King of kings 2130


One day, omi called Xing Luo over.

“What is it?”

“Star Luo, there are two things, the first thing is, prepare yourself, I’ll take you to pay a visit to that late Upper Immortal brother of mine; the second thing is, help me send a challenge letter.”

“Erm, who are you challenging again?”

“This challenge is not an ordinary person, but the only rank four Immortal Pill Master that everyone knows of in the Upper Fey Yan Continent at the moment, and I want to fight her on the rank four Immortal Pill.Now that no one outside knows that I’m already a rank four Immortal Pill Master, even if I go out and say it myself, no one will believe it, so I must use that rank four Immortal Pill Master to show everyone how powerful I am.”

“Okay, but are you confident?After all, that Master Luo Ke isn’t a vegetarian, she was previously the same rank four Immortal Pill Master as the Green King, but her fame, however, is even greater than the Green King.”

“Uh, yeah?That Law what’s-his-name is more famous than the Green King?”

“Yes, there are clearly more Upper Immortals looking for his alchemy than the Green King.”

“Oh, that’s better, I better challenge her.”

“You’re confident?”

“No, but that doesn’t stop me from challenging her, I’m just trying to step on her to get to the top, even if I lose my level to her, I’ve at least proved to everyone that I’m also a Level 4 Xian Dan Master, and that’s accomplished my goal.Besides, I may not lose my level to her, forgetting that I once scored a perfect score on the theory exam and reached a practical level of 7.8 meters?And the quality of the immortal pills, I guess she’s just as well hasn’t even trained out the fourth level one quality, so the comparison is between theory and effectiveness practice.” Remember the website

“Well, so I believe you, then I’m going to go to the next war, I’ll go to all the major restaurants and inns to build momentum for you.”

“There’s no rush on that, we’d better go to the Greenstone Immortal Palace first.”

“You won’t be serious?”

“Nonsense, although I don’t know if he’s joking with me or not, but I think that there’s no need for someone who’s a strong late stage Upper Immortal to joke with me, he must be serious, he’s genuinely seeing my potential before calling me his brother.”

Star Luo blushed and asked, “You have another purpose for taking me, right?”

“Of course, I’ll have Brother Qing Shi help me lift your restraint, and then, you know, hehehehe.”omi licked his lips.

“Nasty.”Xing Luo shyly stared.

“Every day, I can only look at, not touch, I’m already very nasty.”omi said, omi closed his eyes all over Star Luo’s wonderful body.

“Let’s go then.”Xing Luo said.

omi said with a gulp, “You’re even so aggressive, honestly, isn’t it that you want me a lot too.”

“Hmph, who wants you.”Xing Luo’s eyes were ambiguous with a glare.omi laughed, seeing this ambiguous look in Star Luo’s eyes, his heart became even more stupid.

omi and Star Luo arrived at the Greenstone Immortal Mansion.

From the outside, the Greenstone Immortal Mansion was a very ordinary residence, and only after breaking in would they know how different it was from an ordinary residence.

omi said, “In the entire Upper Fey Yan Continent, only five people have an Immortal Mansion, my brother is one of them, of course, now I also have one, six people have an Immortal Mansion.”

Star Luo said, “I used to hear from my family ancestor that the Upper Cybele Yama Continent couldn’t have an Immortal Mansion at all, only those few Heavenly Immortals who have surpassed the Upper Cybele Yama have Immortal Mansions.This Qing Shi, only at the late Upper Immortal level has an Immortal Mansion, it’s really strange.”

“What’s strange about it, maybe people passed it down to him from his family.”

“Well, it’s possible.”

omi walked to the front door of the Immortal Mansion and knocked on the door.


bsp; It wasn’t long before a man opened the door, looking to be dressed as a butler.

“Hello, who are you looking for?”

“May I ask, is Senior Qing Shi here?Can you help me inform, and tell me that omi is here to see you.”

“Who is omi, I don’t know him.”

“Just because you don’t know him, doesn’t mean he doesn’t know you, to tell you the truth, I’m Qing Shi’s brother.”

“I pooh, what kind of thing, how dare you spread your guts here, fortunately my master is not here, otherwise you would have to answer for it today.”

“What do you mean?Not here?”

“Bang.”The door of the Immortal Palace was closed.

“Damn it, what kind of person is this, Xing Luo, do you believe that when my brother comes back, I’ll tell my brother to fire him, hey hey hey, what’s that look in your eyes, don’t you?”

Xing Luo Dao: “Zichen, it’s not that I don’t believe in it, I’m really a bit unbelieving, alright, people aren’t here, let’s go, come back another day, we’ll go do other things first.”

“Damn, what a bummer, I thought I’d be able to consummate my marriage with my Xing Luo wife later, I didn’t even wear panties as a result.”omi scolded.

Xing Luo busy blushing a stare: “In broad daylight you do not say so thick will die.”

“It will kill me, I’ll burst now.”

“I’m not going to bother with you, you’ll explode.”Starro panicked and ran away.

“Hey, Zhou Mi, don’t run.”Just then, a person shouted in the distance, omi turned his head and saw that it was Mei Tianqing, who came out today without a disguise and was actually met by Mei Tianqing.

“Yoho, it’s Mei Tianqing.”

“Zhou Mi, you’ve been on the run for ten years, but you’re back, it’s great.”

“Mei Tianqing, if you’re seeking death, I can make it happen.”

“Zhou Mi, do you forget that only ten years have passed and the Gao family has forgotten their hatred with you?You’re wrong, this revenge is something the Gao family won’t forget.”

“Wrong, it’s me who won’t forget.”

“Now it’s that they won’t let you go, and you dare to hang on like that.”Mei Tianqing said incredulously.

omi said, “Grandson of the Mei Seed, are you blind?Look at my realm, do you think you’re still worthy to talk to me?”

Mei Tianqing was startled, only then did he realize that omi was so strong, at least an early Earth Immortal.

“What, you, you’re an Earth Immortal?”

“Yeah, I’ll give you three seconds right now to think about what to do to not get killed when you meet your Earth Immortal predecessor.”


omi stepped towards Mei Tianqing, his momentum oppressing Mei Tianqing to the point where he couldn’t move.

In omi’s eyes, Mei Tianqing was weak.

Mei Tianqing was really stunned, seeing omi walking towards him, he immediately wanted to run, but, he found it impossible to move.

“Zhou Mi, what do you want?My grandfather is an upper immortal, I advise you not to mess around.”

omi said, “Do you think your grandfather is a great deterrent?I won’t even let the Gao family go. You think I’d give a damn about your grandfather Mei Zang’s pre-immortal life?Your grandfather, I bet, never had the balls.”

“Zhou Mi, you.”

“Mei Tianqing, don’t say I didn’t give you a chance, I’ve asked you to think, but you still haven’t thought it through, so I’ll send you to the West.”

omi was about to do it when Xing Luo ran back, shouting, “omi, forget it.”


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