the exchange of blows, and Zhu Wuye was already in a downward spiral, if this continued, Zhu Wuye would definitely be seriously injured.

At this point, Zhu Wueyan didn’t know whether to continue or not.

If he continued, with his current appearance, he was bound to lose.But if he didn’t continue, it would be begging for forgiveness from omi, how could he, wouldn’t he be laughed out of the room by his hall Zhu Eyeless.

Zhu Wuyou gritted his teeth and said, “Zhou Mi, good, you really didn’t disappoint me.”

omi sneered, “The one who let me down is you, claiming to be in the top ten of the late Human Immortal, is that all you have?”

“Zhou Mi, you don’t want to force me.”

“How about forcing you, it would be worth it if I could force you to show more strength, but can you?”

“You.”Zhu Eyeless.

Angry to vomit blood, every word of this from omi was like a knife, slashing at his heart.

“Zhu Eyeless, if you beg for mercy now, it’s not too late.”omi said.

“Ridiculous, why should you make me beg for forgiveness, let it be, today I will fight you to the death and defeat you.”

“Unfortunately, you can’t do it.”

“Ah.”Zhu Eyeless shrieked, killing omi at the risk of destroying his cultivation.

“Boom boom.”Zhu Eyeless Eye shot into the sky and struck down as if a skyscraper had collapsed, the air collapsed down layer by layer, and the spectators on the ground immediately flew hundreds of meters away.

omi stood on the ground, his feet bounced, his head seemed to be topped with a layer of colored clouds, omi rolled his hands, his entire body turned into a flame, like a meteor.

“Wow!”The sky was like a radiant giant firework blooming.

When the smoke dissipated, only Zhu Wuyou stood motionless in the sky, his body covered in countless blood shadows.

“Poof.”In the next second, Zhu Eyeless moved his throat and spat out a mouthful of blood, then, his knees fell forward weakly, as if he was begging for mercy to omi, kneeling in mid-air, but it was by no means that he was actually kneeling down to omi, he just didn’t have the strength.

On the ground, everyone saw this result and held their breath, then, they let out a deep breath.

“Tsk tsk, defeated, Zhu Eyeless has actually lost.”

“Zhou Mi, when it comes to the past and present, he’s truly a rare genius.”

“What kind of spell is he practicing, but so what if we, even if we knew, even if he taught us, we definitely wouldn’t be able to practice it.”

“That’s right, such a powerful spell, even a mid Human Immortal can defeat a late stage one, how can an ordinary person be able to practice it, this kind of spell, those great powers in the Upper Yama Continent have no shortage of collections, but how many people are able to practice it and then dominate the world.”

The crowd on the ground was discussing.

omi stood in mid-air and said to Zhu Wuyan, “Now, can I say to you, even with you, you dare to touch my woman’s phrase?”

“You.”Zhu Eyeless raised his head weakly.

omi snorted coldly, “Not even taking a piss to see yourself, thinking that coming from a more powerful power is unbearable and reckless, I won’t kill you today, but if you dare to touch my woman again, don’t blame me for being rude.Even if your family comes out to bail you out, I’ll go up to heaven and I’ll be sure to cut you down.”After saying that, omi stood up on the ground with a string of shadows.

Everyone looked at omi, and a feeling of worship rose within them.

In the distant crowd, Master Tianxiang, looked at omi, his heart suddenly beating very fast, feeling that omi had an infinite charm in general.

Of course, Star Luo looked at omi and seemed to be different from before.

omi said to Yun Zi and Yun Meng, “Let’s go.”

“Mm.”Yun Zi and Yun Meng didn’t say anything more and followed omi as he quickly left the scene in full view of the public.

Yun Zi was now happy and worried inside, happy that her husband was so strong and worried that she was afraid that she wouldn’t be worthy and omi would be snatched away or would abandon her.

In the crowd, Mei Tianqing, who was previously filled with anger towards omi, now looked deadly, Mei Tianqing laughed to herself, “Thanks to me just now, I said that I would defeat him within three hundred years, now it seems, what a ridiculous sentence, hahaha, hahaha.”Mei Tianqing laughed out tears, and the grandfather next to him, Mei Seed, didn’t even say a word, because, he also knew that his grandson could never be a match for omi.


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