King of kings 2102


“Star Luo, don’t pretend, who was the one who saved me yesterday despite his own death, you should know that if Plum Seed had closed up a little bit later, you would have died, you would have been willing to die for me.”

“You think I’m willing to do that, it was Senior Demon King who forced me to do it yesterday.”

“Ah, was it?”omi looked half-hearted.

“Or else, you and I, did anything memorable happen?Why should I have to die for you.”

“That’s right.”omi’s heart ached when he saw how resolutely Xing Luo had spoken.

“I’m sorry, I won’t bother you then, I’ll just pick a day.”omi turned around and walked towards the door.

Star Luo watched omi leave, his eyes misted up as he said in his heart, “Fool, can’t you see that I’m jealous of you and Tian Xiang, can’t you comfort and comfort me.”

omi had just reached the door when Star Luo’s shout came from behind him, “Alright, you win.”

Xing Luo’s shout had a crying tone to it.

omi turned back sharply.

“Star Luo.” The first website

“Donzie, I hate you.”Starro cried.


Star Luo turned around and wiped his tears while saying, “Go back first, I’ll talk to my family and you can feel free to stay here from now on.”

“Star Luo, I.”

“Go away, I don’t want to see you.”Star Luo cried out.

omi said, “Star Luo, I didn’t know that I would hurt you by marrying Tian Xiang yesterday.”

“You’re thinking too much, Tian Xiang married, I bless her.”

“Then why are you crying.”

“It’s none of your business, I’m going to cry, but I’m going to cry.”Star Luo said in a petulant tone.

“Star Luo, my master is still at my place and is helping me refine pills, when I came here, my master had finished refining one, this one is for you.”

“No need, who cares, I’ve seen more immortal pills than you.”

omi said, “I’m a fourth-grade Immortal Pill, have you ever eaten a fourth-grade Immortal Pill?”

“Me.”Star Luo had nothing to say, indeed, Star Luo had never eaten a rank four Immortal Pill at all.

Level four immortal pills were usually only available to strong Upper Immortals, their Star Clan’s Upper Immortal ancestors were only qualified to take them, as the Green King would only refine them for strong Upper Immortals, Star Luo’s level, if he didn’t rely on his family’s power, he wouldn’t even be able to take a Level three immortal pill.

In the Upper Fey Yan Continent, many Earth Immortal level powerhouses? were unable to take a third level Immortal Pill.

Consider Yun Zhan, the Emperor of Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom, who was only equipped with a Level 2 Immortal Pill Master, for whom Master Chen was refining Immortal Pills.

In the entire Upper Fey Yan Continent, there were only two Grade 4 Immortal Pill masters.

omi smiled, “I’ll leave it here then, I’ll share it with you when there are fourth grade Immortal Pills in the future, oh.”

“No need, you’d better take it to Tian Xiang.”Star Luo pursed her lips and said.

omi smiled, “In my heart, you’re also very important.”

“Hmph, not rare.”

“Alright, I don’t have time to fight with you, I’m leaving.”omi turned around and walked away.

It was only after omi left that Star Luo looked back and saw the Immortal Pill that omi had left behind, placed quietly on the room table.

Xing Luo picked up the Immortal Pill and looked at it carefully.

“This is the legendary Level 4 Immortal Pill, and as expected, it’s worlds apart from a Level 3 Immortal Pill.In the past, I have only taken Level 3 Immortal Pills, and, I can only take it at least once a year, I don’t know how effective this Level 4 Immortal Pill is.”Star Luo said inwardly.

“omi is really lucky that the Green King took him in

, from now on, his Immortal Pill resources are more than ten times my own, the Green King’s Immortal Pill resources, my family’s Upper Immortal ancestor may not even be able to compare, and the Green King will definitely help him with all his heart, this benefit is simply envied by everyone.This dead guy, when I advised him to worship the Green King instead of Master Jin Xia, he was still reluctant and told me a lot of reasons, now he knows the benefits.Where is the benefit of being by Master This Summer’s side, not even a ten-thousandth of that.Now, I’m a third-class overlord family, my resources are not even a tenth as good as his, and the fourth-grade Immortal Pill I haven’t even eaten so far, he’ll be able to rub his hands on it later.”After saying that, Star Luo smiled slightly and looked at the Immortal Pill, “Counting that you have a bit of conscience, it’s not in vain that I risked my life to save you yesterday.”

Star Luo took the Grade 4 Immortal Pill and it melted in his mouth.

“Wow, it really is extraordinary.”Star Luo was delighted inside.

Star Luo sat down and began to absorb the fourth-grade Immortal Pill.

omi quickly returned to his residence.

The Green King had finished refining several more Immortal Pills.

“Here, put them away.”The Green King tossed the finished refining Immortal Pills to omi.

“Master.”omi took the Immortal Pill and was somewhat touched.

omi had just discovered that not even Star Luo had eaten a fourth-grade Immortal Pill ah, it was evident how much benefit the Green King had given him.With Star Luo’s status he couldn’t even eat a Grade 4 Immortal Pill, let alone anyone else.

The Green King said, “What’s polite, although, my Grade Four Immortal Pill is only worthy to be taken by a strong Upper Immortal, but you are my disciple and the phase of Tianxiang, who else would I give it to.”

“Thank you, Master, don’t worry, my disciple will never let you down.”

Green King said, “I’m optimistic about your potential, last night Mei Seed a single Upper Immortal couldn’t kill you, so I believe that one day, you will become an Upper Immortal, I’m looking forward to it.”

“What is an upper immortal, in the future, upper immortal to give me a leg squeeze is all about qualifications.”

“You brat, you’re opening a fabric dyeing workshop when you’re given three colors.”The Green King laughed.

omi smiled, he knew that he was by no means talking nonsense, and now with the Green King helping him, the future wouldn’t fly.

“Master, dinner is ready.”Tian Xiang shouted in the living room.

omi said, “Master, let’s eat first.”


Just before going to eat, several Earth Immortal powerhouses came outside.

These few Earth Immortal strongmen were those elders of the Star Clan.

omi thought that they were here to repossess the house.

However, those few Earth Immortal strongmen paid homage to the Green King, “Greetings to Master Green King.”

“It’s truly a blessing for our Star Clan to have Master Green King visit our family.”

“Why didn’t you inform us of Master Green King’s arrival so that we could come out and welcome him.”

So it was looking for the Green King.

The Green King said, “Sorry for entering your family without permission.”

“What are you talking about, Master Green King, it’s a blessing for you to come to our place, we’re not even happy enough.”A few Earth Immortals said very politely, in fact, they were very happy to learn that the Green King had come this morning, after all, the ancestor of the Star Clan also needed the Green King’s help in refining fourth-grade Immortal Pills.

There were only two fourth-grade Immortal Pill masters in the entire Upper Fey Yan Continent, and fourth-grade Immortal Pills were too scarce, unlike that first- and second-grade Hegemonic families, they had heavenly channels and didn’t have to rely on these two fourth-grade Immortal Pill masters.

“Master Green King, please come to our Xing Clan Hall for a cup of tea.”One of the Earth Immortals panicked and said.

The Green King nodded and said, “Fine, Zhou Mi, let’s go, let’s go to the Xing Clan’s Grand Hall.”

“Okay Le.”


omi followed the Green King, feeling that his status had all been raised, where would omi normally have such a big face.


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