King of kings 2103


omi thought inwardly, with his current status, he didn’t know if he was worthy of Star Luo anymore.

However, omi didn’t say anything rashly so as not to offend the Star Clan.

After drinking tea, omi and Master Green King returned to their previous residence, and Green King continued to refine the pills, and by noon, Green King had finished refining all the immortal pills used.

“Alright, all three hundred or so immortal grasses have been refined into fourth-grade immortal pills, omi, give it all to you.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“Then you stay here for now, don’t go anywhere, in case Mei Seed keeps an eye on you at all times.”

“Don’t worry Master.”omi didn’t really worry, he had the help of the Devil King, if Mei Seed wanted to spot omi, he could only rely on his eyes, but there were too many obstacles in his eyes, how could he see so easily.

After the Green King left, omi immediately entered the room and started taking immortal pills.

In total, he made more than twenty immortal pills, having previously given one to Xing Luo.

omi grabbed a handful and about fifteen or sixteen Immortal Pills all went into his stomach.

There really weren’t many people in this Earth Immortal World who ate Immortal Pills like him. Remember the website

After eating the Immortal Pill, omi closed his eyes and began to absorb the Immortal Machine.

About three hours later, omi opened his eyes.

“Phew.”omi felt his realm, he had reached the pre-Mortal Immortal stage.

“Haha, Mortal Immortal, I’ve become a Mortal Immortal.”omi was overjoyed, he had caught up with Star Luo’s footsteps.

omi took out the remaining Immortal Pills again.

“I just ate sixteen of them, and now there are still seven left, I’ll keep eating these seven, or?”

omi felt that it was a bit selfish if he continued to eat it, at least share some with the people around him.

There were only seven left, even if omi took them, he wouldn’t be able to ascend to the middle Mortal Immortal stage, upgrading upwards would only be harder one layer at a time, so the remaining seven wouldn’t be much, maybe seventy more would be enough to allow omi to step into the middle Mortal Immortal stage.

omi walked out of the room, night had already fallen.

“Husband, your retreat is over.”Yun Zi was busy saying.

But Yun Meng was shocked, “omi, you’ve become a Mortal Immortal?”

“Right.”omi nodded his head.

Yun Meng looked at omi incredulously, Yun Meng felt a very powerful Qi from omi, as strong as the heavens.

“Your Immortal Fate is too strong.”Yun Meng said with some jealousy.

omi ignored Yun Meng, took out an Immortal Pill, handed it to Yun Zi, and said, “Yun Zi, here, this fourth grade Immortal Pill, I gave it to you.”

“Ah, Husband, really?I haven’t even taken a third-grade Immortal Pill, no, I haven’t even taken a second-grade Immortal Pill, and now you’re just giving me a fourth-grade Immortal Pill?”Yun Zi’s silly look.

“Oh, just eat it for you, long-winded.”

“Thank you, Husband.”Yun Zi was touched.

Yun Meng, who was beside her, looked envious.

Yun Meng was a little lost and left, not wanting to watch Yun Zi take the Immortal Pill beside her, Yun Meng only hated herself inside for having eyes but no pearls.

omi saw Yun Meng’s lost departure and thought about whether to give her one, but for something as precious as a Grade 4 Immortal Pill, he only had six left, so he couldn’t just give them to anyone.

Therefore, omi didn’t give it to Yun Meng, it wasn’t possible for someone who wasn’t a closest relative to give it.

“Where’s Tian Xiang?”omi asked.

Yun Zi Dao: “Went to Miss Xing Luo’s place.”


bsp; “Oh, I’ll go find her.”

omi arrived at Xing Luo’s place and indeed saw Tian Xiang and Xing Luo sitting on the roof chatting.


“Husband.”Tian Xiang shouted happily when she saw omi and flew down from the roof.

Star Luo pursed his lips in aggravation.

Just then, Star Luo noticed the strength in omi’s body.

Star Luo was shocked, “omi, you, became a mortal immortal?”

“Yeah.”Donomi smiled.

“This, how is this possible.”

“Isn’t the truth right here, today I took sixteen fourth-grade Immortal Pills and digested them all afternoon, and then I stepped from late Human Immortal, into early Mortal Immortal.Haha, Xing Luo, now that we’re at the same level, you’re no match for me at all, oh.”omi said.

“You.”Star Luo’s face looked at omi incredulously, why did it feel like omi was more effective than her when she also possessed the Immortal Machine Spitting Method?

omi said, “What? You’re not convinced, do you want to have a few moves, I’ll put you down in one second.”

Star Luo snorted, “You’re too arrogant, I, Star Luo, am also a famous person in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, who dares to say that I’ll be put down in one second.”Xing Luo was upset, of course, this was because she had always been a genius praised by everyone and was used to being worshipped, suddenly hearing omi say one second to put me down was just a sign of reluctance, although, Xing Luo also knew that she was indeed no match for omi.

Tianxiang was busy saying, “Husband, Star Luo is the third ranked genius in the Upper Tree Firs Yama Continent, the pre-Mortal Immortal ranking, the only one to enter the top five under the third ranked overlord family.”

omi trailed off, “I’m not belittling Star Luo, just telling the truth.If Star Luo is not convinced, then why don’t we have a duel to see if I’m put down in a second.”

Star Luo pouted and snorted, “Come on.”

omi smiled, “How about if you lose?”

“Well, what do you want?”

“If you lose, let me do what I want with you, and if I lose, I’ll still have six Fourth Grade Immortal Pills left on me, all of which I’ll give to you.”

“That’s what you said.”

“Of course.”

“Then I’ll come.”

After saying that, Star Luo immediately rushed towards omi, however, Star Luo didn’t use the Silence Technique, but rather used her family legacy spell, and she didn’t use it for the purpose of stalling for time, only if she didn’t fall for more than a second, she would win.

However, as soon as Star Luo moved, she realized that omi had completely locked on to her, not to mention a second, even if it was half a second, she wouldn’t be able to sustain it.

Star Luo was dumbfounded, she never thought that she would appear so weak in front of omi now, she was the third ranked in the early stages of Mortal Immortality, ranked third, she couldn’t sustain even half a second, this was too ironic.

However, Xing Luo found that after omi locked on to her, he didn’t knock her down, but, instead, omi made the extra move of using the diversion method, and froze the half a second that could be put down, to almost two seconds.

So, Star Luo fell only after two seconds.

“omi, you.”Star Luo looked at omi in puzzlement.

omi laughed, “It seems that I underestimated the strength of the third ranked one, I couldn’t put you down in one second.”

Tian Xiang didn’t know that omi deliberately deflated the water and thought that omi really failed to put down Xing Luo in one second, laughing, “Husband, don’t be so crazy in the future, it’s not like you can put down someone in one second when you see them.”

“Yes, I was a little too arrogant, but although I didn’t put down Star Luo in one second, I did it in two seconds, it’s already very impressive.”


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