King of kings 2128


After seven days of refining, omi finally trained all the immortal grasses into immortal pills.

As agreed before, omi gave one-fourth of Star Luo and one-fourth of Heavenly Fragrance.

The remaining half was reserved for Mu Qianji and the others, as they were at a lower realm and had less demand.Otherwise, Tianxiang and Xing Luo wouldn’t be effective if the amount was too low.

Tian Xiang and Xing Luo, after taking the Immortal Pill, went to retreat.

omi gathered Mu Qianji and the others together.

“Today, I’m going to start teaching you guys a very clever method, I won’t tell you what it’s called, but you must promise never to reveal it, or you’ll kill everyone.”

“So serious.”

“Always remember, and try not to leave the Immortal Palace if nothing happens in the future.”

“Minister, are you sure we can learn that method you’re talking about?That Becoming Immortal spell we practiced before, we all wanted to give up.”

omi smiled and said, “Don’t worry about that, this spitting method I’ve passed on to you, it’s not difficult, rather it’s easy to learn, but the effect varies according to the individual, alright, let’s begin.”

After that, omi handed over the Immortal Machine Spitting Method to everyone before having them take the Immortal Pill. One Second Remember to Read the Book

omi assigned them at least ten immortal pills, each of them took at least ten immortal pills, and with the accumulation of the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, they would definitely not waste them, they could definitely become a middle or even late stage Human Immortal.

This was the power of the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, it could accumulate the Immortal Fate without wasting it, and with so many Immortal Pills accumulated, it was definitely expected to strike upwards.

If they didn’t have the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, they wouldn’t be able to absorb even one percent of this much in a short amount of time.

Any power that mastered this spitting method could definitely become a great power in the Immortal World.

Perhaps this was the reason why the Demon King was locked up and not killed.

The person who locked up the Devil King must be a very powerful force in the heavens, and that force understood the power of this Tathagata Method, which was why it forced the Nine Daoist Devils to hand over the recipe of the Immortal Machine Tathagata Method.

Unfortunately, the Demon King wasn’t willing to hand it over, it seemed that the Demon King had ambition in his heart, and whoever mastered this spitting method could achieve great things.

Half a month later.

In Star Luo’s boudoir.

“Wow, I’ve finally, stepped into the middle stage of Mortal Immortality.”Star Luo was overjoyed.

After half a month, Star Luo recognized and absorbed the vomiting and induction, she successfully stepped into the middle stage of Mortal Immortality.

A few days later, in another place, Tianxiang also managed to go from the late stage of Human Immortal to the early stage of Mortal Immortal.Of course, Tianxiang also learned the Immortal Machine Tawning Method.

“Wow, this spitting method is so powerful, I ate so many immortal pills, all of them transformed into the Immortal Fate in my body, the Immortal Fate accumulated to a certain level, and I immediately advanced, tsk tsk.In the past, just relying on my body to digest it, not to mention whether I could sense it or not, even if I did, I might not be able to absorb even one percent of it.Tsk tsk, with this Immortal Machine Spitting Method, it’s really going against the heavens, even someone with my immortal destiny so shallow is going to become a genius.”

At this moment, in one of the quiet flower and herb rooms of omi’s Immortal Palace, Mu Qianji leisurely opened her eyes.

omi’s voice sounded from her ear, “The retreat is over, congratulations.”

“Congratulate me what?


“Khan, feel your own immortal rank, it seems that you are a very immortal person, even if you don’t have the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, you can still slowly climb up by virtue of your own immortal destiny.”omi said to Mu Qianji.

In the next second, Mu Qianji’s face changed and he said incredulously, “This, would this be too exaggerated?Why do I feel like I’m hanging up again.”Mu Qianji said in shock, half a month ago she was just a pre-Human Immortal.

“It can be considered hanging, but it’s by no means an exaggeration, after all, the Immortal Machine Spitting Method is that powerful, plus you yourself have a relatively strong Immortal Fate, so it’s not surprising that you have the Immortal Realm at the moment.”

“Tsk, I’m actually at the late stage of Human Immortal, it’s scary to think about.How difficult it is to raise the Immortal rank, I’ve experienced it firsthand.”

“As long as there are enough immortal grasses, why worry about promotion, at first, the Nine Daoist Demons became Daoist Immortals in just millions of years, you can imagine the power of this Immortal Machine Spitting Method.”

“Dao Immortal in millions of years?”

“Yes. In other people, it takes hundreds of millions of years to become an Earth Immortal, and millions of years to become a Mortal Immortal is an extremely high Immortal destiny.”

“Then you?”

“Me?Hahahaha, I’ve only been an Earth Immortal for less than twenty years.”omi laughed, indeed, so awesome.

If this was spread out, the whole world would come looking for omi, and a sky full of Gods and Buddhas would come down to force omi to hand it over.

So, although omi was fast, he was also walking on the tip of a knife, and no one knew when a great disaster was coming, not to mention that it was still passed down to him from the Nine Daoist Demon King, and now that the Nine Daoist Demon King was out of touch, God knew if something had happened to him.

After Star Luo stepped into the middle stage of Mortal Immortality, she happily came to find omi to share her joy.

However, Star Luo saw that Mu Qianji had become a late stage Mortal Immortal, and her entire body was silly there.

“omi, you, you’ve actually passed the Devil King’s Immortal Qi Spitting Method to her, you’re crazy, you really don’t want to die.”Star Luo’s face was white, everyone was bitterly keeping this secret, it couldn’t be known, the Devil King wouldn’t say anything even if he was locked up, and omi had even passed it on indiscriminately.

omi smiled, “I’m sorry, I really couldn’t hold back, in fact, I didn’t just pass it on to Thousand Extremes, everyone else passed it on, even Tian Xiang.”


Just at this moment, Tian Xiang happily came running.

“Husband, I’ve become a mortal immortal, that whatever method you have, it’s so powerful, did you create it yourself?Wow, I adore you.”Tenka said as she ran.

Star Luo couldn’t describe what he felt as he looked at omi, it wasn’t that Star Luo minded, but it was too dangerous, the more people knew about the risk of exposure, the more people would be exposed, and then everyone would be done playing.This was definitely something that would cause a war in the entire immortal world, and the death of a white billion people would not be able to quell the big event.

Tianxiang walked up to omi and said, “With what you’ve passed on to me, I’ll be a genius from now on, I don’t want to make pills either, I’d better develop this area in the future, Xing Luo, what do you think?By the way, did Tzu-Chen pass it on to you?”

omi said, “Tianxiang, you can’t say such things in the future, Xing Luo, please spread the seriousness of the matter with them.”

omi turned around and left to go check on Little Fire and the others.

Star Luo was helpless, things could only go on like this, so he told Mu Qianji and Tianxiang the history of the Nine Dao Demon King and the Immortal Spitting Method, letting them know the seriousness of the matter.


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