King of kings 2095


“Ah, what do you mean.”

“Do you like me?”Tian Xiang blushed and asked.

omi didn’t know any routine, the question was so sudden that omi nodded subconsciously.

Tianxiang blushed and said, “Me too.”After saying that, Tianxiang shyly ran away.

“Er.”omi was startled there, with Tianxiang saying that, how could omi not worship the Green King?omi’s blood rushed to his head, and he was expelled.

Yun Meng and Yun Zi, who heard their conversation, sighed.

Yun Meng said, “Yun Zi, you see, Star Luo isn’t enough, here comes another one to steal from you.”

“Hey, I don’t know what to say.”

Yun Meng said, “Don’t ask for too much now, you can only hope that he has a better one and won’t abandon the worse one.”

omi came to this summer’s master.

“Master.” One second to remember to read the book

“Needless to say, I’ve heard it,”Master Imaha said.

“So what do I do?”omi asked.

Master Ima Xia said, “It seems that it is not mine, no matter what I do, it won’t be mine.”Master This Summer was a little distressed by the fairy grass he had given omi.

“Master, why do you need to say that.”

“The Green King and I, we don’t share the same fate, if you worship him as your master, you can’t worship me again, and you can only choose one.”

“Master, now that the Green King doesn’t know your true identity, I can have both of your masters.”

“Hmph, no way, you choose one yourself, me or the Green King.”

omi said, “Master, you heard it just now, if I don’t worship, Tianxiang will have to marry Mei Tianqing.”

“It’s none of my business, in the end, in your heart, it’s still the woman who is more important.”

“Master, I didn’t say that I disown you, you’re still my master, in the future when I’m rich, I’ll never forget you, but if I don’t save Tianxiang, she’ll never be able to get out of the sea of misery.”

“In short, the Green King and I, we don’t share the same fate, if you want to worship him as your master, cut ties with me.”


omi turned around and walked away.

omi didn’t know what to do, but he didn’t expect his master to be so resolute.

Tian Xiang only gave omi an hour to think about it.

“What should we do?What to do?Am I going to stand by and watch Mei Tianqing marry Tian Xiang?”

omi saw Yun Meng not far away and walked up.

“Yun Meng, tell me, what should I do?”omi asked.

“Uh, your master won’t?”


“Why?I think, it’s not a conflict, it’s normal for you to have two masters at the same time ah, in that case, the Green King can also climb up the kinship with Master This Summer, maybe even instruct Master This Summer, isn’t it good for everyone to have fun.”

omi smiled, the Green King and Master This Summer were incompatible, but only omi knew about this, omi wouldn’t say anything.

“My master doesn’t want it anyway, what should I do?”

“If your master really wants the best for you, he should agree, since your master is so unreasonable, there’s no need to ask for his opinion, anyway, when you’re rich in the future, you’ll just pay him back ten times what you owe him.And if you don’t worship the Green King today, you’ll lose Tianxiang forever, even if you become powerful in the future and go to Mei Tianqing’s to grab it back, Tianxiang won’t know how many children she’s the mother of.”

“Well, then, let’s do that.”

omi said inwardly, “Master, don’t blame me, the love you have for me, I’ll repay you a hundred times more in the future.”

omi immediately went to Xing Luo Na.

“Tian Xiang.”

/> “Zhou Mi, how are you thinking about it?”Tian Xiang asked anxiously.

omi smiled, “I’ve thought about it and worshiped the Green King as my master.”

“What about your master?”

“He is still my master, and if the Green King has a problem with it, then I won’t worship him.”

“Mmhmm, I’m sure my master won’t mind, let’s go and meet my master.”Tian Xiang happily took omi’s hand.


omi immediately followed Tianxiang to Master Green King’s house.

“Master, Zhou Mi is here.”

At this moment in the hall, the Green King was lingering there, and actually, the Green King also wanted omi to worship him as his master.

“Great.”The Green King heard Tian Xiang’s shout and was delighted.

omi walked into the hall, and when he saw the Green King, omi bowed, “Greetings, Senior Green King.”

“Zhou Mi, are you really willing to worship me as your master?”Green King asked.

omi said, “If I don’t worship, will Tianxiang marry Mei Tianqing?”


“In that case, I have no choice, but I have one condition.”

“Er, condition, what condition.”

omi said, “Tianxiang must be my girlfriend.”

“If you worship me as your master, Tianxiang will be your senior sister, both of them are already senior sisters, so naturally they are closer than friends.”

“Master Green King, girlfriend does not mean a female friend, to put it simply, it means fiancée.”

“Ah, you.”

“If you don’t accept me, then what’s the point of me worshipping you as my master.”

“I am a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, isn’t that interesting enough?”

omi said, “Not enough, in the future, I will definitely become a fifth, sixth, or even stronger Immortal Pill Master, fourth level is nothing at all.”

“You have a crazy tone.”

“I’ve always been like this, you decide for yourself, anyway, Tian Xiang likes me and I like her too.Besides, if I marry Tianxiang, then I’m your apprentice and Tianxiang’s man, so wouldn’t that be more of a guarantee.Even if you don’t feel safe with me, then you should feel safe with Tianxiang, so that you can completely treat me as your family.”

“This.”The Green King heard omi say that and felt that it made a bit of sense, the Green King was already doubting omi’s character, in case he became rich in the future or had no use for him, he would disown him as his master.But if Tianxiang also married him, it would be even more reassuring, because Tianxiang was raised by him since he was a child and would never disown him.

“Good.”The Green King didn’t like to be long-winded either, so he directly agreed.

“Hahaha.”omi kneeled down and bowed, “Disciple omi, pay your respects to your master.”


“This is my name in this life.”

“Good, hahaha, then, choose the day instead of crashing into it, and marry Tian Xiang now.”Green King said.

“Ah, so urgent.”omi was startled, but this Green King’s personality omi liked.

“What’s there to be afraid of, I don’t even mind, what do you mind.”

“I don’t mind ah, it’s better this way ah, save you regret.”

“Tian Xiang, go get ready and pay your respects.”Green King said.

Tianxiang blushed, and although it was indeed quite urgent, Tianxiang didn’t mind at all.

Master Green King immediately wrote several invitations, then called several servants and instructed, “Today, Zhou Mi will worship me as his master, I will hold an acceptance ceremony today, and, my disciple Tian Xiang, will also worship Zhou Mi as his wife today, all of you, immediately send this post to Senior You Tian Fu, Senior Qiu Fu Ma, Senior Long Hate Huan, Senior White Mist, Senior Xiang Jun, and so on!Hand, invite them to come to the wedding feast at once.”


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