King of kings 2091

Chapter 2091

omi walked in the direction of the Star Clan.

“Zhou Mi, wait a moment.”

At this moment, a person chased after him.

When omi turned around, it was Tianxiang.

“Er, Master Tianxiang, what do you want?”omi wondered what Tianxiang wanted to do when she chased out in front of so many people.

Tianxiang smiled, “Zhou Mi, come to my place to discuss alchemy ah sometime.”

“Ah.”omi was a bit confused as to what she meant.

Other people, however, were stunned at the moment.

Suddenly, many people were discussing.

“Master Tianxiang, this is taking the initiative to show someone affection ah.”

“This is the rhythm of liking him ah.To express his liking in public, Master Tianxiang is really a woman who dares to love and hate ah.” Remember the URL

Tianxiang blushed and said, “Then I’ll leave first, looking forward to your arrival.”

omi looked at Tianxiang’s back and said inwardly, “Could it be that Tianxiang really means what everyone says?No way, Tian Xiang is too bold, aren’t women supposed to be shy?How is it that Tenka is so bold as to show herself affection?”

omi was a bit confused.

omi moved away from everyone’s sight and left the dueling field.

At this moment, in another place, Tian Xiang’s master, Master Green King, raged, “Tian Xiang, what did you just do?Why are you doing this?You expressed your affection for Zhou Mi in front of so many people, are you still shameless, a woman’s family, you did such a thing, you’re really mad at me.Moreover, you know full well that you will be going to meet Mei Tianqing on a formal blind date later, but you just, what do you mean by that.”

Tian Xiang said, “Master, I don’t like Mei Tianqing.”

“So you’re deliberately humiliating Mei Tianqing?”

“Others don’t know that I’m about to go on a blind date with Mei Tianqing, where is the humiliation.”

“Other people don’t know, but Mei Tianqing and his grandson know, when this runs out to show affection to Zhou Mi in front of them, you, where do you take Mei Tianqing.”

“In that case, then cancel today’s blind date.”

“Hugh, go, give me a blind date.”The Green King forcefully pulled omi, coming to a certain inn nearby.

At this moment, upstairs in one of the inns, Mei Tianqing and his grandfather Mei Seed were already waiting.

Mei Tianqing didn’t look good, the first was that he had lost and lost thoroughly, he had wanted Tianxiang to see his style, but the result could be imagined, and the second, Tianxiang had expressed her fondness for omi in public.

“Grandpa, that bitch Tianxiang, she obviously likes Zhou Mi, do I still need to sit here and wait for her?”

“Why is it unnecessary, who Tian Xiang likes is her business, but who she wants to marry is not her business.”

“Tian Xiang definitely doesn’t want to marry me, that’s why she deliberately showed her love to Zhou Mi in front of everyone, trying to make me retreat knowing the difficulties.Since people don’t even like me, why do I have to force myself.”

“Hmph, Tian Xiang’s little heart, you think only you can see it, but unfortunately, the more she does this, the more I have to go against her.”

At that moment, Tian Xiang and Green King arrived.

At a glance, Mei Tianqing saw Tianxiang, and suddenly, Mei Tianqing was shocked and swallowed hard.

“Brother Mei, I’m really sorry you’ve been waiting.”After sitting down, Green King apologized to Mei Seed.

Mei Seed didn’t look good and laughed, “Green King, your apprentice can be really personable, she’s about to meet Tianqing on a blind date, yet she ran off to express her love for another man.Now everyone outside is saying that she and Zhou Mi

They are a natural pair.If they are the only ones who were born together, why did you bring her to meet my grandson.”

Green King looked embarrassed and said, “Brother Mei, I didn’t know Tian Xiang would do that, I’m really sorry.”

Tianxiang looked very bad.

They were right, Tianxiang ran out to express her affection to omi without any shame, she was helpless because she really didn’t want to be on a blind date with Mei Tianqing, so she had no choice but to do so, if she really had to choose between omi and Mei Tianqing, Tianxiang wouldn’t hesitate to choose omi.

Unfortunately, there were some things that she could not do what she wanted.

Tian Xiang summoned up her courage and said, “Senior Mei, I’m sorry, I really don’t like Mei Tianqing, and I hope you’ll forgive me.”

The muscles on Mei Seed’s face shook, and his expression was fierce.

Mei Tianqing was busy saying, “Master Tianxiang, am I that bad?Is it because I lost to Choomi?”

Tenka said, “No.”

“Then why?Although I lost to Zhou Mi, but, love shouldn’t only look at two people, but also the background of both sides, that Zhou Mi has no background to speak of, you and him will not be happy.”

“Then I’m happy with you?”

“Uh, this.”

“Mei Tianqing, actually, Zhou Mi and I have known each other for a long time, if you really like me, you don’t need me, okay, we can be friends.”

Mei Tianqing said, “I know nothing about my marriage, my grandfather makes the decision, I will obey whatever my grandfather arranges.”

Mei Tianqing said inwardly, “So beautiful, only fools don’t want you.”

Tian Xiang also opened the door and said, “Even if you get my person, you won’t get my heart, so why suffer.”

Mei Tianqing said, “I don’t agree, if I get your person, I can have a bunch of children with you, and if I have children, I’m still afraid of not getting your heart?Besides, when you and I have a bunch of children in the future, what’s the use of even if you still like Zhou Mi, would Zhou Mi like a woman who has so many children?”

“You.”Celestial Fragrance almost spat blood, so mean.

Plum Seed chuckled, “Not bad, my grandson’s insight on love is quite high.”

The Green King compensated with a smile, “Indeed, if you get a person, you will naturally get a heart.”

Tianxiang cried, “Master, I really don’t want to marry Mei Tianqing.”

Green King said, “Tianxiang, why are you suffering, although Tianqing is not as good as Zhou Mi for the time being, but, Tianqing is at least ranked second, ranking second is not bad, alright, Master is doing this for your own good.”

After saying that, the Green King asked, “Tianqing, how do you feel about Tianxiang?”

“Back to Grandpa Green King, I really like Tian Xiang, I want to start a family with him and have a bunch of little babies.”Mei Tianqing said brazenly.

“I don’t want that, oooooh.”Tianxiang fell down on the table and cried out.

Green King was quite upset inside when he saw how sad Tian Xiang was crying, but, he thought that it was for Tian Xiang’s own good.

Plum Seed said, “Green King, since both children have expressed their satisfaction, is it not time to discuss their marriage.It’s better to choose the day than to collide with it, or else, let’s get married today and have the bridal chamber at night, the two children are not young, so don’t waste your time ah.”

“This.”Green King hesitated, this was too hasty.

“What?Green Brother feels bad?”

The green king saw the plum seeds aggressive appearance, heart a little unhappy, but, people are immortal ah, green king is only a fourth grade immortal pills master, which is not a rival, green king is high status because he can alchemy, know many immortal strong people just.


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