King of kings 2115


“Bless your sister, who wants him to bless.”Elder Star Vladimir scolded.

“Then what is there to say quickly.”

Vladimir’s head looked behind and shouted, “Star Goose, won’t you come in yet?”


A few seconds later, a few beautiful women walked in.

omi had already sensed that there was another person behind them, but he didn’t expect it to be such a beautiful woman, but omi didn’t have any thoughts.

Star Vladimir said, “Zhou Mi, I heard that you turned down my family’s invitation to join the family.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Why did you refuse?”

“Senior, it’s my freedom, I guess.”

“Okay, so what if I told you that the person who was originally promised to you by my family was this beautiful woman beside me?Are you running out of courage to refuse?”Star Vladimir asked with a smug look on his face, and Star Goose next to him shouted out to his grandfather with a shy face. Remember the website

omi said, “Why don’t you have the courage to refuse?There is, and I would still refuse without hesitation.”

“What? Are you blind?”

“No, what’s wrong?”

“And you ask what’s wrong, can’t you see who’s standing next to me?”

“I’m sorry, but excuse my awkwardness in not recognizing which one she is?Is this girl very important?”

“You’re so mad at me, can’t you see that, pretty girl?”


“Zhou Mi, did you see how beautiful my granddaughter is with your own eyes, and you were so cruel as to reject her?”

Next to her, Star Goose was busy saying, “Grandpa, I have no intention of marrying him, don’t embarrass me by making it sound like I like him a lot.”

“Star Goose, you silly girl, miss this boy, where will you find such a good one in the future.”Star Vladimir said.

“Hmph, people don’t like me, it’s pointless for you to say anything.”

“Then you take the initiative or he’ll be dead tomorrow.”

“Me.”Star Goose looked at omi and lowered her head with a blush, originally Star Goose didn’t like omi, but after seeing omi in real life and seeing how handsome he was, she couldn’t help but become interested.

omi said, “Alright, Senior, if there’s nothing else, please return.”

“You brat, you’re really ungrateful, I took pity on you and was afraid that it would be a pity for you to die, and brought my granddaughter here in the middle of the night, attempting to get you to cancel the duel after seeing my granddaughter, and go away with my granddaughter to save my life, but you’re so ungrateful.”Star Vladimir said furiously.

omi apologized, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but there has to be an explanation for my master’s death.”

“Does it need to be said with your life then, what a disappointment, since you are determined to die, go ahead, don’t think I’m as rare as you.”After saying that, Star Vladimir pulled his granddaughter away.

Tian Xiang said, “Elder Star Vladimir, it must be because he wants you too much to be his granddaughter-in-law.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t.”


The night went on without a word.

Early the next morning, countless people headed to the Perak Dueling Stage, that place, it was only eight in the morning and already there was a sea of people, it was completely impossible to stand people.

Today, it could be said that in hundreds of thousands of years, it was rare for so many people to go to see a duel.

Star Luo arrived at the Green King’s residence early in the morning.

“Zichen, cheer up.”

Star Luo said to omi with eyes full of worry.

Around eleven in the morning, omi arrived at the dueling place.

When omi arrived, there was a huge stir, and everyone was talking about it.

On the other side of the duel, Gao Jian was now standing at the dueling stage, and he had been standing for two hours.

Gao Jian’s gaze shot up into the sky and looked at omi as he gritted his teeth and said, “Zhou Mi, you bastard, you’ve finally come.”

omi was still standing in mid-air and snorted, “I don’t want to show any tongue with you, today, either you cut me, or I cut you.”

“Don’t worry, today, I will not only cut you, I will also do what you did in your previous life, I will cut you and feed you to the dogs, then, I will stomp on you.”

omi’s face chilled and said, “That’s up to you, if you’re capable, welcome, if you’re not, don’t blame me for being rude.”

“Joke, what are you, with just a pre-Mortal Immortal, you also presume to be my opponent.”

“Whether it’s your opponent or not, we’ll know after the contest.”

“Go to hell.”Gao Jian rushed up.

“Wait.”At that moment, there was a loud shout.

When omi looked, it was Elder Star Vladimir, who had come to see omi last night.

Elder Star Vladimir shouted, “Everyone, today’s duel, as you all know, Gao Jian has countless powerful people watching behind him, so the fairness of this duel has yet to be examined, before they do it, I have a question for the two parties involved.”

Gao Jian’s gaze chilled, “Star Vladimir, you fucking dare to openly come out and speak for the trash, you don’t want to mingle.”The trash in Gao Jian’s mouth of course referred to omi.

omi didn’t expect that Star Vladimir would come out in front of so many powerful people from the Gao family.

Star Vladimir said, “I’m sorry, I’m just talking about the facts, today you and Zhou Mi is a fair duel, even for Zhou Mi, he is a realm weaker than you, I just want to ask, if Zhou Mi really won you, then, does your Gao family admit it?Wouldn’t your Gao family kill Zhou Mi to silence him?Will you, the Gao family, not secretly help Gao Jian in the dueling arena?If your Gao family doesn’t make it clear, then I personally suggest that Zhou Mi call off the duel.”

Gao Jian said angrily, “Joke, with him, he still needs my family’s strongest man to secretly help me?”

“That’s a deal, today’s duel, no matter whose lifeblood is cut off, no one is going to trouble the other afterwards, otherwise, the whole city will stand here and will surely accuse and ridicule.Alright, Zhou Mi, you can do it without any worries, I think the Gao family is a person who respects the rules of the game, and therefore a person who keeps his promises.”

omi cast a grateful glance at Xing Vladimir.

In fact, omi was worried that if he really cut off Gao Jian’s lifeblood, would the strongest members of the Gao family rush out and kill omi on the spot.

It was just impossible for omi to make it clear to the Gao family at this time, so that the Gao family would not dare to get in the way of his face.

Now, Star Vladimir had come out to speak on omi’s behalf, undoubtedly doing omi a big favor.

At this moment, many of the powerful people from the Gao Family at the scene looked very bad, looking at Star Vladimir with killing intent.

Of course, the Gao family had never thought that Gao Jian would lose, and if he did lose, they would secretly help him to win.However, now that Star Vladimir was disturbed by this, if the Gao family were to secretly help, they would definitely be seen by the people at the scene and make people laugh.

omi said, “Gao Jian, let’s see what you can do.”

“Go to hell.”

omi took the lead and charged towards Gao Jian.

Of course, Gao Jian also killed towards omi.


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