King of kings 2135


“Zhou Mi seems to reside in one of the immortal graves, I don’t know what method he uses, it seems to be somewhat related to that tombstone on him, in short, Zhou Mi probably resides in one of the immortal graves.Also, there’s another piece of news that isn’t really news, do you guys want to know?”

“Say.”The two Gao Family Earth Immortals shouted in excitement, finally there was news about Zhou Mi.

Star Luo said, “Zhou Mi has become a fourth-grade Xiantian.”

“What?”The Gao Family’s Earth Immortal’s body shook.

“This is true, he also helped me refine a fourth-grade Immortal Pill, but of course, this news has nothing to do with you catching him, it’s because you wanted to know that I told you.”

“Quickly go, go back and report to the ancestor.”

Thus, the two Earth Immortal powerhouses that were tracking Star Luo immediately ran back to the family.

Star Luo smiled, “Now, I can go to the restaurant openly and spread the news, after that, the Gao family will go to the immortal graves to find Zhou Mi, God knows which grave Zhou Mi is hiding in, they will dig up all the immortal graves if they have the guts, hahaha.”

Starro found her too pitiful.

Star Luo went on to the nearest inn and was suddenly surrounded by a beautiful woman, after all.

With that, Star Luo spread the news that omi was a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master. The debut website

I believe that in less than ten days and half a month, the whole city would know about it.

After spreading the news, Xing Luo went home to sleep.

And at this moment, the Gao family got the false news about Xing Luo, and immediately sent someone to the Immortal Graveyard to look for him.

The result could be imagined, after three days of searching, no Zhou Mi was found, not even the Gao family’s ancestor went there personally.

“Old Ancestor, no traces of circumstance were found ah, every grave has no freshly unearthed man-made signs, did Star Luo lie to us?”

“Hmph, he dares.”The Gao Clan’s ancestor was furious.

So, the Gao family’s ancestor immediately went to the Xing Clan.

“Star Luo, you come out.”The entire Star Clan trembled as the Gao Clan Ancestor shouted.

All the elders of the Star Clan immediately flew out.

Xing Luo was busy, “Senior Gao Pi, what do you want?Could it be that you’re trying to tear down my family while my family ancestor isn’t around.”

Gao Pi raged, “Call out Star Luo, how dare she trick me Zhou Mi in the Immortal Graveyard.”

Star Luo flew out and bowed, “Greeting Senior Gao Pi.”

“Star Luo, you dare to lie to me.”

Star Luo was busy saying, “What did Senior say, when have I ever lied to you.”

“Three days ago, it was you who told my family that Zhou Mi was in the Immortal Graveyard, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, I didn’t want to betray Zhou Mi, but I wanted to think twice before betraying him, that’s why I told you that Zhou Mi is most likely hidden in one of the tombs of the Immortals.However, how he hid it, I don’t know, it should have something to do with the tombstone-like magic weapon he used.If you guys want to catch it, go there and look for it, you can definitely find it if you dig up all the immortal graves.”

“You.”Gao Pi was angry, dig up all the immortal graves, thanks to Star Luo dared to say that even if he dug up one immortal’s grave, he would have to consider whether he would be attacked by the spirits of the entire immortal graveyard, if he really dug up all the immortal graves, his Gao family would probably be cut off.

“Star Luo, are you trying to amuse me?”

“Senior Gao Pi, I’m just a small mortal immortal, how can I dare to entertain you, it’s your people who are watching me, wanting information about Zhou Mi, so I kindly told you, Zhou Mi is probably hidden in one of the immortal graves, you are not capable of finding it, why blame me?


Starry Yao was busy saying, “Yes, Zhou Mi is someone with some skill, using some kind of magic to hide inside the immortal’s grave, he expected that you guys wouldn’t dare to dig the grave, that’s why he thought it was safe there.Besides, you guys have looked all over the city, hiding in the graves is very possible, Star Luo only provides information, he doesn’t help dig the graves ah.”

“Huh, fine.”Gopi had nothing to say, it would be nice if he dug the graves and didn’t find any circumstance, but he didn’t dare to dig the graves, so he couldn’t be sure if Star Luo was cheating him.

Gopi turned and flew away, ready to look for the fairy grave again.

Star Luo shouted, “Senior Gopi, seriously look again, there’s a real possibility that Zhou Mi is hidden there.”Star Luo purposely shouted the words ‘very likely’ even louder, as if to tell Gao Pi that she didn’t say 100% there either, just very likely.

After Gopi left, Starlight said with a reproachful face, “Star Luo, didn’t I tell you not to run around?Why go and tell the Gauchos the news?In case you anger Gopi, some of you are finished.”

“The Gopi family is too cocky.”

“Where’s the solution, Gao Pi’s strength isn’t weaker than our family ancestor.”

Inside Star Luo said, “One day, omi will definitely kill him.”

Star Yao asked, “Star Luo, these past few days, it’s been rumored outside that Zhou Mi is now a rank 4 Immortal Pill Master, is it true?”

“Of course it’s true, I’m the one who passed on the news.”

“Ah, you’re the one who passed it on?”

“Yeah, I ran into Zhou Mi earlier and he told me he’s a rank four Immortal Pill Master now, and he even helped me refine a rank four Immortal Pill.”

“Gosh, that’s impossible.”

“A thousand times true, by the way, I still have that fourth-grade Immortal Pill.”After saying that, Star Luo took out a rank four Immortal Pill, one that Star Luo had intentionally left behind last time.

“This, this is really refined by Zhou Mi?”

“Yeah, who else would there be otherwise, besides Zhou Mi, there is only one Master Luo Ke in the Upper Fey Yan Continent who is a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, and Master Luo Ke couldn’t have given me the chance to refine it, so it would prove that this Immortal Pill of mine was refined by Zhou Mi.”

“Heavens.”Those few Earth Immortal elders of the Star Clan, kept their saliva looking at the Grade 4 Immortal Pill in Star Luo’s hand, although they were strong Earth Immortals, they had no chance to take a Grade 4 Immortal Pill.”

Star Luo smiled, “No one can, it’s mine, hehehe.”Star Luo put the Immortal Pill away in front of everyone’s eyes.

Starry Yao said, “If Zhou Mi is a rank four Immortal Pill Master, then why did you betray him?”

“Uh, it’s not really a betrayal lah, but Zhou Mi said before that if anyone asks where he is, they can tell him anything, he has a hundred ways for anyone to find him.”

“Ah, Zhou Mi really said that?”


Elder Xing Zheng said, “This does sound like Zhou Mi’s mouth.”

Right now: Immortal Nerves was still monitoring the place, and Gao Pi, who heard Xing Luo’s words, was furious, and Xing Luo replaced omi’s mouth and said that a hundred ways couldn’t be found, which made Gao Pi go crazy inside and vowed to ferret out Zhou Mi.

In particular, hearing about Zhou Mi being a rank four Immortal Pill Master before, it had to strengthen Gao Pi’s determination to kill Zhou Mi.If this situation didn’t kill him, once Zhou Mi reached terms with certain Upper Immortals, then it would be difficult to kill him.

Star Luo laughed inside, as if he felt the anxiety in Gao Pi’s heart.

At the moment, omi knew nothing, still in the Immortal Palace, concentrating on studying Immortal Pills, he was already inspired, it seemed that he was not far away from practicing as a Level 4 Layer 1 Immortal Pill, once he practiced as a Level 4 Layer 1 Immortal Pill, it would mean that he was far above another Level 4 Immortal Pill Master Luo Ke.At that time, there would probably be many Upper Immortals looking for omi to refine their pills, Gao Pi, let’s see how he still dares to touch a hair of omi.


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