King of kings 2131

Chapter 2131

“Xing Luo, but this man tried to steal a woman from me before and tried to get his grandfather to kill me.”

“omi, he’s already a small man, let him kowtow a few times to you, let’s just go, if you kill him, his grandfather might be really open-minded.”

omi didn’t want to let go, but Star Luo said to Mei Tianqing, “Don’t kowtow yet.”

Mei Tianqing panicked and kowtowed a few times.

omi snorted, “Mei Tianqing, let you go this time first.”

Star Laura walked away with omi.

“Why don’t you let me kill him?”

“What’s the point of killing him, but it’s just a quick fix, his grandfather is an upper immortal after all, it’s better to kill him now instead of one more trouble, it’s better to wait until you’re strong in the future and kill even his grandfather piece by piece.”

“Hahaha, Star Luo, you’re ruthless, good, that’s a good idea, I’ll kill his grandfather even one piece in the future.”omi laughed out loud.

Maybe omi did do things sensually after all.

Mei Tianqing looked at the departing omi, his heart was not feeling very good, omi was even an Earth Immortal now, Mei Tianqing felt very sad in his heart. A second to remember to read the book

“I’m going to report to the Gao family, let the Gao family come out and kill omi, heck, we need to quickly strangle him in his cradle, this son of a bitch, if he grows any further, that’s still not good enough.”

Thus, Mei Tianqing immediately went to the Gao family.

At this moment, in one of the courtyards of the Gao family, a room, a painful roar suddenly came out, “Ahhhh, why, why is it less than three seconds again.”

The person roaring, was none other than Gao Jian.

A few minutes later, a maid ran out with her shoes on before her clothes were even on.

Not far away, a mid-Earth Immortal man and a pre-Earth Immortal woman were standing there with sad faces, their eyes looking at Gao’s room.

The man sighed, “Jian’er has really been victimized.”

“That day’s killing was thorough, if he hadn’t cut our Jian’er, Jian’er wouldn’t be like this.”

“It was less than three seconds again, hey, I can really feel Jian’er’s pain inside.”

Just at this moment, a servant came along.

“Elder Gao Tuo, there’s a letter.”

“Who sent it?”

“It was sent by Mei Tianqing, asking me to make sure to give it to our family’s Upper Immortal, but our family’s Upper Immortal is easily missing and can’t be found, so I came to give it to you to take care of it for you.”

Gao Tuo was Gao Jian’s father.

Gao Tuo opened the envelope and saw that the letter read, “Zhou Mi has returned.”

Just five short words.

“Ah, Zhou Mi he’s back.”Gao Tuo’s body trembled.

Gao Jian’s mother was pleasantly surprised, “Great, this son of a bitch has even run back, go, I’ll kill him, now the whole city just happens to have forgotten his deposit, now it’s just right to kill him.”


So, without saying a word, Gao Tuo and his wife immediately left the residence, they didn’t want to go over to inform the family Immortal, after all, they had never thought to death that omi was already an Immortal.

At this time, at Gao Jian’s residence, the maids who had just run out in disheveled clothes returned to the place where the servants lived.

A servant girl asked, “Gao Sansi has come to see you again, huh?”


“Is it still a high three seconds this time?”

“Yeah, it’s depressing me, this high three seconds, it’s awful,

It’s fine to treat us like what we are, always telling us to go to his room and let him have that, but after getting us aroused, he can’t, this high three seconds, I curse him.”

“Hahaha.”A few maids scoffed.

High Three Seconds was the nickname they gave Gao Jian, after Gao Jian was cut by omi, it wasn’t long before he installed someone else’s, but because it was someone else’s, plus it was his original bad, so every time he asked his maids to try, but, each time, it was no more than three seconds, and over time, his maids had an opinion, secretly cursing him for high three seconds.

omi and Xing Luo, arrived at the tomb of the immortals outside the city.

After all, having been away for ten years, omi instantly came to pay his respects to his master, as well as the senior of that nameless tombstone.

omi burned a few incense sticks and said, “Master, disciple has returned to the Upper Fey Yan Continent, disciple went to your hometown, Great Qiong Mountain, disciple found and took your immortal’s tomb with him, I hope master won’t blame me.”

“That’s right, disciple is also a fourth level Immortal Master now, the level might be a little bit higher than you, I hope that Master will bless me and let my Immortal level continue to soar.”omi kneeled down and paid his respects.

Star Luo urged, “Alright, don’t be long-winded, let’s hurry back, you’re in a delicate situation now, your reputation as a rank four Immortal Pill Master hasn’t been beaten out yet, you can’t run around yet.After everyone knows that you are a rank four Immortal Pill Master, there will definitely be strong Upper Immortals who will come to beg you to concoct pills, suck up to you and worship you, at that time, you won’t be afraid of the Gao Family’s pursuit.Even if the Gao Family is the strongest, you still need to consider the interests of the Upper Immortal strongmen behind you.”

“What’s the hurry, I have to worship one more person besides my master, if not for that person, I would be holding up the late Mortal Immortal now, most likely only mid-Mortal Immortal.”

omi came to another tomb, this one had a tombstone that omi had re-erected without any name.

omi knelt down to pay his respects, “Senior, junior has come to visit you again, you were able to live here for such a long time, I’m sure you must be a strong Heavenly Immortal, there are only four Heavenly Immortals in the entire Upper Fey Yan Continent.What a pity.”omi said in his heart, it’s good that this guy didn’t die, but one can’t be too greedy, after all, this senior helped omi become an Earth Immortal before he died.

“Senior, please accept my three bows.”

After finishing, omi said, “Senior, if you have the knowledge to help take care of my master Green King in the spring, thank you, when I come to pay my respects to my master in the future, I will definitely come to pay my respects to you as well.”

“Alright, don’t be long-winded.”

“Gotta get.”omi was helplessly urged by Star Luo, so he had no choice but to get up and leave.

omi and Star Luo had just left the Immortal Graveyard, before entering the gates of the walls of Upper Fey Yan Continent.

“Brother Liao, over there.”Not far away, a woman shouted in a delicate voice.

“Stop.”Another man yelled.

In the next moment, a man and a woman surrounded omi and Xing Luo.

omi immediately recognized that it was Gao Jian’s parents.

“It’s you, who did I think had the audacity to intercept this Immortal.”omi snorted.

Gao Tuo said, “Zhou Mi, you still dare to come back, but it’s just in time.”

The woman said, “Brother Tuo, cut the nonsense, cut up his things and take them back to our sword.”

omi laughed and said, “By the way, is that Gao Sanshi okay now?”

Gao Jian’s father coldly said, “My son is well.”

“Erm, so your son, really high three seconds ah, I but that day I heard Gao Jian shout, install someone else’s things, but three seconds at a time, so that’s why I said high three seconds, and you don’t even want to reply that your son is fine, so Gao Jian really turned out to be high three seconds, hahaha.”omi let out a loud laugh.


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