King of kings 2112


Star Luo was suddenly a little afraid.

Because, within Star Luo, the most worried opponent in the same generation of the family was Star Goose.When she was young, Star Yan and her were the two most outstanding girls in the Star Clan, and both of them were very beautiful, only, later on, Star Luo ran into the Devil King, so Star Luo’s talent comprehensively surpassed Star Yan’s, thus, Star Luo became the most outstanding existence in this generation.

However, others didn’t know, but Star Luo herself knew very well that if she hadn’t met the Devil King, if it wasn’t for the Devil King’s Immortal Spitting Method and some guidance from the Devil King, she might not have been able to surpass Star Goose in all aspects.

What a surprise .

omi said, “It’s not necessary, thank you for your kindness, Senior Starlight.”

omi still refused, at this moment, where was he in the mood to think about such things.

Starry Yao said, “Zhou Mi, are you seriously refusing?You are undoubtedly a genius, and it is because you are a genius that we feel sorry for you.”

“Thanks, all right, Starro, could you do me a favor,”omi said.

Star Luo nodded and said, “Sure, go ahead.”

omi’s eyes chilled and said, “Help me with a challenge letter.”

“To whom?” Remember the URL

“Gao Jian.”

“You’re crazy, Gao Jian is a mid mortal immortal, and you, you’ve only just stepped into the pre mortal immortal stage, you’re stupid.”Star Luo shrieked.

omi said, “Yes, I’m crazy, Star Luo, help me with this or not.”


“I’ll do it myself if I don’t help.”

“Zhou Mi, you’re not going to seek death, are you?”Elder Starlight asked.

“Yes, I’m seeking death, Starlo, the challenge letter says so, the day after tomorrow, I’ll fight Gao Jian, I’ll bet a lifeblood with him and ask him if he dares.”

“What did you say?Betting a lifeline?”

“Yes, the root of life determines the winner and loser, whoever gets cut off first and loses, please ask if he dares to come.”omi’s gaze chilled.

“You.”Star Luo was speechless.

Elder Star Shine laughed, “Since ancient times, I have never heard of a life-root determining win or loss, fine, fine, but Zhou Mi, are you sure you’re sure?He’s a mid mortal immortal.”

“I’m going to use his lifeblood to pay tribute to my master.”omi said.

Tian Xiang’s eyebrows furrowed, was this appropriate?People used very expensive tributes to pay their respects, but omi used someone else’s lifeblood to pay his respects.

“Tzu-Chen, this.”

“Tian Xiang, support me, okay?Our master can’t be buried without a sacrifice, and I wanted to take Gao Jian’s head, but that’s not realistic, even if I did cut off Gao Jian’s head, Gao Jian’s family wouldn’t let me take it away.If I cut off Gao Jian’s lifeblood, I don’t believe that they would dare to ask for it back.”


“What if, then, you lose?”Tian Xiang asked worriedly.

omi said without hesitation, “Then be prepared to be a widow for the rest of your life.”

“Speechless to you.”Star Luo scolded.

“Go ahead, help me with this, inform the whole city that I’m going to bet my life root with Gao Jian, and either he or I will break it.”

Star Shine said, “It’s better for me to help you go to the duel, this kind of duel, I’m afraid that a girl like Star Luo doesn’t have the face to write it.”

“Then it’s up to Senior Starlight.”

“You’re welcome, I’ll leave first, I’m sure the Mei seed won’t dare to come and kill you for the time being, at least it’s somewhat able to protect you for a while before we’re sure if you’ll join my family or not.”


sp; “Thank the elders of the Star Clan for me.”

“Okay, I’m leaving.”Star Yao leaped and flew away.

Only omi and Tianxiang, Star Luo were left in the hall.

Xing Luo and Tian Xiang looked at each other, omi’s gamble on the root of life battle left them speechless.

“Zichen, there’s really no need to think about it?”

“It’s not necessary, Gao Jian sent someone to kill Master, I must take one thing from Gao Jian’s body to pay my respects to Master.”


“Alright, from now on, we’ll mourn for Master.”omi said with a resolute tone, not at all negotiable.

Don’t ask omi if he was sure, omi had never tried it, where would he know if he was sure, but this was what omi owed the Green King, if omi lost, then it would be omi paying off what he owed the Green King, and from then on, omi being a eunuch.

Upon returning to the residence, Star Yao immediately ordered someone to write a letter to include omi’s meaning in the challenge letter, and then send it to Gaofu, and at the same time, sent someone to spread this matter, to every restaurant and inn.

This was an event that had never happened since ancient times with such a strange duel, so the speed at which it spread was staggering, and almost everyone who heard about it was first stunned, then laughed and immediately became interested.

Even the Upper Immortals felt quite interested when they heard this news, and planned to go and see it on the day of the duel.

At this moment, at Gao Jian’s house.

“Bang.”A strong Upper Immortal in the Gao family, upon seeing omi’s challenge letter, slapped the entire palace with a furious slap of powder.

“Angry as hell, which one is this Zhou Mi?How dare you humiliate my Gao family like this, someone, go get Gao Jian for me.”


Not long after, Gao Jian came, confused, “Grandpa, what is it?”

“See for yourself.”That Upper Immortal threw a challenge letter to Gao Jian.

After Gao Jian read the challenge letter, his face went white, and Zhou Mi was going to fight him to win or lose by cutting off his lifeblood.

It was a comical duel that was bound to become the butt of countless jokes, whether Gao Jian won or lost, being challenged like this would be a laughing stock, no wonder Gao Jian’s grandfather was so angry.

Gao Jian’s grandfather was a mid stage Upper Immortal, one of the five Upper Immortals of the Gao family.

The strongest of the five Upper Immortals in the Gao family, the one who was the strongest, was a late Upper Immortal, thus, Gao Jian was a second class overlord family.

The Star Clan, the strongest one was a mid Upper Immortal, so the Star Clan was a third-grade Hegemonic Family, but the Star Clan only had one Upper Immortal, which was a big difference.Because of this, the ancestor of the Star Clan, wanted to marry Star Luo to Yan Qinggang in an attempt to make Yan Qinggang a part of the Star Clan and strengthen the power of the Star Clan.

“Gao Jian, say, who is this Zhou Mi, and why did he humiliate you like this and give you such a challenge?”Gao Jian’s grandfather, Gao Liang shouted and asked.

Gao Jian was furious, both fists clenched, “Zhou Mi, he dog dare to give me such a humiliating challenge.”

omi was like an ant in Gao Jian’s eyes, and now this ant was humiliating him, causing Gao Jian’s anger to rise.

Gao Jian said, “Grandpa, remember once I went to the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom and touched a pervert, then, I cut that pervert’s life root and then stomped him to death on the street.”

“Could it be that this Zhou Mi has something to do with that pervert?”

“Yes, this Zhou Mi, is the reincarnation of that pervert.What I didn’t expect was that this Zhou Mi’s reincarnation was extremely talented, and now, they’ve all become Pre-Mortal Immortals, just one step away from me.”


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