King of kings 2101

Chapter 2101

“Forget about that for now, we’ll ask Star Luo about it tomorrow.”omi said in his heart, Star Luo is willing to die for him, does this district still need to worry about this small matter.

Yun Zi blushed and asked, “Then tonight, how, sleep.”

“What how to sleep, of course, the three of us in one room.”

“Go, who wants a room with you, I’ll sleep with Yun Meng from now on, sister, let’s go.”Yun Zi took Yun Meng’s arm and walked away, going into Yun Meng’s room.

Tian Xiang stood awkwardly to the side, sighing in his heart, he couldn’t have all of him alone after all.

omi said to Tianxiang, “Tianxiang, go rest, I won’t sleep tonight.”

“What are you doing?”

“Master gave me the Immortal Grass, I want to refine it into a pill.”

“I’ll be the one to refine it, I’m a rank two Immortal Pill Master, it’s not a waste to give it to you.”

“Even if you refine it, it’s still a bit of a waste, Master is a rank four Immortal Pill Master, I don’t know if Master is willing to refine it into a pill for me.”omi said.

Tianxiang said, “In that case, let’s ask Master some other day, after all, a second-grade Immortal Pill is much less effective than a fourth-grade Immortal Pill, so it’s best to have Master refine it.” One second to remember to read the book

“Good, then let’s sleep first.”

The next day, before omi got up, the voice of Master Green King came from outside.

“Zhou Mi, get up.”

“Ah, it’s Master.”omi got up in a panic, and it was indeed Grandmaster Green King.

“Master, what are you doing here?”omi asked with great joy.

The Green King looked at omi with a satisfied face, after last night’s test, the Green King already knew that omi’s very opportune person, an Upper Immortal couldn’t even kill him, indicating that in the future, omi could definitely become an Upper Immortal, or even surpass an Upper Immortal.Therefore, the Green King hadn’t slept all night, and he was going to help omi become an Upper Immortal with all his heart and soul from today onwards.

The Green King was a rank four Immortal Pill Master, the resources he could control were definitely not less than any Upper Immortal, because there were many people who begged him for alchemy, and others did not beg for nothing, they definitely had to give some benefits.

“Zhou Mi, those Immortal Grasses that Master gave you yesterday, I don’t think you’ve refined them into Immortal Pills yourself.”The Green King asked worriedly.

“Of course.”

“That’s good, for Master came here early in the morning, just in case you’ve refined it yourself, that would be a real waste, take it out, I’ll refine it into an Immortal Pill for you, what kind you need, just say so.”

“Master, this.”


“Thank you, Master, you can refine whatever you want, whatever kind of Immortal Pill has the best purity, no need for any function.”


The Green King immediately started refining it for omi.

Over three hundred Immortal Grasses, it was estimated that it would take a morning to finish practicing.

Tian Xiang, Yun Zi Yun Meng and the three of them also got up, Yun Zi saw at a glance that Tian Xiang was walking a bit differently.

Yun Zi looked at omi aggrievedly and pursed her lips.

omi said, “Master, can’t I even leave the range of the Xing Clan from now on?”



“By the way, is it okay with you to worship me, that master of yours this summer?Why haven’t we seen him now.”Green King asked.

“Master, Master Xia has left this year.”

The Green King snorted, “How damn narrow-minded, I don’t even mind a fourth-grade Immortal Master, he’s a third-grade Immortal Master.Good to leave, this kind of master don’t want it either, not very skilled, but not small tempered.”

“Hehe.”omi didn’t say much, this Xia Master left, he just didn’t want to meet up with Green King often, after all, he was an enemy.

Now that Master Xia is gone this summer, I don’t know when the Star Clan, when they will take this place back, I still have to go and find Star Luo.”omi said.

“Then go quickly, if you can’t live in the Star Clan, you’ll lose your shelter, and Plum Seed will kill you in minutes.”

“Fine, then I’ll go to Star Luo and ask.”

omi immediately headed to Star Luo’s residence.

The Green King tossed a refined Immortal Pill to omi and said, “Refine one, you take it first.”

“Good.”omi put away the Immortal Pill, and the Green King continued to refine it, the master was worthy of being a master, the refining speed was fast, and this way, it wouldn’t take half a day.

omi arrived at Star Luo’s residence.

“Where is Star Luo?”

“It’s in the room.”

“Oh, I’m going up to her.”

“Okay.”The maid didn’t stop omi.

In Star Luo’s room, Star Luo was practicing the Silence Technique, when Star Luo smiled, “The first occurrence of the second level of the Silence Technique, the Great Escapement, I have refined it, haha.”

Originally Star Luo didn’t refine it so quickly, but under omi’s pressure, she did so quickly.

“Star Luo.”omi’s voice came from the doorway.

“What for, something wrong?”

omi said, “Xing Luo, get up yet.”

“None of your business, this is my house, I can get up at whatever time I want.”

“Er.”omi’s eyebrows furrowed, what did Xing Luo mean by that, his tone was a bit punchy.

“Star Luo, are you okay?”

“You’re mistaken, you were only married yesterday, you’re supposed to be caring for your bride.”

“Er.”The more omi thought that Xing Luo must be a bit uncomfortable with him suddenly marrying Tian Xiang, although she and Tian Xiang were best friends, but when it came to men, best friends would also be uncomfortable.

“Xing Luo, do you disapprove of me marrying Tian Xiang, in that case, I’ll go back and talk to Tian Xiang and get a divorce.”

“omi, you’re crazy, if you dare to hurt Tianxiang, I’ll be the first one to spare you.”Xing Luo shouted anxiously.

“Then open the door instead, say what you have to say face to face, don’t back set a set.”

“Hmph, who is one set with you, open the door.”Xing Luo opened the door.

omi walked into the room.

“What’s the matter, say it.”

“Star Luo, my master this summer, Master, he’s gone, you know?”

“Uh, gone?I don’t know about that.”

“Your family should have received his letter of resignation, after all, he is your family’s Imperial Immortal Pill Master.”

“What does this have to do with me, my family has many third level Immortal Pill masters, not less than him, I will still have someone to help me make any pills I need.”

“Star Luo, once my master leaves, is the house we live in going to be taken away from your family.”

“That’s a must.”

“Then where am I going to live.”

“If you want to live within my Star Clan, you are either a member of this clan or someone who serves my clan, and you are neither a member of this clan nor someone who serves my clan, so you will have to move away.”

“That Plum Seed wants to kill me at all times, and I’m afraid that if I leave the Star Clan, I’ll be killed by Plum Seed right away,”omi said.

Star Luo deliberately pretended not to understand and said, “I can’t help it, that’s how the family rules are.”

“Aren’t you worried that I’ll be killed by the Plum Seed?”

“You’re not who I am, you’re Tian Xiang’s husband, I’m not going to get mixed up with my best friend’s husband.”


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