King of kings 2123


“Ah.”The two men were startled.

“Husband, what do you mean?You’ve become a fourth-grade Immortal Master?”

“What else? Are there other fourth-grade Immortal Pillars on the scene?”

“Wow.”Star Luo and Tian Xiang hugged each other happily and bounced around a few times in excitement, then they really did pay their respects, “Senior, pay your respects to Master Tang.”And pretended to be very serious.

“Hahaha, hahaha.”omi laughed out loud, “Alright, just kidding with you guys.”

“Kidding?What’s the joke?Not four?”Tian Xiang and Xing Luo were startled.

“I mean, having you guys pay me a visit was a joke.”

“Husband, you’re really great.”Tian Xiang threw herself into omi’s arms in surprise.

“Hehe, I should be at Master’s level by now, but unfortunately, Master’s level only goes here, so I can only go so far.”

“Then when will you be able to become a Level 5 Immortal Pill Master ah?I’ve never heard of anyone being a fifth-grade Immortal in my life.”Star Luo asked with anticipation.

“Going forward, it’s ten thousand times harder to raise it further without any former shoulders to step on, and even harder without any former experience.I’m not going to lie to you, Level 5 Immortal Pill Master, I have a feeling that I won’t be able to make it to the point where I can’t imagine it.” First URL

“You’re such a genius, how come.”

“Level five feels so far away anyway, I don’t feel a bit confident.”

Star Luo said, “Right, omi, there used to be only two rank four Immortal Masters in Upper Yama, in everyone’s eyes, these two rank four Immortal Masters were super invincible and powerful, now that you’ve also reached rank four, do you now think that Master Green King and another rank four Immortal Master are powerful?”

omi said, “Although my words may be disrespectful to my master, if I were to tell the truth, my master is the worst fourth level Immortal Pill Master, of course, the other fourth level Immortal Pill Master in the Upper Fell Yama Continent is also the worst fourth level, to be precise, it is not even a complete fourth level, the quality of the practiced Immortal Pill is not yet completed to meet the standard, even the fourth level Immortal Pill one level quality is almost as good.”

“Ah, no way.”

“Oh, that’s the truth, because there aren’t any stronger fourth-grade Immortal Masters, so no one just knows.”

“Then what about your current level?”Tian Xiang was busy asking.

“Truth be told, my current level is comparable to my master, which means that I, too, am now at the worst fourth level, and even a fourth level first layer quality Immortal Pill is still almost meaningful.However, regardless of the difference of a few mean points, I’ve already stepped into the range of a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master.”


“Yes, I will continue to work hard to become a full-fledged fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, able to train above a fourth-grade first-grade quality.”

“Mmhmm, cheer up.”Tian Xiang was busy encouraging.

“Alright, where’s Master’s Immortal Palace?”

“There it is, all these years, there’s been no way.”

omi’s eyes went to Star Luo and used his faith to ask, “Hasn’t the Demon King contacted you in the past ten years?”


“How so?It’s been ten years.”

“I don’t know, I have a feeling that something’s happened to the Devil this time.”

“No news for ten years, something has definitely happened.”

“Yeah, the devil king has been using his immortal thoughts to contact us, there is no impervious wall, and the devil king isn’t the most powerful person, no one is sure that no one has found out what the devil king has been doing in secret.”

“Now we can only pray, but I hope the Devil King is alright.There isn’t much time left for us to grow, I feel.”

“Unfortunately, I am still too weak, I am

I can’t count on it, I can only count on you, fortunately you’re already a fourth-grade Immortal Master now, you’ll slowly get better.”

“Let’s not talk about that now, I’d better study how to take away my master’s Immortal Palace,”

omi walked up to the Immortal Mansion.

Tian Xiang was busy, “Husband, don’t touch the Immortal Mansion, as soon as you touch it, it will disappear.”

omi said to the Immortal Mansion, “Immortal Mansion, can you feel my presence?Can you feel good about that?”

omi slowly stretched out his hand, the movement was very, very slow.

omi closed his eyes, his whole body tried to touch the Immortal Palace with the Green King’s thoughts, omi knew the Green King very well through the Green King’s notes, and naturally Murphy’s Green King’s thoughts were also very realistic.

“I am your master, only, I now exist in a different way, the Immortal Mansion.”

omi slowly touched it, finally, omi touched the Immortal Mansion, this time the Immortal Mansion didn’t disappear as soon as he touched it.

Tian Xiang was pleasantly surprised, “Great, it didn’t disappear immediately, that means it’s accepted.”

After omi touched the Immortal Mansion, his spiritual energy slowly penetrated into the Immortal Mansion.

Just like that, omi kept this position for a day and a night.

omi opened his eyes.


“Having submitted, the Immortal Mansion now completely acknowledges me as its master.”After saying that, omi’s mind moved, and the stone door of the Immortal Mansion opened with a clang.

“Haha, you can go in, Xing Luo, Tian Xiang, come into my residence and sit down.”omi was the first to walk into the Immortal Mansion.

After walking into the Immortal Mansion, it was a completely different world inside.

It was raining outside just now, and the sky was dense with dark clouds, but after walking into the Immortal Mansion, it was clear and cloudless inside, there were green hills and flowers everywhere, it was simply a paradise on earth.Moreover, the immortal air was thick.

In the distance, omi also saw a house built with flowers and trees, the fragrance of flowers lingered, and the beauty was unparalleled.

“Wow, how is it, just outside, it’s obviously raining, and, outside looking at this fairy house, it’s completely a stone house, how come when you come in, it’s like you’ve gone to another world.”Tian Xiang said in surprise.

Not too shocked though, Star Luo smiled, “I heard the family ancestor say before that the Immortal Palace has a separate space, the space inside is completely changed by the owner’s thoughts, the owner can become whatever he wants, the way we see it now, it should be the ideal residence in the Green King’s mind before.”

omi nodded his head and smiled, “Yes, now the Immortal Palace is completely changed by my mind.”After saying that, omi’s mind moved, and the flowery house in the distance distorted and morphed into a brick and mortar villa.

“Hey, what type of house is this?So curious.”Tenka was busy.

“Oh, it’s a house I used to live in when I was in the mortal realm, cast from bricks, cement, mortar, steel, etc.”

“Oh.”The two of them hadn’t heard what cement and mortar were at all.

Tang’s mind moved again, and the villa twisted and turned into a towering cliff, and on the cliff, a wooden house was built, so magnificent.

“Wow, what kind of house is this again.”

“It’s my former division, the Divine Dragon School.”omi looked at the Divine Dragon Sect in his memory, not only did he feel a sense of uncertainty in his heart, countless images flashed in his mind, as if he saw on the cliff, little sister Qin Ren, big brother Xie Yong, second senior brother and all the other brothers and sisters, were playing and chasing after each other, that bone-deep youthfulness, reverberated in his heart.Once they were young and youthful, that scene so unforgettable, omi unconsciously, has tears like rain.


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