King of kings 2134


“Nerves, who’s not convinced.”Star Luo laughed speechlessly.

omi said, “Let’s go out and spread the news that I’ve become a Level Four Level One Immortal Pill Master after I’ve trained to become a Level Four Level One Immortal Pill.”

“How much longer then?”

“I’m not sure about that either.”

“No, I think it’s better to spread the news first, in the worst case, challenging Master Luo Ke can be postponed until you’ve trained to become a Level 4 Level 1 Immortal Pill, then challenge her.It’s safer that way, in case you’re found by the Gao family, although it’s safe now, it’s not out of the question.”

“Alright then, I’ll leave this matter to you.”

“I’m going out, I’ll make sure to let the whole city know that you’re a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master.”

“Well, you be careful too.”

“Don’t worry, the outside world doesn’t know that I’m yours, the Gao family doesn’t dare to touch me, and will at most secretly keep an eye on me, I won’t come back to disturb you afterwards, unless I’m absolutely sure.”

omi nodded his head.

Star Luo left the Immortal Palace. One second to remember to read the book

After leaving the Immortal Palace, Star Luo quickly moved away from where omi was hiding the Immortal Palace, then returned to the Star Clan.

Before Star Luo arrived at the Star Clan, a few Earth Immortals from the Gao Clan stopped her.

“What for, trying to kill me?”Star Luo looked at the Gao Family Earth Immortal who had stopped her and said.

“I don’t dare, everyone knows that when Zhou Mi ran away ten years ago, he disappeared with you, and you were there for that incident at the city gate a few days ago, I’m sure you know where Zhou Mi is, tell me quickly, where is Zhou Mi now?”One of the late Earth Immortal old men said loudly.

Star Luo wasn’t afraid at all, they were just scaring him.

Star Luo said, “I don’t know, I’ve never seen Zhou Mi.”

“Miss Star Luo, Zhou Mi is someone that my Gao Clan must kill, in order to kill Zhou Mi, my Gao Clan Ancestor has personally moved, truth be told, my Gao Clan Ancestor, has personally gone to the Star Clan and turned your family up and down, no one in your family dared to stop it, even if your Star Clan Ancestor came back, he wouldn’t dare to get rough with my family Ancestor over this, so, my family’s heart to kill Zhou MiFirmly, as you can imagine, I advise you better not harbor Zhou Mi.”

Star Luo said, “Do you have to force me to say that I’ve seen Zhou Mi?I really haven’t seen Choomi and I don’t know where he is, but if I did, I’d be the first to let you know.”

“You.”The Gao family’s Earth Immortals saw Star Luo say that, what else could they say, unless they had proof that Star Luo did know, but there was no proof, although they all suspected that Star Luo definitely knew.

“Miss Star Luo, I hope you are not teasing us, if we know that you dare to harbor a circumstance, I”

“How?Kill me?Do you know that my family ancestor, has already pledged me to Upper Immortal Yan Qinggang, if you still dare to threaten me, then please go back and let your family ancestor wash his neck clean and wait to be slaughtered.”

“Ah.”Gao Jian’s Earth Immortal was startled, this news was really unknown, when did the Xing Clan Ancestor get mixed up with Yan Qinggang.

“Hmph.”Xing Luo walked away with a snort.

Star Luo was a bit anxious inside, although she moved out to scare people by bringing out Yan Qinggang and the family ancestor, she was afraid that Yan Qinggang would come back, once Yan Qinggang ran back, she would definitely be nagged by Yan Qinggang, and omi wasn’t able to snatch her away from Yan Qinggang yet.

“Damn it, why isn’t that Qing Shi senior there, if he was, my restraint would be lifted and I could and, and.”Star Luo blushed, not daring to think further, in fact, Star Luo

Inwardly, she was thinking that if she had already given her body to omi, then even if Yan Qinggang came back, she wouldn’t have that much regret, after all, she had given the most important to the person she liked.

When Xing Luo returned to her place, sure enough, the Xing Clan was being watched everywhere by the Gao Clan.

The elders of the Star Clan were furious at this, but what could they do, because this was ordered by the Gao Clan’s ancestor himself, and they could only be spied on in the absence of the Star Clan’s ancestor.

Seeing that Star Luo had returned, Star Yao was busy coming.

“Star Luo, do you know where Zhou Mi is?”Elder Starshine asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Really don’t know?”

“I really don’t know.”

“Well, that’s good.”Star Yao gave Star Luo an affirmative look, meaning for her to firm up her tone and for anyone who asked her to say they didn’t know.

“Elder, are we just going to let the Gao family, spy on our family like this?”

“It can’t be helped, since the Gao family thinks we are connected to Zhou Mi, we can only let them monitor it, and anyway, sooner or later, they will find out that we don’t have any connection with Zhou Mi.”Starlight seemed to have something in her words.

“Of course.”

“Alright, then I’ll go back first, you stay at home and don’t go anywhere these days.”


Starro knew that things were even worse than she thought, the Gao family was almost going a little crazy.

Star Luo had thought that it would be easy for her to go and spread the news that omi was a rank four Immortal Pill Master, but now it seemed that it would be hard for her to spread the news, Star Luo’s every move was being monitored by the immortal thoughts of the powerful Gao family.

“What should we do?How am I going to advocate for the Don?”Star Luo appeared to be in a hurry at home, but there was no way to do so, as soon as she opened the door, her eyes could see that there were a few people from the Gao family watching her in the distance.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed, Star Luo had no way to spread the word, and she couldn’t get her servants to do it either, because the servants who came in contact with her were naturally under surveillance as well.

Inside Xing Luo said, “I have to think of a way, if it’s omi, he must have a way, I have to think, if it’s him, what way will he think of?”

Xing Luo was thinking and thinking in her room, finally, with her omi’s thinking, she suddenly thought of something.

“Haha, I thought of it, it’s so simple, I’m so stupid, change the way, the problem will be solved immediately.”

So, Star Luo opened the door and immediately left the family.

As soon as Star Luo walked out of the family gate, two late Earth Immortal powerhouses caught up with her.

Star Luo shouted, “I know someone is following me, in fact, I hesitated for several days and I finally decided to tell you guys a message about Zhou Mi.”

In the next second, the two Earth Immortal powerhouses that were secretly following her appeared.

“Star Luo.”

Star Luo said, “Originally, I didn’t want to betray Zhou Mi, but you guys have been spying on my family like this, making me uncomfortable, so I had to betray him.I do have news about Zhou Mi, but that’s several days old, and that’s all I can tell you.”

“Go ahead, any news is good, you’ve done our family a great favor that we in the Gao family have no teeth to forget.”

“Okay, I’ll tell you then, a few days ago, I ran into Zhou Mi at the Immortal Graveyard.”


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