King of kings 2093


Heavenly Fragrance said, “Master, I will go and plead with Zhou Mi right now, I will beg him to worship you as his master, but can you take your words seriously?”

“Of course, if Zhou Mi is willing to worship me, I will no longer force you to marry Mei Tianqing, and, cut off your friendship with Mei Seed.Anyway, I, the Green King, have known more than just Mei Seed in the Upper Sinew Yan Continent, and I have known many more Upper Immortals, and those powerful people who rely on me to refine pills for them will definitely keep me alive for their own benefit.Cut off from the Plum Seed, and the Plum Seed may not be able to harm me.”The Green King said.

“Grace, Master, then I’ll go find Zhou Mi now.”

Green King said, “If you go there, don’t come back, stay at Star Luo first, I’m afraid that Mei Tianqing will come to rob someone.After all, when I just came back, I told Mei Seed to come back and prepare for the marriage, they will definitely come to take the marriage in the evening.”


Tian Xiang happily ran away.

The Green King sighed deeply and said inwardly, “Mei Seed, you’re the one who forced me to cut off my friendship with you, you’re the one who doesn’t take others too seriously.You should know that there are many strong Upper Immortals who begged me for alchemy pills in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, but unfortunately, you are so disrespectful to me because of my relationship with you.What kind of thing is your grandson, looking at your attitude towards me, I guess there’s no benefit in marrying you.”

At this time, at the residence of Master Imha.

“omi, how is this to be understood.”

“omi, can you demonstrate it to me?”

“omi, come to my place for dinner tonight, I’ll have my servant prepare it.” First URL

Xing Luo left one sentence of omi and another sentence of omi, barking so diligently.

Not far away, Yun Ziwei pursed her lips and watched omi instructing Xing Luo to practice the Silence Technique.

Yun Zi: “I used to look down on it, but now that I’ve seen someone so powerful, I’ve come to steal it from me.”

Yun Meng Dao: “Yun Zi, don’t be angry, omi is not alone, he has many women he knows in the lower realms.”

“But it’s different now, the Star Luo family is so strong.”

“Hey, where’s the solution, if Star Luo really wants to steal a man from you, you’ll have to be small.”

“What a shame.”

omi also felt out, today’s Xing Luo, very different from the past, engaged in a bit of control, really f*cking want to hug her.

“omi, is this it?”Starro asked.

“Yes, that’s right.”omi went up to correct Star Luo’s technique, and omi was open to the idea, deliberately touching her hand and rubbing her waist as he corrected her.

Star Luo immediately felt that omi was intentionally eating her tofu, Star Luo turned to look at omi, the two of them looked at each other close, Star Luo blushed and lowered her head, it seemed that she did not mind omi eating her tofu.

In the distance, Yun Zi saw their two intense expressions of love and affection, and became angry.

“Sister, look at them ah, they are too shameless.”

Yun Meng gasped, “This time it was omi who intentionally ate Xing Luo’s tofu, I saw omi touching her hand and hugging her waist.”

“But, Xing Luo she didn’t mind at all and blushed, I really can’t watch it anymore.”Yun Zi cried.

“Alas, if you can’t look at it, you can’t, out of sight, out of mind, a former lecher, you want him to be exclusive to you, it’s impossible.Besides, Xing Luo’s talent is better than you, his family is better than you, and his appearance is a little prettier than yours.”

“Bullshit, where am I uglier than her, last night my husband also

Compliment me that I’m the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“Khan, you can take what a man says by his pillow seriously.”

omi boldly hugged Xing Luo’s waist, seeing that Xing Luo had no other expression than blushing, omi became much bolder and said in Xing Luo’s ear, “How about I go to your room at night.”

omi was also really bold, even daring to say the words to go to her room at night, if the people of the Xing Clan knew about this, they would definitely kill omi.

Xing Luo was a friend of the Xing Clan’s ancestor, Yan Qinggang’s woman, and would officially marry Xing Luo when Yan Qinggang’s retreat was over.That Yan Qinggang was a strong Upper Immortal, it was specially arranged by the ancestor, it was just that, not many people knew about this matter.

Xing Luo ton pushed omi away and seemed to come back to his senses, panicking, “omi, that’s it for today, I’ll go back first.”

“Ah, that, about the evening meal.”omi was busy.

“No need.”Xing Luo hurriedly walked away.

“Damn, changing his face faster than turning a book.”omi couldn’t help but say, just a moment ago, he was still in a state of intense affection, the next moment, he changed.

After leaving, Xing Luo was blushing with shame.

“How could I be like this, I’m too shameless, could it be, I’m really in love with him?”

“No, no, he and I, there is no future, my family, is hesitant to marry me to anyone, many excellent young talents used to come to the door to propose marriage, my family is determined not to marry me, which means, my family expects a lot from me.”

Xing Luo trotted back to her quarters.

At that moment, the maid said, “Miss, Master Tianxiang is here, just arrived, he’s in the house.”

“Ah, Tianxiang, oh.”Xing Luo busily entered the house, and sure enough, Xing Luo was sitting in her living room.


“Tenka, what are you doing here.”

“Starro, help me.”Tenka cried.

“Ah, what’s wrong with you?”Star Luo was busy with a heartbreaking question.

Tianxiang said, “Star Luo, my master wants to marry me to Mei Tianqing, to be honest, today I was supposed to meet with Mei Tianqing on a blind date, but I didn’t expect that Mei Tianqing lost to Zhou Mi.The reason I ran out in public to express my affection to Zhou Mi was to see if I could let Mei Tianqing know my feelings and cancel the blind date, but we still met.Mei Tianqing bit me and wouldn’t let go, and his grandfather even more so, and said that the bridal chamber would be tonight.”

“Ah, no way, what’s the rush.”Xing Luo was shocked.

“But, my master doesn’t want to get married today, so, it’s a difference of opinion with Mei Seed, but Mei Seed is determined to get married today, this matter, led to my master’s discomfort, so, now things have a slight turn of events.”

“What turn of events, tell me quickly, as long as I can help, I will be obliged.”

“My master said that if Zhou Mi is willing to worship him as his master, he can consider, cutting ties with the Mei Seed, and, I don’t have to marry Mei Tian Qing.”

Star Luo was puzzled, “What does this have to do with Zhou Mi?”

“Star-Lo, let’s find Zhou Mi first and meet with him before we go into details.”

“Oh.”Xing Luo had a somewhat complicated look inside, although they were good sisters, it was always a bit of that when it came to men.

If omi really worshipped the Green King as his master, then wouldn’t they be able to be together every day.

However, after all, they were good girlfriends and couldn’t help out, so Xing Luo had to take Tian Xiang to Zhou Mi.


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