King of kings 2092


Green King said, “Brother May, why don’t we wait, I’m afraid.”

“What’s there to wait for, I think it’s almost time.”Mei Seed said.

Mei Tianqing also had excitement in his heart, feeling that somewhere in his body was about to explode at the moment, and smiled, “I also want to get married today, so as not to have a long night’s sleep.”

The Green King looked at the Mei Seed grandparents, feeling that they, the two of them, kind of didn’t take the Green King’s opinion into account.

The Green King said inwardly, “It seems that I’m just a tool for people’s alchemy after all, with no real strength to take me seriously, even if I claim to be a friend.I’ve already promised to marry Tian Xiang to Tian Qing, yet they still want to get married today, without giving the slightest consideration to whether I’m willing or not.”

At this moment, the Green King, being aggressively pushed by Mei Seed, seemed to have come to a realization, and his understanding of his friend had changed.To put it bluntly, Mei Seed, a friend, didn’t really respect him at all, otherwise, why would he ignore his wishes and have to ask to be married today.

The Green King was sorrowful inside.

An alchemist might seem like he had a noble status, but if he couldn’t be used by others, he was worse than a dog.

Look at Master Chen of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, he used to be on equal footing with the emperor and had such a high status, but then, he became a prisoner.

Green King is a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, and there are only two of them in the Upper Tree Firs Yan Continent, so his status seems high, but once he can’t concoct pills for any strong person, he’s dog shit.

Green King said, “Brother Mei, it’s better to choose a good day later, you can see Tianxiang is crying so sadly at the moment, today really won’t do.” One second to remember to read the book

Mei Seed looked at Tian Xiang who was crying on the table, a snort: “Green King, look at this adversary you received, even respecting your teacher already can’t, why bother with her, woman well, the more you obey her, the more you will turn the sky.Besides, she is unwilling to marry Tianqing today, the future is just as unwilling, the future is just as weepy, no matter if she marries later or now, she will still have to weep, why not just get married now while the iron is hot.So, I think it’s still appropriate to do it today.”

The Green King looked at the Plum Seed and was disappointed that the Plum Seed still insisted on today, not caring what he meant at all.

At this moment, omi had returned to the Star Clan’s territory.

“omi.”Star Luo took the initiative to come looking for omi.

“Er, Miss Star Luo.”

“omi, honestly, did you refine the Great Domain Method?”Star Luo asked.

omi smiled and said, “Yes, I’ve refined it.”

“Ah, it’s really refined, omi, you’re really too genius, Star Luo is impressed.”

“Miss Star Luo is polite.”

Star Luo looked at omi, her heart was beating so hard that she didn’t even dare to look.

At this moment, not far away, Yun Zi pursed her lips, as if she saw something.

“Miss Star Luo, is there anything else?”omi asked.

Star Luo snorted, “I can’t stay here if it’s fine.”

“That’s not true, but I’m just afraid that if you stay here for too long, your family will misunderstand.”

“What’s there to misunderstand.”

As soon as Star Luo thought about the fact that Tian Xiang had even expressed her fondness for omi in public today, for some reason, Star Luo was a little anxious inside, as if, afraid of being snatched away.

However, Xing Luo was torn inside, her family might not be able to see omi, if they didn’t, everything was meaningless, it was better to think about Tian Xiang, there was no family ties.

At this moment, a certain main hall of the Xing Clan.


sp; “Everyone, what should we do, that Zhou Mi, without a doubt, is a superb genius and will likely become an upper immortal in the future.”

“This, it’s really difficult.”

“Yes, such talents are truly rare, but that Zhou Mi is only interested in Star Luo, the other women in our family, he has no interest.However, Star Luo is incompetent by all means, we are to marry her off to Yan Qinggang of the second class overlord family ah.”

“If it weren’t for the fact that Yan Qinggang is closed, Xing Luo would have already married him.”

“Yan Qinggang’s closed for tens of thousands of years, and there’s still waiting.”

“After all, he’s an upper immortal, a friend of our family ancestor.”

“Our family ancestor is also really, that Yan Qinggang has lived for hundreds of millions of years, let Xing Luo marry a bad old man, Xing Luo would not be happy if she knew.”

“This matter cannot be known to her now.”

“What about omi?Such geniuses, do we still want to recruit them or not.”

“Let Star Luo talk again, give him the best girl in our family, other than Star Luo.”

At this moment, in Master Green King’s house.

Tian Xiang’s face was full of death, she didn’t even know how she had come back.

The Green King didn’t look good either.

In the Green King’s mind, the words of Plum Seed who was determined to get married today kept appearing, not listening to the Green King’s opinion in the slightest, even if it was tomorrow.

In the end, the Green King was very upset and excused himself, coming back to prepare for the marriage before leaving the inn.

For a long time, Tian Xiang said, “Master, if you have to marry me off to Mei Tianqing, I guarantee that you will lose me forever.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll die.”

“Ah.”The Green King’s body trembled.

“Is it true that you don’t like Mei Tianqing so much?”

“Yes, I’d rather die than marry him, Master, if you still consider me your apprentice and the only family you have, listen to a little of my inner voice and don’t make decisions for me.”

The Green King smiled bitterly, “Just, I have also changed my mind, Mei Seed, had to make me marry you to his grandson today, without the slightest regard to whether I am willing or not, this essentially shows that in his heart, I don’t really have any status at all, if I am also a strong man as strong as him, I will see if he dares to disregard my opinion so much, in the final analysis, INo strength, just an alchemist.What kind of friend, I kind of see clearly.”

Tian Xiang was busy saying, “Master, won’t you let me marry Mei Tianqing?”

Green King said, “I haven’t decided yet, but, I already dislike Mei Tianqing very much.This little bastard, the more I look at him, the more disgusting he is, he was beaten up by Zhou Mi today and still has the nerve to get married, why doesn’t he go die.”

Tian Xiang Dao: “What about Zhou Mi?Do you like him?”

“That son of a bitch, Zhou Mi, has disgraced me by not worshipping me as his master, I don’t like him a damn thing.”

“Then what if he’s willing to worship you as his master?”

“If he’s willing to worship me as his master, then I’m also willing to be open-minded and cut off from the Plum Seed, and, I’m willing to cultivate him wholeheartedly, and with a circumspect talent, he can become an upper immortal in the future nine times out of ten.In this world, no matter how good you are at alchemy, you’re still just someone else’s tool.As long as Zhou Mi can become one of us, I’m willing to take the risk.”The Green King said with a bite.

Through this incident, the Green King felt that he had to have strength in order to do so, but he had no choice himself, so he took in a promising apprentice.Zhou Mi was undoubtedly a perfect candidate.


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