King of kings 2121

Chapter 2121

omi, Tianxiang, and Xing Luo spent half a month to reach a mountain valley called Great Qiong Mountain.

There was a small remote mountain village in this mountain valley.

In the small mountain village, the vast majority to were ordinary people and immortal cultivators, as for the immortals, omi had yet to discover them as they were still at the entrance of the village.

This small mountain village was just like any other place, everyone’s goal was to become an Immortal Cultivator, and eventually an Immortal again.

It was easy to become an immortal cultivator, but it was incredibly difficult to become an immortal.Everyone in the small mountain village, even children of four or five years old, knew that only by becoming an Immortal could they live for a long, long time, and if they didn’t become an Immortal, they would die thousands of years later.

omi stood at the entrance of the village, looked inside the small mountain village and smiled, “Finally we have found our master’s hometown, let’s hope we can succeed in finding his immortal grass.”

Tian Xiang asked, “Will the Gao family know that we are here?Could it be that they’re already watching for us?”

“It shouldn’t be, they shouldn’t have been able to react when we came out, they won’t be able to find us by the time we’re far away from Upper Fellows, no matter how powerful Upper Fellows are, there’s a limit to their immortal knowledge.”omi said.

“I hope so.”

“Let’s enter the small mountain village first.”

After entering the small mountain village, omi saw a statue at the head of the village, and the statue turned out to be of the Green King. Remember the URL

“Master’s statue, this really is Master’s hometown, and everyone here is proud of him.”Tian Xiang was happy.

Beneath the statue, at the moment, many young boys and girls were sitting on the flat ground, cultivating with their eyes closed, and some were also studying alchemy.

“You guys are?”Seeing omi and the others, a Mahayana cultivator busily came up.

“My name is Tianxiang, this is my husband omi, this is my best friend Xing Luo, by the way, this statue of yours is my master.”

“Ah, Miss Tianxiang, it’s you.”

“You know me?”

“Miss Tianxiang, Master Green King returned ten years ago, he told us that he had a disciple, Tianxiang, who was as beautiful as a celestial, and so it is.”

“Thank you.”

“Miss Tianxiang, please come in quickly.”

“No need to be polite.”

“By the way, Miss Tianxiang, Master Green King didn’t come back with you?”That Mahayana cultivator asked.

“My master he, is dead.”Tian Xiang said.


“How.”That Mahayana man stayed there.

“I came here to see my master’s hometown, and by the way, to find out if there are any relics of my master.”Tian Xiang said in a sad tone.

“Sooooo, Master Green King, how did you die, sooooo.”That Mahayana man cried in an exaggerated manner, not knowing if he was really so sad or if he was faking it.

omi said, “My master is in his hometown, he should have a house, you take us to his master’s old home.”

“Okay, please follow me.”

That Mahayana man cried as he brought omi and the others to a stone house outside of the small mountain village, this stone house was built in a unique style as well, whether it was the gate or the roof tiles, all of them were carved out of stone, so you could say that the house was completely carved out of stone.Even the couplets on the front door were carved in stone, all in one.

“Master Green King’s old home is here now, except that the original house was demolished, and now this stone house, which appears behind it, has a shield covering it, so no ordinary person can enter.”

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“What kind of house is this.”

“We don’t know that, all we know is that once Master Green King exchanged a magic potion with a strong man, and if anyone forced their way into this house, the house would disappear.”

“Are you saying that a hard break will disappear?”


“Then I’ll try.”

omi immediately tried to force his way through.

In the next second, the stone house disappeared.

“Hey, it’s true, it’s surprising that it disappeared when you forcefully break in.”

“What’s the principle of this.”

“I don’t know this anymore, only Master Green King himself can enter.”

“Strange.”Tian Xiang said confused, just now there was a house, now it’s a vacant lot, there’s nothing left.

Star Luo said, “If I’m not mistaken, this stone house is an immortal artifact, once someone forces their way in, this immortal artifact is hidden.This Immortal Artifact is uniformly known as an Immortal House, and there aren’t many people who can have a private Immortal House in the Upper Fell Hell Continent, even my Star Clan ancestor doesn’t have a private Immortal House.”

“I haven’t even heard Master say that he has an Immortal Mansion like this.”

“It’s normal that you haven’t heard of it, I’m afraid that the reason why Master hid it here is that he doesn’t have the confidence to keep it on himself for fear of being snatched away, after all, there are so many strong people in the Upper Fey Yan Continent.”

“Then what now?How long will it take for this house to appear after it disappears?”Star Luo asked.

That Mahayana man said, “There used to be people who forced their way in and the house disappeared like this, and it only appeared between about six months and a year after that.”

“What? It takes that long.”


“Damn, there’ll be some waiting then.”omi was incomparably depressed.

Tian Xiang said, “We’re fine anyway, it’s not safe to go back to Upper Fey Yan Continent, the air in this small mountain village is not bad, it’s good to practice and study alchemy here.”

Star Luo nodded, “I also think so.”

“Alright.”omi was mainly worried about his relatives, after all, they were still in Upper Feyama, and even if it was dangerous there, omi still wanted to go back sooner.However, it didn’t seem like there would be any danger to Maku Qianji and the others, they had been in seclusion all day and hadn’t had any contact with any outsiders.

Star Luo said, “Zichen, you’d better think about how to enter Master Green King’s Immortal Palace.”

“I don’t have any clue, after all, it’s an immortal residence, a private immortal residence that even the Upper Immortals don’t own, if it’s so easy to enter, it’s not as precious as it could be.”

“That’s true, let’s see now when the Demon King contacts us and see if the Demon King has a solution.”

“Hmm.”These last two sentences were exchanged between omi and Star Luo Xiannian without saying anything, after all, about the Devil King, Tianxiang couldn’t know, even the people around omi, such as Maku Qianji, were also unclear.It wasn’t that they weren’t trusted, but the more they were allowed to know, the worse it would be for them, rather than harming them.

Tian Xiang said to that big man of the Mahayana stage, “We’re going to stay here, is that okay?”

“Of course you can, this is your home, by the way, can you tell us how Master Green King died?”

“Killed by someone.”

“What a son of a bitch.”

“Alright, you go do your job.”

“Okay, Miss Tianxiang.”

The three of them, omi, built themselves two wooden houses next to each other and then stayed in this small mountain village.


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