King of kings 2122


The villagers of the small mountain village were very simple, and every day, people came to bring them food and wild fruits.

Of course, there were also some hardworking young people who came to ask Tian Xiang for knowledge about alchemy, to which Tian Xiang was more than happy to help them out.

Every day, omi also held Master Green King’s alchemy notes to watch, omi found that his level of immortal pills, skyrocketed.

One day three months later, omi laughed, “Tianxiang, come and see if I’m a Level 2 Immortal Pill.”


Tian Xiang took a look at the immortal pills practiced by omi, his face was shocked, and he was busy saying, “This is a second level immortal pellet, and the quality is at least three levels, oh my god, Husband, how did you do that.”

Star Luo was also busy running over, shocked, “Tianxiang, omi isn’t really a Level 2 Immortal Pill Master anymore, is he?”

“As fake as it is, the quality of this Grade 2 Immortal Pill he’s got now is already, not much lower than me.”Tian Xiang said.

“No way, how is that possible.”

“Really.”Tian Xiang was both happy and a little frustrated inside, happy that omi had become a Grade 2 Immortal Pill Master, and frustrated that omi would soon surpass her, and she would have nothing superior in front of omi in the future.

“Hahaha, it turns out that everything is as simple as usual.”omi laughed. A second to remember to read the book

Star Luo said, “omi, although it’s a joyous event for you to become a Second Grade Immortal Master, you don’t have to say it as simply as it feels crazy.”

omi laughed, “Star Luo, I’m not stingy to tell you right now, I’m not just a Second Grade Immortal Master anymore, I think I’ll be a Fourth Grade Immortal Master in less than ten years.”

“You’re joking.”

Tian Xia also said, “Yes, Husband, it’s impossible.”

omi smiled, “Do you know why I’m so confident?”


“Because, as I studied Master’s notes, my thoughts were exactly the same as when Master wrote those journals at that time, that is, I found Master’s feelings, I had the general feeling that this was my own notes.”

“Ah, that’s impossible, no matter what, that’s another person’s notes, that is, someone else’s thoughts, no matter how much an outsider studies them, it’s impossible for them to substitute into them and become the same as the person in question, unless, it’s that one in a billion extinct genius who can look at someone else’s notes and instantly substitute himself into them, as if he wrote them himself.”

omi smiled as he patted his own chest, “Without a doubt, I am the one in a billion extinct genius.”


“Alright, no more nonsense with you guys, I plan to close the door for five years, after five years, I, Tang someone, will definitely become a fourth grade Immortal Pill Master.Hehehe.”omi was ecstatic inside, if he became a rank four Immortal Pill Master, how awesome would it be, back in the Upper Fertilization Yan Continent, the Upper Immortals would all need to request omi to help with alchemy, at that time, omi would definitely not be as embarrassed as he is now when facing the Gao Family.”

Tian Xiang said, “What about Master’s Immortal Palace?In a few months, Master’s Immortal Mansion might reappear again.”

“The main thing now is that I become a rank four Immortal Pill Master, and we’ll talk about the Immortal Mansion later.”omi immediately dug a secret chamber under the ground and hid himself in it, beginning a five-year period of seclusion.

omi himself didn’t expect that the more he studied his master’s notes for three months, the more engrossed he became, and in the end, there was a feeling that this was his own notes that he had written, that he was just reviewing them, reading a random sentence

He can then fantasize about thousands of examples.

Citing one against three was nothing, omi this was completely a case of citing one against ten thousand.It was like, show him a book from an elementary school and give him a mathematical formula from an elementary school, omi could keep pushing and pushing it to a university formula.A thousand Einsteins are worse than a thousand Einsteins, genius to this extent, why worry about not being able to train the fourth level of the Immortal Pill.

Perhaps, omi really was that one in a billion extinct genius.

Star Luo smiled, “Hopefully, in five years, he will really become a rank four Immortal Pill Master, since the death of Master Green King, there is only one rank four Immortal Pill Master left in the Upper Fellows Island.If he can become a rank four Immortal Pill Master, then.”There was some anticipation within Star Luo’s heart, if omi was a rank four Immortal Pill Master, then her family’s ancestor might support her and omi to be together.

Tian Xiang said, “Star Luo, aren’t you at all worried that if he’s really that powerful, we’ll still be worthy of him?”

“Don’t worry about it, I’m absolutely sure he won’t abandon us anyway, whether he’s worthy or not.Can’t you see that he treats his relatives in the lower realm better than he treats us, and his relatives in the lower realm aren’t even immortals yet.”

“Well, I believe him even after hearing you say that.”

“omi’s talent is so strong, maybe, a future rank five Immortal Pill Master is possible, wow, if we can take a rank five Immortal Pill, then we can definitely become even stronger Immortals.Following such a powerful person, why not be strong.”Xing Luo was lamenting inside, life is so good, meeting omi.

Tian Xiang said, “Then there’s no point for me to exist.”

“Why not, it’s fine if you’re in charge of looking beautiful, do you think a man really wants you to do anything for him, it’s fine if you can make him pleasing to the eye.According to you, I don’t have the meaning of existence anymore, I can’t do alchemy, and I can’t win a fight against him, right.”


omi was in the underground chamber, fully engrossed, completely unconcerned about what was happening above ground, under normal circumstances, no one would come here.

The only thing omi was worried about was whether or not Shaku Qianji and the others would be in any danger in Upper Feyama in these five years.

But five years passed very quickly, and after five years, they might not have become immortals.

After another half a year, the Immortal Palace appeared again.

Unfortunately, Star Luo and Tian Xiang touched at random, and the Immortal Palace was hidden again.

In the blink of an eye, five years passed.

Ten years later, one day at noon.

“Boom.”The ground where omi had closed the gate suddenly boomed, dirt shot everywhere, as if Sun Monkey had popped out of the Five Finger Mountain, and a person leapt out of the flying dust, it was omi.

“Zichen, you’re out of the gate.”

“Husband.”Not far away, Xing Luo and Tian Xiang ran up in a panic, they had been waiting for 10 years here, but they were finally out of the gate.

Originally, omi had said that he would only close the border for five years, but it had taken ten years to get out of the border.

It seemed that things weren’t as easy as omi had said before, and they didn’t know if omi had become a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master.

Star Luo and Tian Xiang went up to take a look, omi’s beard was long and his hair was messy after ten years.It was obvious that after these ten years of seclusion, omi had devoted himself to it and didn’t care about his image at all.

“Hahaha, hahaha.”omi let out a burst of laughter.

“omi, say something.”Star Luo asked anxiously.

omi said, “Star Luo, Tianxiang, you guys still haven’t hurried to pay your respects to the Fourth Grade Immortal Pill Master.”


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