King of kings 2124


“Are you all right, Tzu-Chen?”

“It’s fine, just seeing things.”

Star Luo sighed, “Actually, don’t look at the fact that you’re younger than all of us, but what you’ve been through is ten times more than us.”

“Yeah.”Tian Xiang was busy nodding as well.

“Oh, okay, people always.”

After saying that, omi’s mind moved, returning to the previous scene of a blue sky, a green field, and a sea of flowers.

Tianxiang asked, “Zichen, how big is this Immortal Palace?”

“It’s even bigger than Upper Yama Island.”

“No way, it’s that big.”

“Yes, I can enlarge or shrink it, and if there aren’t many people living there, I can shrink it so that it doesn’t look empty, but of course, there are limits, and the maximum is bigger than Upper Yama.”

“That can also house a lot of people.” Remember the URL

“Yes.”omi had already decided within himself, this time when he went back, let all of them, Maku Qianji, live in the immortal house, omi could carry the immortal house with him, and the air, the immortal energy, all of it was stronger than outside.

“Let’s go, go to the flower and grass house in front and see if Master’s Immortal Grass is there.”

omi and the three of them scrambled up to the flower and grass house, and immediately saw a shelf with many, many varieties of immortal grasses on it.

In fact, omi had already perceived it, but seeing it with his own eyes was another matter.

“Master, Master, you are truly my regenerating parent, not only did you leave me notes, but you also gave me immortal grasses and a fairy house, disciple really doesn’t know how to thank you.”omi said.

Star Luo said, “Zichen, all of these fairy grasses should be given to Tian Xiang, you are all disciples of the Green King, and the Green King’s property should reasonably be half for each of you.”

omi laughed, “Also, I actually wanted to take sole possession of it, but Tianxiang is also my wife, she inherited it, so it’s just waiting for me to inherit it.”

Xing Luo said, “I’m just being nosy, just saying.”

“You’re right, Tianxiang, these immortal grasses, all of them are yours, there’s no reason for all of Master’s inheritance to be given to me.”

Tianxiang angrily said, “Husband, what are you saying, what’s mine is yours ah.”

“No, Star Luo is right, I’m used to taking it all as mine, I didn’t expect you to have a part in it, you can handle these immortal grasses yourself.Of course, if you can’t handle them, you have the right to give me the right to do so.”

Tian Xiang was speechless, “Then I’m giving it all to you now, you can handle it however you want.”

“Hehe.”omi said in his heart, it was back in his hands again.

Previously, omi said that half of it was given to Star Luo, but now that he thought about it, wasn’t what he said before a bit impulsive.

Of course, more than 2,000 immortal grasses didn’t mean a lot to omi, he was already an early Earth Immortal, and if he wanted to become an intermediate Earth Immortal again, he didn’t know how much effort he would have to put in, it was impossible to achieve it with just 2,000 immortal grasses.

Therefore, it was more appropriate for omi to personally give up these immortal grasses, which omi used to give to his relatives.

“How about this, these Immortal Grasses, five hundred Heavenly Fragrance and five hundred Star Luo, how about this?”

Tian Xiang said, “I don’t care.”

But Star Luo was embarrassed, “This is what the Green King left for you, how can I be embarrassed.”

“You’re also my woman, what’s there to be embarrassed about.”

Star Luo was angry, “Don’t talk nonsense, when am I your woman.”

“You already are in your heart, don’t you dare say that you’re not.”

“I, hmm, don’t want to talk to you.”Xing Luo face embarrassed out of the flower and herb room, after all, in front of Tian Xiang is somewhat embarrassed.

/> Tianxiang smiled somewhat embarrassedly.

omi said, “Tianxiang, you don’t mind if I pick up Star Luo, do you.”

“Me, how am I in a position to mind, with your achievements today, it’s good that you don’t abandon me.”Tianxiang said.

“Don’t worry, never give up.Alright, these immortal grasses will be kept here for now, I’ll refine them into immortal pills when I have time.”


omi walked out of the Immortal Mansion.

The Immortal Mansion appeared again with the appearance of a stone house.

omi’s mind moved and the stone room distorted for a while, turning into a luxurious looking residence, whether it was the appearance of the Immortal Mansion or what it looked like inside, it could be changed at the owner’s whim.

“Are we ready to go back now?”Starlot asked.

“Of course, it’s time to go back to Upper Yama.”omi said.

“That’s just in case.”

“Even if the Gao Family is looking for trouble, I’ll have to go back, my other family members are still there.Besides, I’m already a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master now, and the Upper Immortals have asked me to refine pills, so what am I afraid of.”

“But no one knows you’re a rank four Immortal Pill Master now, and the Immortal Pill Hall can’t assess it for you.”

“Go back and talk.”

omi took Star Luo and Tianxiang and spent half a month to return to the Upper Fey Yan Continent.

After ten years, the Gao family must have thought that omi had run away and never dared to come back, so this time the Gao family would definitely not know that omi had come back.

“Let’s go home first.”Xing Luo said.


omi came to the Xing Clan.

The elders of the Star Clan, who soon knew that omi was back, came in a panic.

At Star Luo’s residence.

The Star Shine elder was the first to arrive.

“Hahaha, Zhou Mi, you kid, you’ve been hiding for ten years.”

omi stood on the corridor, looking at Starry Yao, “You’ve only been hiding for ten years.”

In the past, omi felt so weak in front of Elder Starshine, but now, omi didn’t seem to feel so strongly, as if Elder Starshine wasn’t that strong.

Elder Starshine was a late Earth Immortal and omi was an early Earth Immortal, although there were still two levels to go, but at least they were in the same field.

Right at this moment, Starshine’s face changed and trembled, “Zhou Mi, you, you’re an Earth Immortal?”

“Yeah, pre-Earth Immortal.”omi said with a nod.

“Oh my god, this must be a dream, it must be, if I wasn’t eating dung in public.”Elder Star Shine said, rubbing his eyes.

omi said, “Then you can go prepare the dung.”

Starry Yao opened his eyes again to look at omi, still pre-Earth Immortal.

“Zhou Mi, are you really?”

“Alright, it’s just pre-Earth Immortal, what’s the big deal, don’t look so incredulous.”

“Heavens, ten years ago, you were only pre-Mortal Immortal, it’s only ten years and you’re pre-Earth Immortal, too.”

“I can’t help it, I got lucky and got a strange encounter, plus I’m a genius, so this is the result.”

At that moment, another elder arrived, it was Elder Star Vladimir.

As soon as Elder Star Vladimir entered the gate, he shouted, “Zhou Mi, you little son of a bitch, you ran away without even a greeting, and it’s a pity that I instructed my granddaughter to give you my lifelong collection of immortal grass as a gift.”

omi said, “Elder Star Vladimir, after ten years of not seeing you, you still want to marry your granddaughter to me.”


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