King of kings 2126

Chapter 2126

Maku Qianji gave omi a speechless glance, as if to say, “Just know how to pretend to compare.”However, everyone laughed and felt very happy.

Xiao Bai took omi’s arm and said, “Brotheromi, I adore you so much, you’re my super idol.”

“yo're my sper idol,” said Makuhari Haha laughing.

omi was startled, “What bird language.”

“Haha, stupid pig.”

“Brother Chen, I knew that wherever you go, you’ll be the brightest star of all.”

“All right, people, don’t compliment me, I’m already going to fly.”

“It’s going to be going to be.”Little White had several petulant tones in a row.

“Hahaha.”omi also had a blast, the happiest thing in the world was to be worshipped by loved ones.

omi felt happy with them, they were the harbor in omi’s heart, and any success omi had would be meaningless if he didn’t have his closest relatives to share it with him.

omi said, “There’s one more thing I want to tell you.” First URL

“You said.”

“I have obtained a fairy house, from now on, we will never have to be separated again, and you can all live in my fairy house.”

“A fairy house?”Everyone looked at omi in confusion.

omi immediately took out a palm-sized house from his body.

“This is a fairy house?Such a small fairy house?”

omi said, “I can get bigger and smaller, I can carry it with me, let’s go, enter the Immortal Palace and take a look.”

In the next moment, everyone disappeared and appeared inside omi’s immortal house.

Of course, that palm-sized house also disappeared and was hidden in the air, only someone whose strength exceeded omi’s could give a chance to discover where the hidden house was.

Fortunately, there were no outsiders at this time, or else the Immortal Mansion would be taken away and refined directly, and omi and the others who were still inside the Immortal Mansion would also be refined to death.

In the Immortal House.

omi said, “From now on, you guys will live here, wherever I go, you guys will have whatever I have.”

“It’s too nice, this place is like a private estate, no one will disturb it.”

“Then you guys stay here while I go out first, after all, safety comes first.”


omi hurriedly left the Immortal Mansion and returned to the previous private residence, then put away the hidden Immortal Mansion and put it on his body.

omi immediately returned to the Star Clan.

Before omi arrived at the Star Clan, he heard a voice ringing in his ears, “Why have you come back again, are you really not afraid of death?”

“Who?”omi looked around and didn’t see anyone, omi was confused how he was noticed now that he had a different face.

“Hey, you’ve become an Earth Immortal, how is that possible.”The next moment, a suspicious voice sounded in omi’s mind.

“Senior, are you an enemy or a friend?”Donomi asked.

“What if I say it’s a friend.”

A few seconds later, a strong Upper Immortal appeared in front of omi, this Upper Immortal omi had never seen before, he didn’t look old in appearance, but he shouldn’t be young.

“Senior, who are you?It’s not as if I’ve offended you.”

“Oh, you don’t recognize me, but I recognize you, Zhou Mi, when you dueled with Gao Jian ten years ago, I was the one who secretly helped you, otherwise you’d be dead.”

“What? You were the one who helped me?”


; “Team, I thought you were far away from here, but I didn’t think you’d come back.”

“Of course I’m coming back, I didn’t leave for ten years because I was afraid that the Gao family would kill me.”

That Upper Immortal looked at omi and said, “You became an Earth Immortal, that’s the strange encounter issued in these ten years, right.”

“Right.”omi nodded his head.

“What do you carry with you?”That strong Upper Immortal suddenly asked.

omi was startled, could it be that the Immortal Palace had been discovered by him?

“Immortal Mansion.”omi said straightforwardly, and since he had been discovered, omi could only accept his fate.

“Only five people in the entire Upper Fell Hell Continent have private immortal mansions, and you, an Earth Immortal, got one too, huh?”That strong Upper Fairy smiled, but the smile was forced, and it always felt like there was a sadness hidden beneath his smile.

“Senior has saved my life, if senior wants it, senior is willing to give it to you.”omi opened the door and said, it wasn’t that omi was generous, but if the other party was going to rob it, omi couldn’t keep it at all, so he might as well give it away generously.

“Zhou Mi, do you mean what you say?”

“Of course, ten years ago, if it wasn’t for Senior’s secret rescue, I would have been killed by the Gao Family’s Upper Immortal, a mere Immortal Mansion is nothing.”omi said.

“You’re so generous, it’s not in vain that I saved your life ten years ago.”The strong man said without laughing.

omi took out the Immortal Mansion in distress and said, “After I release the people inside, I can give it to you.”

That upper immortal said, “No need, I appreciate your kindness, I like that you can be so generous, I wonder if you would like to make me a friend.”

“A friend?Am I qualified to be your friend?I see that Senior is at least a mid Upper Immortal.”

“Wrong, I’m late Upper Immortal.”

“Ah, late Upper Immortal?”omi was shocked, the first time he had seen a strong person from the late stage of Upper Fellows, looking at this person’s appearance, he should be very talented, so he still looked like a middle-aged man.

“Senior is a late stage Upper Immortal, in the Upper Fellows Yan Continent, he belongs to the upper class of people, how is Senior willing to make me a friend?”omi couldn’t understand the look.

The man’s face was colorless as he said, “You’re so young to become an Earth Immortal, your future may not be weaker than mine, perhaps I’m not worthy of being your friend.”

“What did senior say, I’m very willing to be your friend, even be a brother with you, but I’m afraid that senior will dislike you.”

“I have no friends in my life, let alone brothers, if you don’t dislike it, you will be my brother from now on.”

“Brother above, please accept my brother’s worship.”

“Brother Zhou Mi, you and I are brothers, no need to be polite, from now on, you will be my brother in Qing Shi, if you have any trouble in the future, you can come to me.”

“Where to look for you?”

“South City intersection, Greenstone Immortal Mansion.”

“Ah, you have a fairy house too?”omi was startled, and it was laid out openly, unlike omi’s hiding.

“Oh, I’ll go first.”

“Take care, big brother.”

After saying that, the late Upper Immortal man disappeared.

omi wiped the back of his head and said, “Am I dreaming?That’s how you met a late Upper Immortal brother?”

omi didn’t even believe it a bit, usually the Upper Immortal was dragging like anything in the early stages and didn’t even bother to look at him in the later stages.However, this person called Qing Shi had a bit of a strange personality and seemed to be a really withdrawn kind of person, so his behavior couldn’t be understood in the same way that normal people acted.Perhaps, in his eyes, he didn’t feel powerful at all.

“Hehe, in the future, when I have a late Upper Immortal brother, I’ll see who heck dares to mess with me.”omi smiled heedlessly.


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