King of kings 2098


“Haha, thank you all, you’ve worked hard, the banquet is ready, and I expect you to join us for a drink.”

“Of course, please.”


Everyone entered the table.

And omi and Tianxiang, entered a certain room, the room was simply dressed up, after all, time was so pressing.

“Do you live in this room?”

“Well, I usually live in it.”

“Hey, it’s turned into our wedding room today.”omi said with a smile as Tianxiang shyly lowered her head.

“Madam, then we should not delay.”omi asked tentatively.

“Ah, what.”Tian Xiang played dumb not knowing, her face completely red.

“Still pretending to be stupid, hahaha.”omi stopped the waist and hugged it. A second to remember to read the book.

Night fell, and the banquet was over by about eight o’clock in the evening.

The various Upper Immortals took their leave.

“Grandmaster Green King, you can rest assured that Plum Seed will never dare to touch you in the slightest, otherwise, all of us will become his enemies, unless Plum Seed he doesn’t want to live.”

“Thank you all.”

“You’re welcome, I’ll need to rely on you in the future for Immortal Pills.”

“It should be, it should be.”The Green King sighed deeply inside, all of it was conditional, it wasn’t even much of a bite in terms of immortal pills.Unfortunately, what can be done, in short, the Green King has deeply realized that there must be strength, and if there is strength, who is there to fear.

The Green King said inwardly, “Now Zhou Mi and Tian Xiang must have already made love, Zhou Mi is also completely my family, he can’t die, only Zhou Mi has the possibility to become a strong person and fight against these upper immortals, if he doesn’t die, I must help him become a strong person soon.”

After saying that, the Green King immediately went to the backyard.

At this moment, omi and Tianxiang were hugging and lying on the bed, both of them were only covered with a thin blanket, other than that they had no body, what had happened in the past two hours, naturally it was self-evident.

“Husband, I’m already yours, will you abandon me in the future?”Tenka said full of concern.

“How come.”

“You’re still weak today, so naturally I’m still somewhat attractive, but in the future, when you become strong, like, an Upper Immortal level, I’m a small Level 2 Immortal Master, even if I’m already a Level 4 Immortal Master by then, it’s nothing in your eyes, at that time, will you still love me?”

“Haha, that’s a good question, I’ll give it a hundred percent.”

“Stop it, I’m serious.”

“I swear to the heavens, if I, omi, betray my trust, abandon my master, abandon my wife, abandon any siblings, I will be struck by the heavens and will not die a good death.”

Tian Xiang was busy covering omi’s mouth to keep him from saying something so poisonous.

“Hehehe.”The two of them smiled imploringly.

Outside the door, the Green King grinned as well, hoping that omi’s vow wasn’t meant to coax Tianxiang.

“Ahem.”The Green King coughed twice outside.

“Ah.”Tianxiang panicked and pulled the blanket, afraid that Master would barge in.


“Alright, you two hurry to the main hall, I’ll wait for you in the main hall.”


omi and Tianxiang hurriedly dressed and quickly arrived at the main hall.

Now those guests must have left as soon as they left.

It meant that the place was no longer safe, so omi didn’t procrastinate in the slightest and soon arrived at the main hall, where only the Green King was present.

omi contacted the Demon King on his way to the main hall.

Thankfully, the Devil King had left a trace of his mark on him last time, allowing omi to contact him at any time.

“omi, what’s the matter again, hey, there’s a stream of Upper Immortal’s Immortal Sense sweeping you.”The Devil King noticed it right away.The Nine Dao Demon King was a Dao Immortal, the Plum Seed was as weak as anything in his eyes, if he wasn’t imprisoned and his mana was locked, even a thought could kill the Plum Seed.

“Senior Demon King, you found an upper immortal sweeping me away?”

“Yes, I was going to ask you, but it really is sweeping me off my feet.”

“Uh, you know?Could it be that you’ve messed with someone again.”

“That’s right, that upper immortal who is sweeping me with his immortal sense at the moment, he wants to kill me.”

“Damn it, omi, last time that some middle Earth Immortal wanted to kill you, this time it’s even more ruthless, the Upper Immortal wants to kill you, how many more powerful people are you going to be killed by.”

“Damn, I’ve really had a lot of disasters in my life.”omi scolded.

The Devil King said, “How can you hide from an upper immortal, Star Luo can’t help you anymore, if you want to blame it on the enemies who kill you, they are stronger than ever.”The Devil King sighed, omi was in this situation, if it were the Devil King, he wouldn’t even know how to get through it.

“Senior Devil King, it’s the same old story, when I need it later, you can help me shield that person’s Immortal Sense.”

“Of course, that’s all I can help you with.”

Soon, omi and Tianxiang arrived at the main hall.



“You guys have come.”

Tianxiang blushed and lowered her head, not even daring to look up at her master when she remembered the shame of what she had just done.

The Green King said, “Zhou Mi, Mei Seed will definitely not let you go, even if he wants to kill you in order to irritate me, pitying my master’s strength and status, can’t help you, those upper immortals, also can’t always be here to protect.Right now, I only have the ability to save my own life, I can’t save either of your lives.”The Green King was pained to say, what use would he have to come here, to be frank, he could only pretend to be in front of the lower class.

omi said, “Master don’t worry, it probably won’t be that easy for Mei Seed to kill me, if I, Tang, am so easy to kill, then how can I come here from the mortal realm.”

The Green King laughed bitterly, “Zhou Mi, you don’t understand, you’re really too young, your words are still those of a child.”

The Green King thought that omi’s words sounded childish, but didn’t know that omi’s words were not nonsense at all, but were spoken with a premise.

“Master, you just need to take care of yourself, and leave Tianxiang to me.”omi said.

Green King said, “Zhou Mi, if I’m not mistaken, Plum Seed’s Immortal Sense has locked onto this place right now, and even, he’s already on his way to it.”

“So what, Master, I’ll take Tian Xiang with me first.”omi said, and without much nonsense, omi pulled Tianxiang away.

At this moment, at a certain restaurant nearby, the corner of Mei Seed’s mouth lifted in disdain, “What a lack of knowledge of life, huh.”Mei Seed naturally perceived everything through his Immortal Sense, and the more ignorant omi looked, the more disdain he felt.

At the Green King’s residence, the Green King was busy, “Wait.”

“What else has Master ordered?”

“Zhou Mi, are you seriously able to leave smoothly with Tian Xiang?”

“Of course, please believe me, I’m taking Tian Xiang to the Star Clan right now, I don’t think the Plum Seed would ever dare to go to the Star Clan to be rude.”


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