King of kings 2097


“Hahaha, Brother Green, you said on your lips that it was too urgent to agree to the marriage today, but I didn’t expect that the preparations were quite fast.”The sound of Mei Seed’s laughter came from the doorway.

When Mei Seed entered the Green King’s house, he saw red lanterns hanging everywhere, a festive look, thinking that the Green King had prepared so well for Tian Xiang’s marriage, he was very happy.

A few seconds later, Mei Seed walked into the main hall, and all of a sudden, Mei Seed saw many strong Upper Immortals standing in the hall.

“Er.”Mei Seed was startled, just getting married, it’s not like inviting so many strong Upper Immortals.

Mei Seed looked to the Green King and said, “Brother Green, why are you making such a grand event.”

The Green King snorted, “Who is your Green Brother?Grand your sister.”

“Ah, you.”

Mei Tianqing walked in right after, happy, “Tianxiang, your husband has come to take you home.”

“Shut up.”There was a loud roar, and Mei Tianqing looked to where the sound was coming from and saw that it was a handsome looking man dressed as a groom, and on closer inspection, it was Zhou Mi.

“Ah, Zhou Mi, why are you here, what are you doing here.”Mei Tianqing shouted, his body trembled as, he saw Tian Xiang, who was also wearing bridal makeup, standing beside Zhou Mi, and, their hands, tightly pulled together.

Mei Seed also saw it, and his face changed, and he suddenly looked at the Green King with anger, and roared, “Green King, what do you want?What do you mean?” Remember the URL

The Green King said, “Mei Seed, I am now formally informing you, in front of so many strong Upper Immortals, that I, the Green King, am severing ties with you, Mei Seed, from today onwards.”

“Ah, cut off diplomatic relations.”Mei Seed’s body trembled, never expecting that the Green King, who was his friend, would somehow cut off diplomatic relations with him.

Mei Tianqing immediately gritted his teeth in anger, “Green King, you don’t know what’s good for you, all these years, if it wasn’t for my grandfather protecting you, you’d be f*cking dead, and you.”

“I pooh, protecting me, ridiculous.”

The Mei Seed angrily pointed at the Green King and said, “Well, Green King, you, you actually did this to me.”

The Green King snorted, “Before today, I had always respected you as a brother, and had always been happy to have you as a friend, but unfortunately, today at the inn, I have seen clearly that I am nothing in your eyes.I promised to marry Tian Xiang to your grandson, even if Tian Xiang didn’t want to, I forced him, but unfortunately, you don’t consider my feelings at all, you can do whatever you want.So, Plum Seed, I can only cut off friendship with you.Since Tian Xiang loves Zhou Mi, I will fulfill them and marry Tian Xiang to Zhou Mi. By the way, I haven’t told you yet, Zhou Mi is already my apprentice.”

“Green King, if you dare to bully me like that, I want you to die a horrible death.”Mei Seed growled.

There were more than twenty Upper Immortals on the scene, and suddenly a few of them, who usually had an average relationship with Mei Seed, laughed and said, “Mei Seed, do you think we don’t exist?The Green King will die a horrible death?Try it if you’ve got the guts. Do you have the guts?I don’t believe that there are so many Upper Immortals on the scene, you’ll be ashes and smoke in minutes.”

“You guys.”Mei Seed looked angrily at the strong Upper Immortals on the scene.

Another Upper Immortal said, “Mei Seed, we will have to rely on the Green King to help us with our alchemy in the future, if you dare to touch a hair of the Green King, I’ll be the first to fight you.”

“Me too, I’ll be the first one to settle the score with you.”

More than twenty Upper Immortals at the scene all expressed their support for the Green King.

“Hahaha, Plum Seed, didn’t you just say that you want the Green King to die a horrible death, you have the guts to do it, huh?

.”The first to state that upper immortal’s shame said.

“You, you, you.”Plum Seed took a few steps backwards in anger.

Gutless, it seemed that his name, prepared for this moment, was as good as his name.

Mei Tianqing looked at Tianxiang, in bridal attire, particularly particularly beautiful, his heart was as unhappy as a knife, and shouted to Mei Seed, “Grandfather, grandfather, I beg you, I want to marry Tianxiang, without her, I can’t live anymore.”Mei Tianqing cried out for Mei Seed to help him snatch Tianxiang away.

omi said, “Tianxiang is already my daughter-in-law, Mei Tianqing, you toad is not worthy of this swan, it would be more appropriate for you to find a female toad.”

“Zhou Mi, you take my wife, I am not with you.”

omi trailed off.

Tianxiang took omi’s arm and said, “Mei Tianqing, don’t mess around, I won’t like you, even if my master really married me off to you, I would choose to kill myself and never let you have it, I love Zhou Mi, forever and ever, do you hear me.”

“Pfft.”Mei Tianqing viciously vomited, a mouthful of old blood spurting high.

“Tianqing, you.”Mei Seed saw his grandson so unambitious, he was going mad with anger.

“Grandpa, I don’t want to live, please kill me.”Mei Tianqing cried out.

“You worthless, a lowly woman, a lowly bitch, you also, you also say such things.”

omi shouted, “Hey, put some respect in your tone.”

Plum Seed looked at omi, his eyes chilled, and said, “Zhou Mi, good, good, do you think, with the Green King backing you up, I can’t kill you?Didn’t the bitch say she’ll always love you, so I’ll see if she’ll still love you forever if you die.”

The Green King said at once, “Mei Seed, you dare.”

Mei Seed laughed loudly and gritted his teeth, “Green King, these people are just relying on you to help with the alchemy, they won’t let me kill you for their benefit, but who cares if Zhou Mi lives or dies, I can kill him if I want.”

The Green King was busy saying, “Seniors, would you help stop him?”

One of the Upper Immortals said, “Green King, don’t worry, we are standing here today, we will never let him hurt anyone.The auspicious time has come, let’s hurry up and pay our respects, don’t miss the time, and as for this plum seed, don’t bother with him.I measure he has no seed today.”

Green King was grateful, “Thank you all, Zhou Mi, Tian Xiang, prepare to pay your respects.”

“Yes, Master.”

Mei Tianqing cried, “Grandpa, help me stop it.”

Mei Seed clenched his teeth, looked at the Green King and omi and said, “Give me a taste, if I don’t stop this, I vow not to do anything.”

Mei Seed pulled the weeping Mei Tianqing away.

As soon as they reached the gate, the master of ceremonies shouted from inside, “One bow to heaven and earth.”

“Two worship the high hall.”

“Husband and wife worship each other.”

“The ceremony is complete, send them to the bridal chamber.”

“Poof.”Mei Tianqing, who hadn’t yet walked out of the gate of the Green King’s residence, heard the sending into the bridal chamber, and another mouthful of old blood spurted wildly, unfortunately, spraying his grandfather’s face.

His grandfather was so angry that he slammed Mei Tianqing to the ground and cursed, “You’re a useless piece of trash.”

In the main hall, after sending the newcomers into the bridal chamber, everyone arched their hands to congratulate the Green King: “Congratulations, congratulations.”


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