King of kings 2127


omi returned to the Star Clan.The mood was quite good, whether that Upper Immortal called Qingshan was real or deceiving omi, it was something to be happy about.

“Zichen, have you found your relatives yet?Seeing what a happy face you have, I suppose you’ve found it.”

“Of course, I found it, and I’ve got an extra brother.”

“Er, what brother.”

“A brother from the late Upper Immortal stage.”omi said.

“Hahaha,omi, what’s wrong with you?Are you okay in the head?”Xing Luo said with a smirk.

And Tian Xiang looked worried, wondering if omi had gone out on a trip and had some kind of mental problem.How could it be possible to say that there was a brother of a late Upper Immortal, the ancestor of the Star Clan was only a mid Upper Immortal.

“Forget it if you don’t believe me, I’ll take you guys to get to know my brother some other day.”omi said.

Tian Xiang touched omi’s forehead and said to Xing Luo, “It’s not burning.”

omi rolled his eyes in depression.

“Alright, it’s time to meet my relatives.” Remember the URL

“Where is it?”

“Nonsense, of course it’s in my immortal palace.”After saying that, omi brought Tianxiang and Xing Luo into the immortal mansion as well.

At this moment, in the Think Immortal Mansion, Mu Qianji was playing happily on the grass with everyone, because the environment here was too good, plus they would never have to be separated from omi again, everyone was in a very good mood.


Seeing omi come in with two women, everyone stopped frolicking and looked over with busy eyes.

omi introduced, “Thousands of people, Yu Xi, can’t all come over.”

Everyone came up.

omi said, “Let me introduce our new family, this is Xing Luo, the number one beauty of the Xing Clan.”

Xing Luo smiled modestly and said, “I’m flattered.”

“This is Tianxiang, the outstanding genius Immortal Pill Master of the Upper Fey Yan Continent, of course, they all have a common identity, that is, they are all my little wives.”omi said shamelessly.

Star Luo snorted, “Who is your little wife.”

“Alright, stop it, I’ll introduce them again.This is Mu Qianji, currently my first wife, you have to call her big sister.”

“What.”Xing Luo and Tian Xiang were shocked, in their eyes, Mu Qianji and the others were incomparably weak, they actually had to call her big sister.

“This is my family’s rule, it’s not to see who is stronger than you guys to rank the shares.They followed me before you, so naturally their names are ahead of you, this one is Lu Yuxi, you can call her second sister or by name, this one is Xia Xiaoxin, this one is Xiaobai, this one is Mo Yuyan, this one is Wei Cherry, they are all your elder sister in name.In the future, you can’t mess up the rules at home, you don’t have to call them sisters, but you must remember their status in your hearts.Understand?”

Tian Xiang nodded and said, “I understand, Husband, I will get along well with a few sisters.”

Star Luo looked at Tian Xiang with a sweaty face and said, “Tian Xiang, you’re really good at saying it too, how old are they and how old are we.”

It was hard for Star Luo to open her mouth to call Mu Qianji and the others sisters, because their Immortal Age, was significantly younger.

omi said, “Xing Luo, I can tell you without hesitation that you’re wrong, their Immortal Realm ages are indeed younger than yours, but don’t forget that we came up from the lower realms, and if you’re giving us granddaughters are on the younger side in terms of experience.For example, when I was in the mortal realm, I had grandsons, Xuan grandsons, and Tai Xuan grandsons, while you.

Although you have lived for thousands of years in the Immortal Realm, your mental age is, at best, that of a girl who has yet to be married.”

Star Luo sweated for a moment and nodded helplessly, “Alright, I’ll take it.”

“That’s right, don’t call to give your sisters an audience yet.”

Xing Luo moved her lips several times, wanting to say and unable to say it.

Mu Qianji said, “Zichen, don’t be like this, we are of low status, if this spreads out, what else will they do.”

“Qianzhi, why belittle yourself, we are now a family matter.”

Star Luo summoned up the courage to say, “Sisters, Star Luo is courteous in this chamber.”

“No no no, you have to be polite, it’s us who are courteous.”Mu Qianji was busy being ashamed, however, Mu Qianji was very grateful inside, worthy of her acquaintance with omi when she was young, this showed that her relationship with omi was by no means surpassed by any later, even if omi married more wives in the future, her position in omi’s family was still the first few.

Those who could be comparable to Mu Qianji’s status in the family were omi’s wives who had left in the mortal realm at the end of their lives.

“Hahaha, good.”omi laughed as he saw that Xing Luo had also called out to his sister.

omi only wanted to do this to tell everyone that no matter how high your status, how strong you were, or how deep your talent was, your name was not necessarily the highest in this family.

omi also pointed at Yan Xinyi and said, “This is my mortal world’s teacher’s wife, Yan Xinyi, she’s no longer an equal, she’s my elder, and naturally, she’s also your elder.”

Tianxiang nodded and worshipped, “Tianxiang pays her respects to her teacher’s wife.”

“This.”Yan Xinyi looked a bit unnatural, although omi had given her a high status, her own weakness was always unnatural.

Star Luo didn’t hesitate and worshipped, “Star Luo pays her respects to her teacher’s wife.”

“Good, thank you for taking care of Windy.”The teacher’s wife said in a constrained manner.


“It’s my name in the mortal realm, and I’ve had many names in my life, which shows how legendary my own experience has been,”omi said.

Mu Qianji and the others rolled their eyes, what a narcissist.

Although omi said narcissistic, it was actually true, omi’s life was indeed legendary, there was so much that could be said and recalled along the way.

“And this one, Little Fire, my eternal brother, from the mortal realm until now.”

“Haha, meet the two sisters-in-law.”Little Fire smiled.

“Hello.”Star Luo and Tianxiang were busy greeting each other.

omi said, “If you have a suitable match for him in the future, you can introduce him.”

“Of course.”

Little Fire was speechless.

“This is Zi Hitomi, my nephew.”omi said.

Zi Hitomi was busy smiling, “Nephew pays his respects to Aunt Xing Luo, Aunt Tian Xiang.”

“Er.”Xing Luo and Tian Xiang were both a bit dumbfounded, after all, their mental age was that of an unmarried girl, while omi and the others had gone through many lives.

“Tonight, I’ll treat everyone to fairy grass mixed rice.”

“Ew, that’s extravagant.”

“That’s for sure.”

That night, omi processed the immortal grass and made a meal of immortal grass mixed with rice, which everyone ate happily.

The next day, omi began to refine the Immortal Pill, first training all of the last Immortal Grass into an Immortal Pill, and then giving it to everyone.


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