King of kings 2100


At this moment, omi and Tianxiang, had just emerged from the ground.

“Quick, there’s the Star Clan ahead.”omi pulled Tianxiang and flew towards the Star Clan, ecstatic inside, as long as he entered the Star Clan, the Plum Seed wouldn’t dare to go in and kill omi.Of course, that wasn’t what omi was ecstatic about, but the Green King had said that if omi really arrived at the Star Clan safe and sound, then he would be willing to support omi with all of his possessions.

In other words, omi would soon be rich, and this time, he could definitely go up to the pre-Mortal Immortal stage and become a Star Luo peer.

“Stop.”Just at this moment, a roar came from the distance.

“Ah, chasing after it.”Tian Xiang’s face changed.

omi was a bit dumbfounded as he looked at the gates of the Star Clan only about a hundred meters in front of him.

However, the Upper Immortal was so powerful that even ten meters would not be enough to catch up.

In the distance, Plum Seed snapped his fingers, and with a swoosh, as if it was a bullet, it killed omi, and it was so strong that even late Earth Immortals would surely die.

“Ah.”omi’s brain felt like it was going to short-circuit, and he was powerless to fight in front of absolute strength.

Right at this moment, a woman suddenly appeared, and that woman, instantly blocked in front of omi.

In the distance, Mei Seed was shocked, that woman was Star Luo, Mei Seed was suddenly frightened to put away his qi energy, just a fraction of a millimeter, in time to be charged by Mei Seed, Star Luo only escaped death. Remember the URL

“Move.”Star Luo shouted.

omi didn’t procrastinate, quickly pulling Tianxiang along and darting to the Star Clan’s gate a hundred meters away.

In the next second, Plum Seed also arrived.

Mei Seed roared, “Miss Xing Luo, do you want to die, do you know that if I had just taken half a step slower to stop, you would have already died.”

Star Luo snorted, “That’s your business, anyway, if I’m killed by you, your Mei family will definitely be destroyed.”

“You.”Mei Seed was furious, by Star Luo’s delay, omi had already entered the Star Clan with Tian Xiang, he could have killed omi before he entered the Star Clan, but he ended up slipping away under his nose.Of course, Plum Seed didn’t dare to kill Star Luo, even if he didn’t kill omi, which was why he had just immediately closed in in fear when Star Luo suddenly rushed out to block for omi.

With a snort, Star Luo walked back to the Star Clan without looking back.

Right now, inside the Star Clan, omi was leaning on a pillar, and in his mind were all the things that Star Luo had just completely ignored his own death to block for omi, and Star Luo had put up a fight to save omi, a thousand times over.

“If it wasn’t for Star Luo just now, I’m afraid I’d be dead.”omi said.

“Mmhmm, I have no teeth to forget Star Luo’s great kindness.”Tian Xiang said with a nod.

“I really don’t know why she would save me despite her own life and death.”

“This.”Tenka was startled, right, why?Could it be that Xing Luo’s heart also loves omi?Why else would you risk your own life?Tian Xiang was also shocked at the thought of the result.

Tianxiang said, “I think Tianxiang definitely likes you, and, loves you more than me.”

omi was about to say something, when a voice came from behind his head, “Don’t talk nonsense, I’m not.”

omi and Tianxiang busily turned their heads and saw that it was Xing Luo, who was red-faced and sophomoric.

omi was quite cute when he saw her red face and cunningly arguing.

But why was she being sophomoric?Are you embarrassed? Are you shy?Still, there was another meaning.

Tenka was busy.

: “Xing Luo, thank you, if you hadn’t risked your life to save us just now, both of our fates would have been rewritten.”Indeed, if omi had just died, Tianxiang would definitely have been captured and given to Mei Tianqing, and her fate would have been completely different from then on.

“Alright, it’s fine now, Mei Seed doesn’t dare to enter my family to kill.By the way, I almost forgot to congratulate you guys, it’s great to have a happy ending today.”Star Luo said with a slight smile, but beneath her smile, she felt a little lonely and sad.

Tian Xiang said, “Thanks, you’ll find a great man too.”

“Well, then feel free, I’ll leave first.”Starro turned around and flew away.

“Star Luo.”omi called out, but Starro didn’t look back.

“How odd.”omi said internally.

“What’s wrong.”

“Nothing, let’s go back first.”

omi took Tianxiang and returned to that residence of this summer’s master.

Yun Zi and Yun Meng were sitting at the door, as if they were waiting for someone, and Yun Zi was full of heartache.

“I’m back.”

“Husband.”Yun Zi happily ran up.

However, when Tian Xiang heard Yun Zi call her Husband so affectionately, she felt, inside, a little embarrassed.

Yun Zi asked, “Why were you gone for so long.”

“Long, will it be long?”

“Nonsense, it’s a big night.”

omi laughed, “I went to the Green King’s house to pay my respects to the Green King, and then, my master betrothed Tianxiang to me, so, by the way, I became married, and then I caved.”

“Ah, you guys.”Yun Zi shuddered and looked at omi and Tianxiang.

“That’s right, we’re now husband and wife, in name only.”

Tian Xiang blushed and lowered her head.

Yun Zi was lost inside, worrying, it had finally come, and it came so quickly.

Yun Meng was busy saying, “Congratulations Miss Tian Xiang, congratulations Tang Shao.”

“Thank you, by the way, where is my master?Master This Summer.”

Yun Meng said, “Your master has left.”

“Ah, gone?”

Don omi was startled.

“Yes, but he left a letter for you.”Yun Meng returned to the house and took out a letter.

omi busily opened the letter and read it.

“Disciple, please forgive me for my attitude today, I was too selfish, if I were to do you a favor, not only could I not stop you, I should help you instead.Unfortunately, I can’t do it, you know the reason, I don’t know if you will talk too much, I thought about it for half a day, or decided to go far away, in this life to accept you as a disciple, I am very honored, although our master and disciple fate is shallow.After I leave, I hope you’ll work hard on your alchemy and cultivation, and say goodbye forever.”

omi finished reading the letter and sighed deeply.

omi could also understand the helplessness of Master This Summer leaving, after all, he and the Green King were sworn enemies, omi was closer to the Green King, inevitably allowing the Green King to see him more often, and seeing more of him, might one day allow the Green King to discover Master This Summer’s true identity.

“Master, I hope we still have the day to meet in the future, if I can do it, I will definitely help you resolve your hatred.”omi said inwardly.

Tian Xiang asked, “Then what do we do now?Can you still live here?With this summer’s Master gone, the Star family is, by rule, taking back this house, so there’s no reason for us to live here.”


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