King of kings 2099


“Hmph, the amount of him doesn’t have the guts to go on a rampage in the Star Clan’s territory.”The Green King snorted in disdain, but the Green King doubted that omi would make it to the Star Clan, and there were ten thousand chances for the Plum Seed to kill omi on the way.

“Master, we’ll be leaving first then.”

“Wait, Zhou Mi, you take these immortal grasses with you.”The Green King took out all the gift money he had received today.

“Ah, Master, this must not be allowed, so many immortal grasses, how can we.”

“You need it more than I do, take it all.”

omi’s hands were trembling, he didn’t expect the Green King to be so generous, the gifts received today were all billion year old immortal grasses, the gifts from over thirty guests added up to over 300 immortal grasses.

300 billion-year-old immortal grasses, what a rich resource this was.

“Master.”omi was grateful.

“Alright, don’t let my master down, these immortal grasses are given to you, I hope you can make good use of them, you don’t have to give them to Tian Xiang, Tian Xiang is only an Immortal Pill Master, the need is not great, the key at this stage is for you to grow quickly.”

“Mm, disciple will never disappoint master.”

“Go ahead.” First URL

omi pulled Tianxiang away quickly, the Green King looked at their backs and said, “Zhou Mi, if you can really make it to the Xing Clan alive, then that means I’m not wrong about you, I will definitely use all of my possessions to support you, for so many years, I’ve accumulated more than the gift money I received today.Of course, if you die in the middle of the road, it’s fate, and said that Tian Xiang will eventually become Mei Tianqing’s woman.”

The Green King knew that omi and Tianxiang would never be able to escape from here, and it was likely that soon after leaving the house, Mei Seed would kill omi in some alley, then snatch Tianxiang away and give her to Mei Tianqing.

However, the Green King wanted to take a gamble, depending on whether omi, really had this fate, if a person with strong chance and good luck, is not so easy to die.

The Green King sat in the palace, quietly waiting for the outcome.

At this moment, at a certain restaurant.

Mei Tianqing was sitting on the side with a frustrated face and tears on his face, mumbling and repeating, “It’s too late for anything, they must have already caved in, it’s too late for anything.”

Mei Seed said, “Alright, don’t be endless, Tianqing, now that all the Green King’s guests have left, Zhou Mi is preparing to take Tianxiang to the Xing Clan House, unfortunately, I will never let him reach the Xing Clan without a problem.These two bitches, I’m going to kill them right now.”

Mei Tianqing was busy with her plum seed pleading, “Grandpa don’t.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Grandpa, if you want to kill them, kill Zhou Mi, not Tian Xiang.”

“Hmph, this bitch has already caved with Zhou Mi, what are you still thinking about.”

Mei Tianqing said, “Even if Tianxiang is no longer a perfect woman, I still want it, grandpa, help me get her back, then kill Zhou Mi in pieces.”

Mei Seed saw that his grandson might not really be able to walk away from this hurdle, so he had no choice but to agree and snatch Tianxiang back to him.

“Alright, grandpa help you get her back, and when you get tired of playing with her in the future and don’t like it anymore, kick her to death.”

“Grandpa, it’s my business.”

Just then, the plum seed was shocked, “Where’s the man?”

“Grandpa, what’s wrong?”

“Strange, it was just now.”

Mei Seed suddenly noticed that omi and Tian Xiang were missing.

Plum Seed was immediately throughout the Green King’s residence

Expanding his Immortal Sense to search, but, no omi and Tianxiang were seen.

“Quick, go to the Green King’s residence.”Mei Seed immediately ran to the Green King’s residence.

Mei Tianqing was also anxious to get there, happiness was coming soon, don’t lose it again.

At this moment, omi and Tianxiang were deep in the ground.

omi is still using the same method as last time, jumping down from a well and then entering the underground at the bottom of the well, using the Devil King’s Immortal Sense Shield, Mei Seed will not be able to find omi to death, because even if Mei Seed’s Immortal Sense goes deep into the underground, he will not be able to see omi and Tian Xiang, besides, Mei Seed does not even know that omi is deep underground, omi enters from the bottom of the well and uses the well to cover it, it will not leave any traces of them entering the underground.

At the bottom of the ground, Tianxiang worried, “Is this really alright?”

“Shh, don’t talk.”

omi held Tianxiang and went in the direction of the Star Clan, of course, omi must be outside the Star Clan out of the ground, not daring to enter the underground of the Star Clan, the Star Clan range must have protection, for fear of triggering protection to cause misunderstanding.

Mei seeds soon arrived at the Green King’s house.

Mei seeds repeatedly to make sure that there is no omi and Tianxiang, Mei seeds immediately entered the main hall, the green king is still sitting on the chair at the moment.

The Green King is still sitting in his chair. The Green King is shocked to see Meijian coming.

The Green King sighed sadly, omi, died just like that, and wondered if the 300 Immortal Grasses he was carrying had been taken by the Mei Seed.

But, in the next second, the Plum Seed yelled and asked, “Say, where are Zhou Mi and Tian Xiang?”

“Uh, didn’t you kill him?”

“Hmph, Green King, don’t you dare argue, say, where did you hide them?It was just now, why can’t I find them now?”

“Ah, can’t find them?What do you mean?You’re an Upper Immortal, and the two of them are so powerful that you can’t find them?”Green King was startled.

Mei Tianqing also came, yelling, “Green King, don’t be stubborn, you can’t hide it, my grandfather will definitely kill Zhou Mi, Tian Xiang, is destined to be my wife.”

The Green King laughed, “This kid, he really did it, he didn’t disappoint me.”

At this moment, the Green King was greatly delighted that the Mei Seed couldn’t find omi, which meant that omi had used some method to shield the Mei Seed’s Immortal Sense, and must, at this moment, be almost to the Star Clan.

“Green King, are you still stubborn?”Plum Seed raged.

The Green King snorted with disdain, “Mei Seed, if you have the guts, kill me.”


“I knew you didn’t have the guts.”The Green King sneered.

“Ahhhh.”Mei Seed was going crazy with anger, but he really didn’t dare to kill the Green King, he really didn’t have the guts.

The Green King said, “Mei Seed, don’t waste your energy, I’m sure, Zhou Mi has already brought Tian Xiang, to the Star Clan, if you have the guts, go to the Star Clan and kill Zhou Mi, do you have the guts?Hahahaha, no guts, hahahaha, plum seed no guts.”The Green King laughed.

Mei Seed’s angry nostrils were going to smoke, yes, this matter, going to the Star Clan to kill omi, he didn’t dare to go, several things today, he didn’t dare, he, he really was a gutless person.

“Ahhhh.”Mei Seed growled in anger.

“Green King, you’ll see.”Plum Seed gritted his teeth.

“Hmph, we’ll see then.”

Mei Seed immediately left with Mei Tianqing, heading towards the Star Clan, tracking omi and Tianxiang all the way, hoping to intercept omi before they even entered the Star Clan.


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