King of kings 2113


“He’s only a pre-Mortal Immortal, but he dares to challenge you?”

“Fuck, it’s hot, who gave him the confidence?By the way, the other day, I sent An Yu Ran to kill his master, the Green King, I meant to, I didn’t want him to have a fourth level Immortal Pill Master to help him, maybe, this incident completely angered Zhou Mi, but, he doesn’t have a family background, there’s nothing he can do to me, moreover, he must be afraid that I will send someone to kill him again later, so, he went in a rage, he won’t survive anyway, might as well make this challenge before that!Humiliate me a little.”

“This son of a bitch.”

“Grandpa, Zhou Mi’s aim is to humiliate me, so I guess he will make this matter, widely publicized, so that everyone will know.”

At this moment, a shout came from outside: “Report.”

A servant hurriedly ran in.

“Report to the Third Ancestor.”

“What is it?”

“Subordinates found out that everyone outside is now talking about our family, a man named Zhou Mi, who wants to challenge Young Master Gao Jian and win or lose based on who cuts off the other’s lifeblood first.”

“What? Everyone out there really knows about it?”

“Yes, I purposely ran to several inns and restaurants and found that really every inn was talking about it, like someone was spreading it around.” One second to remember to read the book

“I got it, go out.”

After the servant left, Gao Jian said angrily, “Grandpa, I guessed right, this bastard, he is deliberately disgusting.”

Gao Liang snorted, “Since he’s not even afraid of death, then there’s no need to be polite with him, just cut off his lifeblood in front of everyone and then stomp on the ring.”

“Yes, Grandpa.”Gao Jian’s gaze was cold and killing intent was thick, had he known omi would make this move, he should have finished omi off earlier.

omi and Tianxiang, quietly keeping vigil on the Green King’s residence, the entire residence was now filled with white lanterns and white cloth.

A day had passed.

Other than Xing Luo, Yun Zi, and Yun Meng, who had come to pay their respects to the Green King, no one else had come.

Tian Xiang kneeled in front of the spirit and said to the Green King’s disembodiment, “Master, now I understand what it means for people to leave, when you were still alive, how many people stepped over the threshold, now that you are gone, not a single person came.”

omi said, “Tianxiang, people are realistic, Master is gone, to those who once had a desire to please Master and deliberately tried to please him, there is no value anymore, a worthless dead person, who would take a look.”

“Well, I thought that many people would come to pay their respects, after all, Master had helped countless powerful people refine immortal pills when he was alive, but I never thought that, alas, Master was so lonely to go.”

“No, Master won’t be lonely, at least, I promise, Master can take the lifeblood of his enemies with him.”

Tianxiang blushed, gave omi a look, and said, “What do you want Master to do with a man’s lifeblood, whether Master likes it or not, you just.”

“I haven’t been able to bring down Gao Jian’s head to pay my respects to Master yet, I can only use the most noble thing in his body.”

“Husband, if you really lose to Gao Jian, I’m afraid that he won’t just cut off the one you have, he’ll kill you, just like you did in your previous life, aren’t you really afraid.”

“What’s there to be afraid of, I was already ready to lose, Master didn’t have to die in the first place

It’s all because of me that I was killed by the High Sword Sect, and if I lose, it will be as compensation for Master’s life.”

“Husband, if you die, I’ll be with you.”Tian Xiang said as she snuggled into omi’s arms.

“Good.”omi nodded his head.

The two of them hugged without speaking.

However, inside, omi was still quite confident in himself, although he was only at the pre-Mortal Immortal stage, one realm short of Gao Jian, omi believed that his Great Realm Law, the Great Star Law, could make up for the gap in the realm.If he really couldn’t, omi would use the Past Life Mirror to transform Gao Jian back to his youth, no, the difference between omi and Gao Jian might be able to transform Gao Jian back to a child’s age, then omi was completely invincible.

Of course, after all, Gao Jian was from a second class overlord family, this was what omi was most worried about.This was also the reason why omi couldn’t chop off Gao Jian’s head to pay homage to his master.However, there would definitely be countless onlookers, and omi, according to the agreement, would only cut off Gao Jian’s lifeblood and not take his life, I’m sure the people of the Gao family would not dare to do anything to omi in front of countless people, let alone ask for Gao Jian’s lifeblood back in person, so that omi could bring Gao Jian’s lifeblood to pay his respects to his master and let him be buried in peace.

After that, omi didn’t think that much about it for now, but there was no doubt that omi’s defeat of the middle stage of the Mortal Immortal with his pre-Mortal Immortal realm would definitely get everyone’s attention.

It was late at night, omi and Tian Xiang were still in front of the Green King’s spirit, the entire residence was quiet, without a single sound, adding an eerie aura out of thin air.

“Husband, why don’t you go to sleep, you still have a duel with Gao Jian tomorrow.”Tian Xiang said.

“No, you go and rest, I’ll just guard my master.”

“I don’t have to either.Sage-Gong, do you think Master was killed after he got the Immortal Grass or before he got it?”Tenka asked.

“I don’t understand.”

“I’m afraid that the immortal grasses that Master had treasured up in his life exceeded 1,500, or even more than 2,000, and I don’t know if they were taken by the person who killed Master.”Tian Xiang said.

omi was shocked, “So many?”

“Of course, Master has lived for so long, and he doesn’t have a great need for fairy grass, so naturally he hides a lot and uses up very little.When I was a child, I happened to hear Master say that he had a fortune, almost 2,000 plants, I didn’t know what kind of fortune at that time, but now I think it must be fairy grass.”

“It would be a pity if so many immortal grasses were taken away, it’s the accumulation of hundreds of millions of years for a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master.”


omi busily asked, “Tianxiang, do you have a map?”

“A map, what do you need a map for?”

“I’d like to see where Master hid the fairy grass, probably somewhere.”

“I’ll go to Master’s study and look for it, there should be one.”

Soon after, Tianxiang brought a huge map, and omi propped it up in front of the hearth.

“Tianxiang, Master was killed in a place called Tianfu Town before, and it takes about thirteen days to travel from the center of Upper Fellows Island to Tianfu Town.Of course, I was projecting at Master’s speed.”

“What does that tell you?”

“Master told me before that he would return within a month, which means that the place where he hid the Immortal Grass is about half a month away.Half a month to go and another half a month to come back.”


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