King of kings 2114


“Then what if Master has other business to attend to and isn’t spending the month fetching immortal grass?”

omi said, “Master also knows that the Immortal Grass is precious and should not be carried on his person for a long time, so, Master normally would not take the Immortal Grass to do other things again, so I think that Master must have retrieved it as quickly as possible.Then, I gave him the projection of half a month distance I established, and the place where Master died, Tianfu Town, takes about thirteen days away, which means that Master was killed before he reached the place where he hid the immortal grass.Moreover, the place where Master hid the Immortal Grass is only one to two days away from Tianfu Town, at most.”

“This is all your projection.”

“No, it’s not just my projection, before, Senior Star Yao told me that Master was killed in Tianfu Town, but, no one knows why he appeared in Tianfu Town, and when An Enron killed Master, it was done openly, that is, many people saw how he killed Master, if An Enron took the Immortal Grass on Master, it would definitely be seen, but, Star YaoIt’s true that no one knows why Master was there, which means that Master didn’t have any immortal grass on him at the time.”


“Tian Xiang, if there’s any life left after tomorrow, let’s go and retrieve Master’s things.”

Just then, Tianxiang pointed to a point on the map and said, “Husband, this village called Great Qiong Mountain is Master’s hometown, I’ve heard Master say that.”

omi was busy looking at it, that place called Great Qiong Mountain, it seemed to be not far from Tianfu Town, and could be reached in almost a day.

“Ah, so, the place where Master hid the Immortal Grass is in his hometown, Great Qiong Mountain?”Don was shocked.

“Definitely.”Tianxiang said happily.

Tian Xiang looked towards the coffin and said, “Master, it must be you who helped us discover it in the underworld.” First URL

omi felt a little guilty inside.

omi said, “Heavenly Fragrance, it’s better not to, let Master’s Immortal Grass, sleep forever.”


“Master was killed by me, if I still take his life’s treasure, am I still a human being.”

“You’re silly, you didn’t do it on purpose, Master won’t blame you, not to mention he also wants you to be strong, if you don’t go to get it back, then Master would have died in vain, Master wouldn’t have died if he didn’t go to get the Immortal Grass.”

omi said, “But Master, when he went to get the Immortal Grass, he didn’t say to take it all out, he told me to get me five hundred plants, which means that Master only wanted to give me five hundred plants, but now I’m going to go and take it all away from him.”

“Husband, Master must want to divide it several times, so don’t dwell on that.By the way, if there really are nearly two thousand Billion Year Immortal Grasses, then how much can you grow ah?

omi said, “The three hundred strains of immortal grass that Master gave me before made me a Mortal Immortal, considering that it gets harder and harder the further I go, so I think that with two thousand strains of immortal grass, I should be able to grow to the late Mortal Immortal stage.”

“That’s good too, at the late Mortal Immortal stage, you’ll be one step away from the Earth Immortal.”

“It’s the distance of two heavens, how can you be one step away.”omi laughed bitterly.

“Let’s agree on that, we’ll go retrieve Master’s finances later.”

“Alright.”omi sighed and nodded his head.omi felt really inhuman, having killed the Green King and taking away his life savings.

At this moment, within the Star Clan.

In a certain boudoir.


sp; “Grandpa, what do you mean, why did you promise me to that what Zhou Mi.”A woman whose looks did not belong to Star Luo said with a grumpy face.

“Star Goose, grandfather is also unwilling ah, but, this is the decision of all the elders of the family.”

“I don’t care, I don’t want to get married, I’m leaving first only wanting to practice, I want to catch up with Star Luo, when I was a child, I wasn’t inferior to her, I’m not convinced.”

“Star Goose, this is about fairy fate, all these years, grandpa has been locking you in the cultivation room, not allowing you to go out, not allowing you to touch any man, maybe, grandpa is wrong, grandpa can’t deprive you of your freedom for the sake of his own face.”

“Grandpa, I don’t want to marry.”

“Alright, stop it, after all these years, it’s time for you to learn how to get along with men.That Zhou Mi, he’s quite handsome.”

“Grandpa, I am.”

Just then, a voice came from outside, “Star Vladimir.”

“Starry, how’s it going?Would Zhou Mi like to join the family?”

Starlight said, “He refuses.”

“What? He’s in this position and he refuses?He doesn’t want his life, our family, all the elders took pity on his talent, that’s why they risked letting him join the family.”

Star Yao said, “It’s just that, he has his own choice.”

Elder Star Vladimir asked, “Did you tell him that the one promised to him is my granddaughter, Star Goose.”

“I did, and I also said that it’s the number two daughter of my family after Star Luo.”Star Yew.

“Then he still refused, by the way, did you say that although Star Goose is second only to Star Luo, Star Goose’s appearance is not inferior to Star Luo in any way, just a little lower in the realm.”

Star Yao nodded, “Of course I said that, I said that Star Goose is just like Star Luo, the most beautiful in the Star Clan.”

“Since I said that, there’s no reason to refuse.”

“It’s just that in the Star Clan, Zhou Mi only likes Star Luo, I’m afraid your granddaughter, he can’t be moved, it’s quite a pity.Tomorrow, it’s even more time for him to duel, I really don’t know if he’ll live through tomorrow.”Star Yao Dao.

Star Vladimir immediately turned back to her granddaughter and said, “Star Yan, hear this, it’s not that you don’t want to get married now, it’s that he’s not interested in you.Let’s go, grandpa will take you to meet Zhou Mi right now, I don’t believe, with my granddaughter’s looks, he will still be unmoved when he meets her in person.”

“Ah, grandpa, it’s the middle of the night.”

“What’s the matter in the middle of the night? Are you afraid of ghosts? Come with me.”Star Vladimir pulled his granddaughter away, he had been a good face all his life and felt so disgruntled that he had to pull his granddaughter to show omi the beauty of his granddaughter to her face.

“Star Vladimir, you, hey!”When Star Yao saw that Star Vladimir was so imposing, he sighed helplessly, people were going to duel tomorrow, and after tomorrow they might all be dead, so why fight for this face.

omi and Tianxiang, were burning paper in front of the Green King’s spirit, when a voice sounded from outside, “Hey, Zhou Mi.”

omi turned around and saw that it was one of the elders of the Xing Clan.

“Eh, senior, why are you coming to pay your respects to my master in the middle of the night, how is this good.”omi.

Elder Star Vladimir said, “Zhou Mi, I heard that, you are not moved by my granddaughter?I had a hard time convincing myself to dedicate my granddaughter, but you refused, what face do you leave me with.”

omi said, baffled, “Senior, junior doesn’t know what you’re talking about, alright, since you’re here, hurry in and burn some incense, my master’s spirit in heaven will bless you.”


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