King of kings 2117


“Ah” Gao Jian let out a huge scream, his pant legs suddenly stained red with blood.

“What!”The strong face of the Gao family at the scene changed greatly, they could have stopped it and killed Zhou Mi, but, I don’t know which one of the strong Upper Immortals dared to go against them and help omi, resulting in the failure to stop it, Gao Jian was cut and turned into a eunuch.

“No, Jian’er.”Gao Jian’s mother hissed.

All of the audience, at the moment, had very shocked and somewhat unbelievable expressions, Zhou Mi, a pre-Mortal Immortal, had actually defeated Gao Jian and managed to cut Gao Jian’s roots.

Of course, the audience didn’t care whether Gao Jian still had his roots or not, everyone only felt that it was wonderful, and it was worthwhile for everyone to line up here early in the morning.

Gao Jian only felt the pain from below, and his hand involuntarily flattened, and touched the blood on his hand.

Gao Jian suddenly hissed, “My root, ah ah ah, Zhou Mi, you give me back my root.”

Gao Jian’s eyes were bloodshot red, unable to accept the fact that he was the young master of a second class overlord family, but actually, actually he was cut by a pre-mortal immortal with no family background.

“Sooooo.”Gao Jian cried out on the spot, he used to be able to feel a lump when his hand probed, but now it was flat.

omi exhaled deeply, finally, he had won.

He was going to lose, but if he hadn’t upgraded his spell in time, combining Life Blood Hidden with the Great Star Luo Law to create a stronger spell, I’m afraid that omi would have lasted a few more tens of seconds before he was strangled into powder by Gao Jian’s Heavenly Saber spell. The first website

In a split second of life and death, omi felt palpitations and walked through the ghost gate even though he had cut Gao Jian.

Gao Jian pointed at omi and said angrily, “Zhou Mi, you actually dared to cut me, I’m not done with you.”

omi snorted, “Before I challenged you, it was on the basis of life to win or lose, have you forgotten.I’m stronger than you, why shouldn’t I cut you.”

“Ahhhh, I’ll kill you.”Gao Jia’s anger rushed up.

omi didn’t pay any attention to him and turned around and flew up into the air, Gao Jian bleeding and spilling blood.

At this moment, all the strong men of the Gao family looked at omi with murderous eyes.

At this moment, an Earth Immortal strongman from the Gao family flew out and said angrily, “Zhou Mi, you dare to hurt my Gao family, you are looking for death.”

Just then, Star Vladimir flew out and blocked in front of omi, laughing, “Brother Gao Tuo, this is your fault, Zhou Mi and your son dueled, it was a formal challenge, it wasn’t forced, your son could have not accepted it, since he accepted it, he has to accept any result, besides, Zhou Mi’s immortal rank is even lower, you don’t blame your son for being inferior, instead you want to kill Zhou Mi!, isn’t that a bit shameful.Here today, so many immortals have come, and so many upper immortals have come, we all have eyes, if you were to kill Zhou Mi, I’m sure there would be countless people on the scene who would disobey.”

“Yeah, disobey.”

“I’m not convinced either, it’s too shameless, if you’re not as skilled as others, you deserve it, besides, Gao Jian also killed and cut Zhou Mi in his previous life, but in this life it’s just even.”

“That’s right, I’d like to see if the Gao family is really so shameless.”

“If Zhou Mi suddenly died violently after that, then it must be the Gao family’s secret hand, don’t think that if we don’t do it now, we won’t know if we do it later when no one is around.”

There was a lot of noise and discussion, without a doubt, almost everyone supported omi.There was no doubt about it, everyone liked the strong and disliked the weak, besides, Zhou Mi was fighting with the pre-Mortal Immortal

In the middle of defeat, ninety percent of the people on the scene were filled with respect for Zhou Mi from the bottom of their hearts.

Gao Jian’s father, at the moment, was a bit cavalier, although these melon eaters at the scene, only dared to yell when there were many people, really let them come out definitely not one, but, so many people yelling, the bottom line was suddenly lacking, and there were many Earth Immortals and Upper Immortals at the scene, if these people, also came out to support Zhou Mi, it would be really bad.

Just when Gao Tuo didn’t know what was wrong, an Upper Immortal strong man from the Gao family flew out.

This Upper Immortal strong man was a mid Upper Immortal, the second strongest man in the Gao family.Gao Jian’s grandfather was the third strongest member of the Gao family.

That Upper Immortal said to Gao Jian’s father, “You retreat first.”

“But, my son was cut by him.”Gao Tuo said unwillingly.

“Since Gao Jian is not as skilled as others, then admit defeat, are you still not humiliated enough?Stand down.”

“Yes.”Gao Tuo glared angrily at omi, then stepped back and came to Gao Jian’s side, asking, “Jian’er, how are you?”

“Sooooo, Father, my roots are gone, I don’t want to live.”

“Jian’er, don’t worry, my father will help you mend it, we are immortals, it can be mended.”

Gao Jian cried and shook his head, “I don’t want the mending, the mending of the roots, it’s never more than three seconds at a time, I don’t want it, woah.”

“Nonsense, who said the mending doesn’t last more than three seconds.”

“Father, don’t argue with me, I know better than you, in short, I have no face to live with anymore.”

“Jian’er, there are many other things we can do away from women, ah, it’s not like we have to be women.”

Gao Tuo was comforting his son under the ring, and the people at the scene were laughing.

In mid-air, the second strongest Upper Immortal of the Gao family looked at omi, his gaze also had a hint of anger, however, he suppressed it well, it really wasn’t appropriate to kill omi today, besides, killing omi wouldn’t make up for anything, what should be cut had already been cut.

Most importantly, there was a strong man on the scene who was at least a mid Upper Immortal, secretly helping omi.

The moment Gao Jian failed just now, the person who sent out his Qi energy to kill omi was him, but he was stopped, which meant that the person who was secretly helping omi was at least mid Upper Immortal.Therefore, there was no way to kill Zhou Mi today.

“Zhou Mi, you’re really ruthless.”The second strongest Upper Immortal of the High Sword said indifferently to omi.

omi said, “Compared to the Gao Jian, I’m too kind, even compared to the Gao Family.”

That Gao Family Upper Immortal’s face smiled and said, “Zhou Mi, count yourself lucky today.”

“Really? If you’re going to do it, do it now, you don’t have to wait until no one is around, that would look hypocritical instead.”omi said.

The muscles on the Gao Family Upper Immortal’s face shook and said, “Are you telling everyone that if you suddenly die violently, it was me who did it?”

“I have no disaster or illness, can it still be suicide if I’m not killed.”

“Zhou Mi, I don’t want to make a verbal argument with you, I can only give you a word of advice, and you and behave yourself.”

“Thank you, of course I’ll behave myself.”

“Hmph.”The Gao Clan Upper Immortal flung his sleeves, turned around and flew away, and said to everyone in the Gao Clan, “All of you, go back.”

The people of the Gao Family looked at omi with resignation and then left in full view of the public, ashen.


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