King of kings 2116

Chapter 2116

omi was always ready, his Great Star Luofa was ready to collapse out, just waiting for Gao Jian to get close to him.

omi believed that with the power of his Great Star Luofa, he should be able to bridge the gap in his realm.However, what would happen after that, omi didn’t think about it anymore, so omi didn’t have much confidence in himself.

“Drink.”Gao Jian moved to omi’s body.

omi didn’t have any resistance as omi’s mana was even lower, ordinary resistance would definitely not be able to block it, only the Great Star Luo method would have the power to resist it.

“Right now.”omi shouted, as Gao Jian also completely killed omi right now.

“Great Star Luofa.”

“Boom.”A very powerful force was emitted from omi, and a faint aura from omi also blocked Gao Jian’s attack, while shaking the power of Gao Jian away like a balloon exploding.

“Wow.”Gao Jian was shocked by omi’s move, and his body took five or six steps backwards before stopping.

“What.”Gao Jian was very surprised to see that he didn’t kill omi with that move he just made, under normal circumstances, a pre-Mortal Immortal, omi was bound to die.

Countless people at the scene were surprised that omi’s strength actually shook Gao Jian back, he was a Pre-Mortal Immortal, one Immortal level behind Gao Jian.

“Good, good.”In the crowd, Elder Star Vladimir shouted, saying inwardly, “Worthy of being my favored granddaughter-in-law, no wonder he dared to duel with Gao Jian, he’s a bit capable, let’s hope he’ll be able to survive the next battle.” One second to remember to read the book

On the scene today, it wasn’t just those juniors who came to see the duel, even the Upper Immortal powerhouses had come over thirty.

Those Upper Immortal strongmen on the scene, looking at omi secretly praised, especially one of them, secretly said, “This person, I’m afraid, is the most genius existence in the Upper Fey Yan Continent for a hundred million years, at least, this hundred million years, no one has ever shocked back the opponent in a single encounter while being one realm weaker.And I’ll see, if he doesn’t get defeated in the end, or even defeat Gao Jian, then, look out, hahaha.”

The surprised voices at the scene were directed at omi.

Gao Jian was upset inside when he heard that so many people were surprised for omi at the scene.

Gao Jian gritted his teeth and said, “Very well, Zhou Mi, you are really unexpected, but, today you will die.”Gao Jian was completely furious.

“Words without proof.”omi snorted.

Gao Jian said, “Just now was just an appetizer, do you think, I put out my full strength?This time, I’ll use the Heaven’s Blade to strike, and I’ll see if you can block it.”

“Drink.”After saying that, Gao Jian’s entire body once again killed omi, suddenly, the gale was strong, no, if you looked carefully, it wasn’t wind, it was a bright sword, the sword turned into the wind like, it was evident how powerful this Heavenly Saber spell, was.

The Heavenly Saber spell was a family tradition of Gao Jian, and Gao Jian had only practiced this blade.

“It’s over, Zhou Mi is going to die.”

“This is the Heavenly Saber spell, the Gao family is able to stand in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, relying on this spell.”

“I heard that Gao Jian has only refined this one as well.”

Everyone was worried for omi.

At this moment, omi’s face was white as he looked at the sword that was like the wind.

“What a strong spell, what should I do with this one?”

omi’s mind was blank, his strongest move right now was the Great Star Luo Law, so omi could only continue to try to see if he could rely on the Great Star Luo Law to block this move.

However, in case he couldn’t block it, then

Absolute death, omi was very apprehensive inside, but time, it was too late for him to think.

omi clenched his teeth and rushed up regardless.

Countless Heavenly Blades swept wildly at omi like raindrops.

“Ah.”omi shouted, a faint aura on his body frantically defending against the High Sword’s Heavenly Saber.

“Dang dang dang.”There was a little bit of intense, chilling crashing sound.

omi gritted his teeth.

However, omi felt that his Great Star Luofa was about to be unable to withstand it, and once it couldn’t, it would suddenly turn into meat paste.

At this moment, it was also the biggest crisis omi had felt since becoming an Immortal.

“Ah.”Just then, omi thought of the Life Blood Hidden that he had once used when he was in the Mortal Realm.

Of course Life Blood Crypt was impossible to use, but omi had to use the shortest amount of time to upgrade it to a level that could be used by Immortals as well, right now.

omi instantly combined the Life Blood Invisibility with the Great Star Law to create an even stronger spell that could instantly output even more power.

All of this was just in a moment.

At this moment, the entire arena was quiet and silent.

Gao Jian was also gritting his teeth and attacking omi’s Heavenly Saber spell moment by moment, but omi’s Great Star Luo method was still resisting, but everyone could see that omi seemed to be on the verge of not being able to resist, and the aperture of the Great Star Luo method was getting weaker and weaker.

“Come on, hurry up, break his aperture and strangle him into pieces.”Gao Jian said with a fierce face.

At the scene, everyone was speaking in silence, some were cheering for omi while others were hoping that Gao Jian would break omi.

omi and the two men stood in the ring, and although there was no direct collision of hands and feet, the struggle of spells had been seen.

They were sweating profusely on their foreheads, and Gao Jian looked like he was giving it his all.

Right at this moment, omi exhaled a deep breath.

He had finally succeeded in combining the Great Star Luo Method with Life Blood Hidden at a critical moment.

omi called this move, the Great Life Law.

“Drink.”omi let out a huge roar, and suddenly, omi’s blood qi surged wildly, and the faint aura on his body turned into a blood-red aura.

After it turned into a blood-red aperture, it seemed that the intensity instantly increased.

omi internally shouted, “This is it.”

The blood-red aperture instantly exploded like a balloon.


Suddenly, Gao Jian’s Heavenly Saber spell was blown apart by omi’s Great Life Law.

Without any thought, omi used his palm as a blade and rushed up to cut Gao Jian’s lifeblood.

At this moment, in the dark, one of Gao Jian’s strongest men was busy saying, “Quick, Gao Jian is defeated, Zhou Mi is going to cut the lifeblood, stop it.”

After saying that, one of the strong men a stream of air flew out, if this stream of air hit, omi would definitely die, showing the shamelessness of the Gao family at a critical moment.

However, just as it was about to hit omi, another stream of air flew out from the crowd.

“Pah.”That stream of air instantly intercepted it.

“Pfft.”It was already too late, omi sliced off Gao Jian’s lifeblood, all of his roots and pills, with a single slap.


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