King of kings 2129


“Oh my god,omi he’s too bold, if the Nine Daoist Devils knew about this, God knows how angry he would be.”Mu Qianji was shocked when he learned the truth.

Star Luo said, “Therefore, this matter must never be spread out, or else we all will die.omi he is really too anxious, he could have waited until he became a great powerhouse in the future before passing it on to everyone.”

omi arrived at the place where Little Fire had closed down and found that Little Fire had also stepped into the middle Human Immortal stage.

Little Fire sobered up.

“Brother Chen, thank you so much, I’ve actually become a mid Human Immortal.”

“Oh, you are all my family, of course I want you all to be strong.”

“Brother Chen, when you first became a Human Immortal, you had to struggle for everything, you even had to sacrifice your lustre for a few immortal grasses, but we, for nothing, got so much help from you with immortal pills, and it was a fourth-grade immortal pills.”.

omi smiled, indeed, omi had to get everything on his own, which was like Little Fire and the others, someone had prepared for them, they were like the second generation of Immortals, even far better than the second generation of Immortals, directly enjoying the fruits that omi brought them.

However, omi was willing, because they were family, and also, omi was considered to be cultivating power for himself, the more powerful they were, the more powerful omi’s power would be.

omi said, “You and I don’t have to be polite, about the merit method I passed on to you, let’s focus on talking about it in a few days when we all wait until we’re out of the gate.”

“Good.” First URL

“Then you continue.”

omi came outside onto the grass and looked up at the sky, wondering what he was thinking.

Star Luo came over and said, “Thinking about what the Devil King would do if he knew?”


“Then what do you mean you’re looking up at the sky.”

“I’m just thinking about when I’m going to be able to unify the sky.”

“I’m so speechless at you, you’d better think about how we can make sure that we’re foolproof in the future and won’t pass on the Immortal Machine Spitting Method.”

omi said, “I’m not too worried about that.”

“Why?I find you really are a bold man, I can’t keep up with your thoughts.”

“Star Luo, you don’t fully understand me, what you know about me is something about the Immortal World, in fact, I have a magic treasure that you don’t know about, it was acquired when I was in the Spirit World.”

“What magic treasure?”

Don Zimmer rolled over and took out his former mirror.

“What’s this?”

“This is a past life mirror, you can also come over and take a look in it to see if you have a past life, and if so who it was.”

Starro half-heartedly came over to take a look, it was still her in the mirror.

“It looks like you don’t have a past life, if you have a past life, the mirror will look like a past life, look at me.”After saying that, omi took a look and a different face appeared in the mirror.

“This is my past life’s face.”

“Ah, so amazing.”

“This past life mirror has many other wonderful uses, one of which is, when you input mana, it emits light, and when the light shines on someone else, it can return them to their past appearance.For example, if I shine it on you, it can turn you into a drop of liquid in one go.”

“What do you mean?Liquid?”the stars are inexplicable (idiom); inexplicable

Its subtle, she was still a yellow flower girl, of course she didn’t understand.

“Oh, you’ll understand later, the stronger the other party is, the smaller the degree of returning to the past.For example, right now, if I use it with a mid-earth immortal, I can return him to tens of millions of years ago, even hundreds of millions of years ago.”

“What about his strength?”

“Strength has certainly returned.”

“So strong?”

“Yes, this former mirror has another function, which I only recently discovered, and that is, used in conjunction with the Space Tablet, it can change the age of the body.”

“Ah, what do you mean?”

“Yes. For example, if your current immortal age is three thousand years old, then I can change your physical age to three hundred million years old.Of course, your physical body doesn’t actually change, but when others sweep your soul, the feedback is 300 million years old.Star Luo, regarding the Immortal Machine Tome Method, the main way to be discovered is that age, people see you so young and so high in the realm and then become suspicious, if they see that you’re 300 million years old and only a mortal immortal, just imagine, who would suspect you.Would only think you’re a waste.”


“When the Demon King passed it on to me, he told me to make sure to maintain my reputation as a genius so that the chances of being suspected are even smaller, after all, it’s normal for geniuses to cultivate fast.But now, I don’t have to bother so much, and when appropriate in the future, I’ll revise my age, such as me, to twenty million years.”

“Ah.”Star Luo swept omi’s soul, and sure enough, it felt like omi was a lot older.

“See, I’m twenty thousand years old now, twenty thousand years old, reaching Earth Immortal, although still very genius, but at least it’s not outstanding.”

“But, everyone knows you’re a perimeter turn?Zhou Mi isn’t even that big, and even if you were alive in your past life, you’d still be less than ten thousand years old.”

omi laughed, “A past life, this thing, just proof?”


“If I say I’m not the reincarnation of a week-old, do you have proof that I am?”


“So, Starro, there’s no need to be so tense.”

“I’m sorry, I’m the one who’s nervous.”

“It’s okay, just come over here and give me a kiss and I’ll be fine.”

Starro blushed with a glare.

omi walked over, hugged Star Luo, and kissed her in one bite.

Although omi couldn’t get her body, omi could kiss her.

A few minutes later, omi laughed, “Star Luo, you haven’t learned anything else, but you’re pretty good at kissing.”

“Go to hell.”omi had kissed Xing Luo countless times before, but she was shy and ran away.

omi inwardly said, “Whenever, take Star Luo to my brother’s place, let him help, touch the ban on Star Luo’s body, with my brother’s strength, I guess one finger can do it, hehehe.”omi rubbed his hands in excitement.

A few days later, everyone was out of the gate.

Just as omi had expected, everyone had stepped into the middle Human Immortal stage.

“Hehe, that’s great.”omi’s heart also surged with an ambition to fight for world domination, and he had this Immortal Machine Spitting Method, so he might not be unable to dominate in the future.

For now, let’s start from Upper Ficus Yan Continent.

Of course, omi hadn’t forgotten to modify everyone’s age, so that the probability of being suspected would decrease.


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