King of kings 2111

Chapter 2111

Star Luo scrambled to catch up.

omi entered the hall, and indeed saw a coffin alone in the hall, and did not use a stool to set it up, directly on the floor, and did not even cover the coffin board, when omi entered, just in time to see a few wild cats jumped out of the coffin, scared to escape.

Those who brought the Green King back, naturally, couldn’t get it right, so they just found a coffin and put it inside and left.Originally there were still some servants in the Green King’s house, but when those servants saw the Green King’s body placed in the hall, they all ran away, even the master was dead, what were they staying here for, the Green King’s corpse had been left for an unknown length of time, and it was spoiled by a few wild cats.

omi’s heart was sad and desolate at the moment, a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, but he ended up being treated like this after his death.

omi waved his hand and a few white manes shot towards those wild cats, and suddenly, those wild cats turned into powder.

“Master, oooooh.”Tian Xiang threw herself onto the coffin and cried.

omi went up to the Green King, the clothes on his body were scratched by the wild cats, but the skin was intact, he was an immortal after all, he had only been dead for less than half a month and his flesh was still strong.

The Green King lay in the coffin with a pale face, unmoving.

“Master, disciple is sorry, I killed you.”omi plunged to his knees, and Star Luo knelt down to kowtow as well.

“Disciple vows that he will avenge your death on another day.”omi said through clenched teeth.

Star Luo stood up and said to omi, “Zichen, let Master Green King be buried first.” First URL

omi nodded, Master’s violent corpse had been a long time ago, it couldn’t continue to be exposed.

Star Luo said, “I’ll immediately inform my people now and help you find a treasure site at the Eight Seas Immortal Tomb for Master Green King to be buried.”

“Thank you, Star Luo.”Tian Xiang cried out.

“This is what I should have done.”After saying that, Star Luo immediately launched her immortal thoughts and informed her people.

The Eight Seas Immortal Tomb, where countless immortals were buried in the Upper Fellows Island.

By the afternoon, Star Luo’s people came to report, “Miss Star Luo, we have found a treasure site for Master Green King and have prepared it for burial on a certain day.”


Star Luo said to omi, “When do you plan to bury him?”

“The sooner the better,”omi said.

Just then, a voice came out, “Don’t waste your energy, even if you bury it, it’ll be dug up.”


In the next second, two people appeared in the hall, it was Mei Seed and Mei Tianqing.

Mei Tianqing laughed, “Zhou Mi, you also have today, weren’t you arrogant before, thinking that you had a great future with a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master backing you up, but unfortunately, you’re dead, hahaha.”

Star Luo said furiously, “What are you guys doing here.”

Mei Tianqing said, “Miss Star Luo, it’s none of your business, you’d better get out of my way.”

Star Luo sneered, “Mei Tianqing, what are you, you dare to be arrogant in front of me, your Mei family, which is only a fourth class overlord family, dares to bully my Star Clan’s head to come here.”

Mei Seed said, “Miss Xing Luo, this is a big hat, today’s matter is between me and Zhou Mi, I advise you not to get involved.”

“Do you think it’s possible?Zhou Mi will be joining my Star Clan soon, he will be a member of my Star Clan from now on, you told me not to get involved, ridiculous.”

“What.”Mei Seed’s body trembled.

“You don’t believe me?Well then, go to my family and ask around.”


bsp; “That’s impossible.”May Seed was busy shaking his head, if that was the case, then wouldn’t that mean, he would become gutless again?

Just then, a voice came from outside the hall, “I can testify that this is true.”

Mei Seed looked out and Star Yao of the Star Clan walked in.

Elder Star Yao said, “Senior Mei Seed, our Star Clan, all of the elders, did discuss and recruit the thoroughness to allow him to join our family.”

“Hmph, then how come I haven’t heard.”

“Oh, Zhou Mi hasn’t agreed yet, as soon as he does, right away.”

Mei Tianqing roared, “You guys actually promised Star Luo to him, are you blind?”

Starlight glared, “Mei Tianqing, show me some respect, your grandfather is an immortal, I need to respect him a little, but what kind of thing are you to talk to me like that.”

Mei Tianqing scrambled to shrink behind his grandfather.

Mei Seed said, “I don’t believe it either, your Star Clan, you are willing to betroth Star Luo to such trash.”

Star Yao laughed, “Senior Mei Seed, you misunderstood, I didn’t say that I would betroth Star Luo to Zhou Mi, could it be that my Star Clan, only has one girl of the right age?I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do that, but I’m sure I’ll be able to do that.Senior Plum Seed, you are an Early Immortal, if my ancestor were to stand here, he would probably be able to make you feel pain with one move.”

“You dare to threaten me.”

“Not to threaten you, but to make you understand.”

“Very well.”Plum Seed looked at omi with killing intent, but didn’t dare to do it.

“Let’s go.”Mei Seed took Mei Tianqing with him and leapt to fly away.

Star Luo immediately said, “Uncle Star Yew, you’re taking advantage of the fire.”

“Star Luo, if you say that, it really makes me sad, if I hadn’t come just now, I’m afraid Mei Seed would have already done it, although, I do have the suspicion of robbing while the fire is still burning, but I did save Zhou Mi and Tian Xiang.Also, this doesn’t represent me personally, I’m here on behalf of the face of all the elders of the Star Clan.”

Star Yao looked at omi and said, “Zhou Mi, at this point in time, it’s obvious that Gao Jian wants to kill you, and if it were anyone else, I’m afraid they would want to stay away from you.However, our Star Clan is still willing to throw an olive branch to you, if you still have a conscience, you should know that we’re not robbing you while you’re down, but helping you regardless of the situation.”

“Thank you.”omi nodded and said, at this time, indeed, it was indeed a great favor for the Star Clan to stand up and retreat with omi despite offending Gao Jian.

Star Luo looked anxiously at omi.

Star Yao smiled, “How about it, Zhou Mi, as long as you promise, to join our Star Clan, we will immediately announce to the public that you are a member of our Star Clan, I think, even Gao Jian has to consider it somewhat, after all, our ancestor, is not that easy to provoke, although my ancestor is not as powerful as Gao Clan’s ancestor, but if we really do it, they will damage a lot.Of course, from the point of view of a strong Upper Immortal, the matter between you and Gao Jian is nothing more than a trivial matter, it’s not at all worthwhile to make the two forces become enemies over such a trivial matter, so Gao Jian will definitely not dare to do whatever he wants.”

omi shook his head, “Thank you for your kindness, but, in the Star Clan, the only thing I like is Star Luo.”

“Zhou Mi, this is the only way I can think of to help you, you really think about it, I promise, I will marry the girl in my Star Clan who is only like Star Luo to him, her name is Star Goose, her beauty is as good as Star Luo, but, her talent is slightly less than Star Luo, she is only at the late stage of Human Immortal.”

Star Luo was shocked when he heard Star Goose’s name, he didn’t expect that the Star Clan was willing to take out Star Goose, Star Goose was previously protected to death by Elder Star Vladimir, preventing her from contacting any man, and was determined to surpass Star Luo and become the family’s number one female.


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