King of kings 2132


Gao Jian’s father was startled, he had been set up by omi.

“I’ll kill you.”

omi sneered, “If you want to kill me, you may not be qualified.”

It was only then that Gao Jian’s father realized that omi was a pre-Earth Immortal.

“You, how can you be pre-Earth Immortal, this.”Gao Tuo was momentarily stupid, when he dueled with Gao Jian ten years ago, omi was only Pre-Earth Immortal ah, ten years to cross a chasm that others would have trouble reaching for tens of millions of years?

omi said, “How did I encounter a powerful opportunity to drop, haven’t you noticed that I’m twenty million years old now.”

Gao Tuo swept away, and sure enough, omi was somehow older.

Could it be that omi had experienced something different in time and space?

Gao Jian’s mother shouted, “Brother Tuo, don’t talk nonsense to him, kill it, whatever opportunity he has, kill it and be done with it.”

“Pah.”omi didn’t wait for the woman to finish, a slap slapped her away.

“Bitch, the noise is deafening my ears.” First URL

“How dare you hit my wife, Zhou Mi, die.”Gao Tuo killed towards omi.

omi made a darting retreat.

omi shouted, “If you really want to kill me, issue a challenge to me, or I’ll issue a challenge to you, we’ll meet in the ring, same rules, I’ll cut you, or, you cut me.”

“I don’t have time for your ribbing, Zhou Mi, if you’re a man, don’t run.”Gao Tuo found out that omi was so fast, he couldn’t even catch up a bit, afraid that omi might actually run away.

omi said, “I told you, I don’t want to fight you so boringly, either accept my challenge or you challenge me, rules, tang tang tang.Otherwise, I’m not interested in wasting my mana.”

This place shouldn’t stay for long, omi certainly didn’t want to tangle with him, in case an upper immortal came running, it would be a loss.

Star Luo was urging omi to leave quickly, since Gao Tuo had found him, I’m sure the other strong men of the Gao family would soon come.

At this moment, Gao Tuo shouted, “Zhou Mi, listen to me, I’m going to officially issue a challenge to you right now, the rules of the challenge are the same as my son and you were ten years ago.Do you dare to fight?”

Star Luo was busy, “omi, don’t be irritated by him, leave quickly.”

omi snorted, “People have challenged me, if I leave, won’t I make the world laugh at me, ten years ago his son dared to answer my challenge, will I not dare to answer his challenge ten years from now?Well, come on.”omi doesn’t run away.

The woman who had just been slapped away by omi was busy saying, “Brother Tuo, be careful.”

“Hmph, I don’t believe that he can go against the world a second time, if I don’t cut him up today and take revenge for my son, I won’t be a human being.”

omi said, “I hope so.”

Xing Luo was very nervous at the moment, she was very afraid that omi would lose and be cut by Gao Tuo, in all fairness, Xing Luo very much didn’t want this to happen, she hadn’t even given it to omi yet, in fact, Qing Shi wasn’t here today, failing to lift the ban on her body, Xing Luo was a bit disappointed inside.

“Heaven’s Blade Six Strikes.”Gao Tuo shouted and used his strongest power, this Heavenly Saber spell was exactly what Gao Jian used when he dueled with omi ten years ago, at that time, Gao Jian could only send out one Heavenly Saber Strike, but right now Gao Tuo, sent out six Heavenly Saber Strikes, so the power of this spell that Gao Tuo sent out right now was much more powerful than back then.

Of course, omi was no longer the same omi from back then, omi was also already a strong Earth Immortal.

This time, omi didn’t use the Great Life Spell that he used back then, and the Great Life Spell that he used back then was probably not enough to deal with the Six Strikes of the Heavenly Blade now.

How would omi deal with Gao Tuo’s attack at this moment.

I saw omi standing there motionless, having a feeling of being left to deal with the slaughter.

“omi, quickly launch your Great Life Law.”Star Luo shouted anxiously.

However, it was too late, Gao Tuo’s numerous Heavenly Blades had already reached omi’s heels.

At that moment, omi disappeared, along with the countless Heavenly Blades, it felt as if, all of Gao Liao’s attacks had been swallowed up.

“This.”Gao Tuo was momentarily dumbfounded, he had now completely lost the sense of the attack he had just made, as if he hadn’t sent it.

At this moment, omi’s figure appeared in a flash, and omi was unharmed.

Star Luo didn’t know what omi had just done, but she knew that omi wasn’t hurt at all.

omi snorted, “Now it’s my turn.”

“Dream on.”Gao Tuo sent out another Heavenly Blade spell, spreading the sky like a gale.

omi’s hand Yang, a tombstone appeared in front of him.

The tombstone instantly expanded, like a pitch-black hole opening in place, and all attacks instantly entered the endless space of the tombstone without a single ripple.

That’s right, omi was using a spatial stele, a spatial stele could allow one to cultivate inside without their body becoming old, and at the same time, it could also defuse other people’s attacks, I’m afraid that old senior didn’t know this at first.

omi now drew all of Gao Liao’s attacks into the spatial stele and disappeared without a trace.omi didn’t know how powerful the spatial stele could defuse attacks, but at least there was no problem dealing with this High Lump.

“Hahaha.”omi laughed.

Gao Tuo was angry and shocked as his two consecutive attacks with all his strength were reduced to nothing, he didn’t know what kind of magic treasure omi had obtained that could turn his attacks to nothing.

omi said, “Gao lump, be careful, later you will have to change your name to Gao Wu lump, or Gao Wu chicken.”

omi suddenly turned into a shadow and shot at Gao Luo, omi was now casting the Great Life Law, with the power of the pre-Earth Immortal, and with Gao Luo’s continuous empty consumption, omi thought that he could win this attack, unless Gao Luo had any stronger spells.

It was a pity that Gao Liao didn’t have any stronger spells left.

“Gao Liao, be careful.”Gao Luo’s wife shouted, but as soon as her words died down, poof, a cloud of flesh and blood flew out of Gao Luo’s body.

“Ah.”Gao Luo screamed and subconsciously went to cover somewhere, but unfortunately, he only covered two hands of blood.

“No.”Gao lump may have found it gone when he covered it, and hissed.

“Bang.”omi’s palm flew out, and what Gao lump cut off turned into a mist of blood in mid-air.

“Don’t.”Gao Luo’s wife watched as her incomparably familiar treasure turned into a mist, tearing her heart out with a yell while desperately rushing at it, but unfortunately, the blood mist only scattered her face, leaving her without even a tiny piece of flesh.

Star Luo said, “Gao Tuo, it’s you who challenged him, don’t say that Zhou Mi has cut the Gao family again.”

“Hahaha.”omi let out a loud laugh.

Gao Tuo and his son, both of them were cut and sliced by him.


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