King of kings 2118


omi looked around, he didn’t know who had just secretly helped him, if it wasn’t for that person, omi would have been killed by that Upper Immortal of the Gao family.

However, the crisis wasn’t resolved, no one knew when the Gao family would suddenly kill omi, after all, omi had cut Gao Jian in public, this kind of humiliation was impossible for a second class overlord family to endure.

omi said to the crowd, “Thank you all for your support, I, Zhou, am grateful.”

“Mr. Zhou is polite.”

After that, the crowd dispersed in groups.

All of the Upper Immortals on the scene disappeared as well, and there weren’t any Upper Immortals who came to speak to omi, nor did any of them show their appreciation for omi, which omi had a bit of regret about.It would be perfect if a strong Upper Immortal came out to show his appreciation for omi and even offered to marry his daughter or something to omi.

Elder Star Vladimir flew up and smiled, “Kid, I really wasn’t wrong about you.”

omi was busy being grateful, “Thank you Elder Star Vladimir for speaking up for me just now.”

“Alright, this little favor of mine is just a small favor, the real big favor is the one who just secretly prevented the High Immortal from killing you.”

“No, there is no distinction between big and small help, Elder Star Vladimir didn’t care about offending the Gao family, I, Zhou, am very grateful, and if I become rich in the future, I will definitely not forget my senior’s great kindness.”

“How polite to say this, it makes me embarrassed.”Xing Zheng hehe smiled. Remember the URL

Star Luo came up and looked at omi with blazing eyes, blazing with a hint of adoration.

“Zichen, you’re fantastic, you were just about to fail to hold on, but then you suddenly became stronger after that, what’s the reason?It’s not possible that you’ve upgraded to an even stronger spell based on the Great Star Luo method, right?”

omi nodded, “Yes, I combined one of my martial arts in the mortal realm, using the same principles and ideas, in a thousand gold, with the Great Star Luo method, thus creating an even stronger spell.”

“Wow, what’s the name of that spell?”

“Let’s call it the Great Life Law.”

“Zichen, you’re really too genius.”

Elder Star Vladimir said, “Needless to say, whether it’s a true genius or not can be tested from here, a true genius can always be desperate and always create stronger spells in the most dire of times.It’s just a pity.”

omi busily asked, “What does Senior pity?”

“Oh, it’s a pity that you don’t like my granddaughter, otherwise, I would wake up laughing in my dreams with such a genius granddaughter-in-law.”Elder Star Vladimir said.

omi laughed awkwardly.

At this time, Star Vladimir’s granddaughter, Star Yan, came over and stood behind her grandfather, Star Yan looked at omi with a hint of resentment in her eyes, as if she was resenting omi for looking down on her.

Star Luo was busy saying, “Zichen, we’re almost leaving, your master hasn’t been buried yet, I’ll go with you.”

“Fine.”omi and Star Luo turned around and left.

Star Vladimir and Star Goose watched their backs.

“Grandpa, he’s really outstanding.”

“Unfortunately, not good enough for you.”

“Grandpa, am I really uglier than Star Luo?”

“You’re not uglier than Star Luo at all, it’s just that Star Luo knew you before you did, but so what if you knew him first, they’re impossible, Star Luo was already promised to Yan Qinggang by the family ancestor.”

“Alas, if I could marry such a man, this life would be worth it.”

“Star Goose, why be so frustrated, just because Zhou Mi doesn’t like you now, doesn’t mean that he hasn’t always liked

You, you could go after it on your own accord.”

“I won’t.”

“Grandpa won’t either, I’ve heard that you have to give gifts to chase men, it’s just that, for your happiness, grandpa I’ll take out my treasured thirty million years of wealth and give it to you to chase men.”

“Ah, grandpa, you’re not kidding, your treasured wealth of 30 million years is thousands of immortal grasses.”

“Yes, 1,099 billion years of immortal grass, it was originally used to cultivate you, but, grandpa really wants Zhou Mi, his granddaughter-in-law, so, grandpa is willing to take it out to soak up your son.”

“What bubble boy, talk so badly.”

“Star Goose, tomorrow, give these 1,099 Immortal Grasses to Zhou Mi, to show him your goodwill.”

“Good.”Star Goose nodded her head.

More than a thousand Immortal Grasses, not much to say, not much to say.

omi returned home and stood in front of the Green King’s hearth.

omi said, “Tianxiang, bring out a plate.”

“What do you need a plate for?”

“Load the sacrifice.”


“The lifeblood of the high sword.”

“You really.”

“Yes, I really pay my respects to my master with this, you two, you’re both girls, so go outside before you see that disgusting thing.”

“I’m so speechless.”Star Luo glared and hurriedly left, she didn’t go to someone else’s lifeblood, inside Star Luo, in this life, she only wanted to see omi’s, no one else’s was interested.Star Luo thought so inside, she couldn’t help but blush.

Tian Xiang brought the plate, then also hurriedly ran away.

omi took Gao Jian’s lifeblood, put it on the plate, and then placed it on the spirit front table.

Just now in the ring, the Gao family didn’t seem to think that omi would pick up Gao Jian’s lifeblood, and the Gao family’s attention wasn’t focused on the cut-offs.

omi gave his master incense and said, “Master, my disciple is incompetent and cannot help you kill your enemy yet, for now, my disciple can only cut the lifeblood of your enemy to worship you, I still hope that my master will forgive my disciple.Master rest assured, one day, disciple will kill Gao Jian with his hands and avenge you.”

After paying his respects, omi collected Gao Jian’s things, and also took the Green King’s coffin with him.

Walking out of the gate, Tian Xiang and Xing Luo stood at the door.

“Let’s go, it’s time for Master to be buried.”


omi, the three of them, immediately went to the Immortal Graveyard.

It was omi’s first time going to such a place.

omi always felt that this kind of scene seemed to be a bit deja vu.omi quickly remembered the Thousand Mountain Graveyard.omi had once seen many misty thousand mountain curtains in the connecting passageways of the mortal realm, with tombs everywhere, all kinds of demons, all kinds of immortal gods and goddesses.However, at that time, it was only vaguely seen and untouchable.The immortal’s tomb felt a little similar to the Thousand Mountains Screen, but it didn’t have the majestic atmosphere of the Thousand Mountains Screen.

Star Luo said, “This is the tomb of the Immortals of the Upper Fellows, since ancient times, all the Immortals of the Upper Fellows died and were buried here.”

omi asked, “Are there any other immortal graves in the Immortal Realm?”

“Of course, it’s tightly based here in the Upper Feyama Continent, and there must be some in other states as well as in the heavens.”

“En, I see.”

“Up ahead is the tomb my people found for Master Green King, let’s go bury the Green King.”


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