King of kings 2109


A month passed by in a blink of an eye.

“Husband, why hasn’t Master returned yet?”Tenka wondered that the Green King had been out for a whole month.

“I don’t know, reasonably speaking, Master should have returned long ago.”omi said inwardly, “It can’t be so unlucky, I’ve only just worshipped the Green King as my master, bah bah bah, surely not, maybe if I wait a few more days, my master will be back.”

Since that incident with Star Luo more than ten days ago, Star Luo hadn’t seen omi again, and I don’t know why, maybe Star Luo was frustrated inside and couldn’t resist his fate.

However, omi wasn’t in the mood to think about it right now, Master hadn’t returned yet and was already anxious.

omi waited for another five days, and the Green King still hadn’t returned.

This time, omi felt bad, it had taken so long to return, something must have happened.

Tian Xiang cried, “Master, hurry up and come back, woah.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure Master will come back, it must be some kind of delay, wait another half month and definitely come back.”

At this moment, in a certain noble and luxurious residence in Upper Fern Yan Continent.

“Young Master, it has been resolved.”A late Earth Immortal powerhouse reported to a mid Mortal Immortal man. Remember the URL

That mid Mortal Immortal man’s mouth lifted as he laughed, “Without this patron, I’ll see how arrogant he still is, I could trample you to death on the streets in my previous life, and in this life, I can still toy with you as well.”

That late Earth Immortal man said, “Young Master, why don’t you just kill him, lest he become a big trouble in the future.”

“Joke, with him also worthy of becoming a great danger to me?”

“Young Master, this kid’s progress can really be described as divine speed, I think, we should be more careful, just extinguish it and nothing will happen, don’t you think?”

“Well, are you indirectly saying that I’m inferior to him?”That young master was furious.

“Young Master calm your anger, in that case, let it go, with the young master’s family background, I’m sure that no matter how talented he is, he can’t hurt you.Why bother, now that he doesn’t have a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master to fall back on, if he wants to progress so fast in the future, humph, it’s impossible.”

omi came to Star Luo’s place, worried about his master while trying to comfort Star Luo, omi felt so tired inside.

“Star Luo, if you never see me again, from now on, I will never take another step.”omi said as he stood at the door of Star Luo’s room, which had come several times during this time, and Star Luo had locked himself in his room.

Not long after, Star Luo opened the door to his room, his entire body was haggard.

Starro said, “Why are you still here, we can never be together, and why should you, I told you to forget about me, it’s better for each other.”

“Can’t be together forever?You mean, I’ll never be able to become an upper immortal, right?”

“I, I didn’t mean that.”

“When I become an Upper Immortal, your family ancestor I will have to step on, how can we not be together.”

Star Luo smiled bitterly, “When that time comes, I don’t know how many years will have passed, will I, still be as complete today?Perhaps you will come to want me when I am already the mother of several children?”

“Grass.”Don cursed in frustration.

“I knew there was no way you’d still like me when I’m already the mother of several children.”

“No way.”

“Don’t tell me you won’t, the ancestor of my family will be back in ten thousand years at most, after ten thousand years, what level will you reach?If you were an ordinary person, it would take 100 million years to become an Earth Immortal, and even if you were outstanding, could you become an Earth Immortal in 10,000 years?Even if you become an Earth Immortal, so what, people are Upper Immortals.”

“Alright, stop it.”omi was indeed depressed enough that the raw rice was cooked

With the meal not working and the elopement not working, it was no wonder Starro was so depressed.

“Have you given up, too?”Xing Luo asked, although she said that she forgot her, but she would be sad if omi really gave up on her because of the difficulties.

“Give up your sister, I won’t give up.I’m not in the mood to talk to you about this right now, my master has been out for over a month and hasn’t returned yet, I’m a little worried.”

“Uh, where did Master Green King go?”

“It says he’s going to get the immortal grass he’s been saving all these years.”

“In that case, it will definitely be dangerous, in case you are targeted by someone with a mind to.”

“Originally, I asked Senior Demon King to help watch over him, but, the last time I wanted to do that with you, the ban on your body ended up damaging the Demon King’s spirit, and the Demon King had to rest for a month, so…”

“Ah, then wouldn’t I have harmed Master Green King.”

“You can’t be blamed for that, if you want to blame it on me, it was me who was so lustful, after all, it was my lustfulness that harmed Master.”

“I’m sorry, don’t blame yourself, I believe that your master will come back safely, although he is only an Immortal Pill Master, but at least he is a late Earth Immortal, and you have to reach at least late Earth Immortal to kill him.”

“Now, we can only wait.”

omi waited for another ten days or so.

One morning after the ten days, a servant came.

“Duke Zhou, Master Tianxiang, Elder Starshine invites you to the main hall.”

“What is it?”omi was startled, and it was unusual to ask him and Tian Xiang to go at the same time.

“I don’t know about that, it seems like I have something to tell you guys.”


omi and Tianxiang went there in a panic, Tianxiang had a bad feeling when she was halfway there, then cried.

Inside omi’s heart was the same, Master hadn’t returned for so long, the chances of something happening were really high.

Arriving, Elder Starry Yao was waiting for them.

“Elder Starshine, you’re looking for us.”omi was busy.

“You guys are here, sit down first.”

“No need, say what you have to say, is it that my master has a whereabouts?”

“Yes, it is about your master, Green King, that I have asked you to come.”

“What happened to my master?”Tian Xiang cried out.

Elder Starshine sighed, “You should be prepared.”

Tianxiang fainted at the sound.

“Tianxiang, what’s wrong with you.”omi panicked and helped Tianxiang.

Starry sighed sadly, “Look, it’s not even, alas.”

omi wanted to wake Tianxiang up, but thought better of not waking her up yet.

omi asked, “Senior Xinyao, speak up.”

“Zhou Mi, your master he, is dead.”

“Boom.”omi felt like five thunderbolts, stumbling and almost falling.

“How.”omi asked with tears in his eyes.

“Save your breath.”

“Senior Starshine, tell me, how did my master die and who killed him?”omi asked, but it was unlikely that anyone knew how to die.

Elder Star Shine said, “I’d rather not tell you, after all, it won’t do you any good to tell you.”

omi was startled, “Elder Starshine, what you mean is that you know who killed my master?”

“Yes, the people who killed your master didn’t hide anything and killed openly, because, with their backgrounds, they didn’t need to be sneaky.”


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