King of kings 2120


“What do you mean by not being interfered with by outside time?”

“It means that if you cultivate in the Spatial Tablet, you won’t lose your life, and even if you cultivate here for 100 million years, you won’t get old.”


“But you’re still so young, it doesn’t mean anything to you, rather it only means something to those who have a short life.Well, I’ve passed on all the vitality in my body to you, and it’s up to you how far you can use it to grow.It’s also fortunate that it’s in a spatial tablet, otherwise, there’s no way to pass on my vitality to you.”After saying that, the old man died.

Saying that he was dead without even greeting a year old, he was really speechless.

In omi’s consciousness, he took a fierce step and stepped out of the tombstone, his body appearing in front of that tomb out of thin air.

omi was busy feeling his Immortal rank, he had even stepped into the pre-Earth Immortal stage, raising his Immortal realm by a whole lot.

“Earth Immortal, I’m an Earth Immortal now, oh my god.”omi had an unbelievable feeling, it used to feel like, Earth Immortals were so powerful and out of reach, but now, he was already an Earth Immortal.

Pre-Earth Immortal ah, he had reached the level of an emperor of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom.

omi thought back to the emperor in his mind, it felt so powerful, but he didn’t expect that he was now too.

“Hahaha, Senior, what a great gift, this will save me countless Immortal Pills and time.”omi knew that it had saved him at least hundreds of thousands of years, if not millions of years, but of course, for an ordinary Immortal, it saved 100 million years. Premiere URL

Originally, omi had planned to go to the Green King’s Immortal Grass, and if he found the Green King’s two thousand Immortal Grasses, he could possibly step into the middle stage of Mortal Immortality, but now, he was already in the early stage of Earth Immortality.

This leap really couldn’t be described with words.

“Hahaha, to come across benefits even like this, I’m really no one else.”omi laughed.

omi said to the tombstone, “Rest in peace, Senior, and thank you for your great gift.”omi paid his respects three times.

Turning around, he walked away, but after taking a few steps, omi thought that the spatial stele might be useful, and with it, it would explain why he was so young and cultivated so highly.Because cultivating in the spatial stele was free from outside interference, omi’s cultivation was so high at such a young age.In the future, there would be no need for people to suspect that he had the Immortal Spatial Method or anything like that.

Thus, omi took away that tombstone, and at the same time, omi replaced it with an ordinary tombstone up there.

“Tianxiang, Xing Luo.”omi shouted.

However, no one answered.

omi returned to the Green King’s grave, and it was likely that they had returned to look for him.

Sure enough, the two of them were in front of the Green King’s grave.

“Strange, where did it go.”Tian Xiang was puzzled.

“I’m here.”omi walked up.

“Husband, where have you been.”

“Oh, I was just looking around.”omi said.

At that moment, omi noticed that a bunch of things were missing from the Green King’s tomb.

“Hey, where’s the stuff cut off of Gao Jian?”

Starro said, “I was just in the distance, and I saw some crows, maybe, eaten by crows.”

“Oh, good, or you guys would have run back and radiated your eyes.”Donomi said, “What a blessing.

Just then, Star Luo’s face changed and looked at omi, “Why do I feel you, so strong, like you’re a strong Earth Immortal, is this an illusion?”

“Hahaha, Starro, this isn’t an illusion, this is real.”

“Are you kidding me?”


p; “I’m not kidding, I’m going first is pre-Earth Immortal.”

“Ah, Earth Immortal, how is that possible.”Tian Xiang was also dumbfounded, ten minutes ago it was pre-Mortal Immortal, all of a sudden, it’s pre-Earth Immortal, could this be any more fake?

“As fake as it is, though, I’m lucky.”omi told Xing Luo and Tianxiang about the strange incident that had just happened.

Tianxiang said, “We didn’t even see any wordless tombstones ah.”

“That’s because you are not destined for this tombstone, all that the unlucky see are worded tombstones, I am destined to see wordless, as a result, that senior pulled me into the spatial monument, I could have saved him, but unfortunately he happened to be dying, so, using the special nature of the spatial monument, he passed on his entire body’s vitality to me, then I broke through from gaining many immortal opportunities, and in no time at allEarth Immortal now.”

Only Star Luo understood here, if there was no Immortal Machine Spitting Method, omi wouldn’t have been able to picture to Earth Immortal so quickly, the advantage of the Immortal Machine Spitting Method was that it could accumulate all the Immortal Machines, so it wouldn’t be wasted at all.If omi didn’t have the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, he would have just survived to the middle stage of Mortal Immortality, and the excess, because his body couldn’t absorb it that fast, would dissipate.

Tian Xiang felt like a dream.

Star Luo also had to admire, omi’s luck was also too good.

Star Luo stood in front of omi, feeling so weak.

Star Luo always remembered that when she first met omi, he was only at the middle Earth Immortal stage, and was incredibly weak in front of Star Luo, today, she was still at the middle Mortal Immortal stage, while omi, was already an Earth Immortal.

A strong Earth Immortal, this was a strength that could control an empire and become an Immortal emperor ah.

If omi was willing, he could now go grab an emperor to be, get a harem of three thousand, and enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

omi said, “Let’s go, next, we should plan to retrieve Master’s Immortal Grass, after we find it, I’m going to give half of it to Xing Luo.”

“Ah, no, give it to me?”Star Luo was startled.

“Right, I’m already an Earth Immortal if I leave first, even if two thousand Immortal Grasses were given to me, it wouldn’t be of much use, and with my Earth Immortal realm, I’m afraid twenty thousand Billion Year Immortal Grasses would only make a bit of sense.So, give you half of it, and I’ll distribute the rest to those who need it.”

“Thank you.”Star Luo was very grateful and looked at omi.

“Don’t be silly, we’re leaving now.”

“Aren’t we going back to the city of Upper Feyama?”

“No going back, there’s no benefit to going back now.”

omi sighed inwardly and secretly said, “Thousand Jie, Tang Huan, Little Fire, you guys wait for me, I will definitely return.”

Maku Qianji and the others, should not have become immortals yet, after all, it wasn’t that easy, omi and the others hadn’t been in the Immortal World for many years, hopefully they would become immortals soon.

However, omi hoped that by the time they became immortals, omi would have established himself here and could give them stronger shelter.

omi left with Star Luo and Tianxiang, and it just so happened that the Gao family didn’t bother with omi at the moment, otherwise, if they left again in a few days, they would probably be watching omi.

And right now, in the Gao Family, a group of strong men were in the main hall.

An Upper Immortal strongman asked, “Have you found it?”

“No, we’ve searched every corner of the ring, but we haven’t found Young Master Gao Jian’s treasure.”A servant replied.

“Where would it go?No it shouldn’t, it’s only disgusting when no one is around, stay away, why is it gone, was it eaten by a dog?”

“The rats in the Immortal World are very smart, rats don’t even eat this kind of thing, let alone dogs.”

The Gao family was so baffled that they sent many people out to look for Gao Jian’s treasure, but unfortunately they couldn’t find it.


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