King of kings 2106

Chapter 2106

The corners of omi’s mouth turned up, this product was really overconfident.

Star Luo was busy shouting, “Wait.”

“What, Star Luo, are you distressed?”

Star-Lo said to Don, “Have you forgotten your own situation?Or do you not know the man’s history?”

omi said, “What’s his origin, you’re not going to tell me that he’s from some second-class overlord family, I know that.”

“Since you know you’re still offending him.”

omi roared, “He’s flirting with my woman, what the hell do I care what family he’s from?I don’t care even if it’s the Heavenly King’s old family.”

Star Luo depressed, “omi, I don’t want you anymore.”

“Alright, a pussy is long-winded, there’s no place for a man to talk without a woman interrupting, give me a break.”

“You.”Star Luo depressingly glared at omi, what time is it to be macho.

omi said to Zhuge Sun, “Friend, I’m not going to dump ruthless with you either, I’ll give you a word today, if you’re capable of winning the fight, I’ll give you my woman, hands down, if you’re not capable, please get out of here immediately, what do you think?” Remember the URL

Zhuge Sun raged, “How arrogant, but I like the way you do it, well, if you don’t beat me, then I can just take Star Luo.”

“That’s up to you.”

“Hmph, go die.”The Sun of All Evil leapt, his mouth chanting, and his hands rose up into a pair of huge hands, and they were golden, glowing with a golden light.

“Buzz.”Zhuge Sun’s huge golden hands clenched into fists and fiercely smashed towards omi.

omi remained motionless, allowing Zhuge Sun to smash, but his giant fist was blocked by a thin layer of light as it reached omi’s head.

“Ah, what’s going on.”Zhuge Sun was startled.

At that moment, omi gave a loud “drink”.

“Boom.”The thin layer of light on omi’s body instantly enlarged, like a bursting balloon, and blew Zhuge Sun away.

“Ah.”Zhuge Sun flew a few hundred meters away before falling to the ground.

Star Luo was busy asking, “omi, what spell did you just use?Why is it so strong, it doesn’t feel like the Great Realm Law.”

omi said, “This is something I blindly figured out on the basis of the Great Realm Law, it will be more powerful than purely using the Great Realm Law.I haven’t named it yet, so let’s call it, the Great Star Luo Law.”

“The Great Star Luo Law?Why are you naming it after me.”

“Because, I was defending you and came up with it blindly on a whim.”

“Ah, you mean, you just this, you just came up with it now?”

“Yes. I was about to do it with Zhuge Sun when I suddenly figured it out blindly and then tried it right away, but if I hadn’t come to stand up for you today, I don’t think I would have created the inspiration and the spell wouldn’t exist, so I called it the Great Star Luo Method.”

“Oh.”Star Luo blushed, omi named it after her, feeling a warmth inside and a sense of satisfaction at the same time.

“Oh, go over and see Piggy Sun.”

In the next second, omi appeared beside Zhuge Sun, and Star Luo appeared at the same time.

Zhuge Sun had just gotten up from the ground and seemed to be affected by the

There were considerable injuries, and there was still blood at the corners of his mouth, omi’s strike just now was too strong, Zhuge Sun felt as if it was the strike of a mid mortal immortal, if he didn’t have a defensive immortal weapon on him, he would have been seriously injured if he didn’t die.

“Zhuge Sun, you’ve lost, you’re no match for me at all.”

“Damn it, did you hide your realm again?You’re obviously a middle Mortal Immortal, deliberately pretending to be at the same realm as me.”

“You’re overthinking it, besides, if I really hid it, it would only mean that I’m stronger and more talented, what qualifications do you have to steal a woman from me, is it because of your family background?One day, I will surpass the strongest person in your family, and at that time, your family lineage is nothing.Zhuge Sun, you get out now, I can leave your harassment of Star Luo today alone, otherwise, even after 100 million years, I will definitely pursue it to the end.”

Zhuge Sun was very unhappy with omi’s threat, however, omi was so strong that he was scrupulous again, because he could become an Upper Immortal in the future, then, omi was even more so.

“Good, Zhou Mi, count you powerful.”

Zhuge Sun turned around and walked away.

After Zhuge Sun walked away, Xing Luo wondered, “Strange, I remember Zhuge Sun, not a person who is so knowledgeable, but today he even walked away so knowledgeable, in the past he relied on his family background, very arrogant and cocky, whether there is any reason or not, he is the one in charge.”

omi said, “That’s because, he didn’t find a sense of superiority in me, he knew in his heart that my future achievements were definitely not below him, how arrogant is he still.Although his family lineage is strong, it’s a pity that the strongest person in his family can’t be at his mercy, and a strong family lineage will only make others not dare to touch him because of his scruples.”


At this moment, a strong man from the late Earth Immortal stage flew over.

It was the Star Clan, the elder called Star Yao.

“Pay your respects to the senior.”

Star Yao looked at omi and Star Luo, and finally, said, “You follow me to the main hall.”


At the main hall, that elder asked, “Star Luo, tell me honestly, what is the relationship between you and Zhou Mi, exactly?”

“Elder, I don’t know what you mean.”Star Luo was shocked.

“Don’t pretend, I’ve just seen it all, not only did this brat fight Zhuge Sun for you, but he also used your name to name the spell he created himself, and also, he also verbally claimed his woman, to say that the two of you have nothing, I would never believe it.”

omi smiled, “Senior, so you were watching when Zhuge Sun bullied Xing Luo, you didn’t show up because you didn’t dare to offend Zhuge Sun, right?”

“It’s not your turn to question me yet, if Zhuge Sun really dared to harden his bow against Star Luo, I would naturally appear to stop it.”

“Hmph.”omi snorted in his heart.

Star Luo’s heart also compared it to the family elders, who were not even a tenth as good as omi had been to her, and Star Luo’s heart was even more convinced of her feelings, even if the family opposed it, she would still insist on it.

After thinking it through, Star Luo said without hesitation, “Elder Star Yao, yes, I like Zhou Mi, and he likes just me.”

omi nodded and said, “Yes, Senior, I hope that you will fulfill us.”

“Hahaha, hahaha.”That Star Yew let out a loud laugh.

Star Luo said, “Elder Star Shine, you have seen omi’s talent, in the future, he will definitely achieve a lot, let me bet on it, he doesn’t have a family, so he can join the family.”


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