King of kings 2137


However, when Master Luo Ke heard this news, he didn’t feel any excitement and said indifferently, “Blue Moon is my person, I’m the one who told her to find Star Luo.”

“What.”Gao Pi was shocked, this old woman, too cruel, screwed up, Blue Moon was sent by her.

“Oh, surprised?There is no need to be surprised, the Blue Moon Fairy and I are inseparable friends, considered my best friend, this time I asked her to find Star Luo, to get Zhou Mi’s whereabouts.Gao Pi, I came here today to tell you not to interfere with this matter and let Blue Moon find out Zhou Mi smoothly.”

“Of course, of course, I definitely won’t, hehe.”Gao Pi laughed happily.

Master Luo Ke said, “Then I’ll leave first, now I’m just waiting for Star Luo to bring Blue Moon to find out Zhou Mi.”


Master Luo Ke, left with the five Upper Immortals, who were Master Luo Ke’s best friends, otherwise, they wouldn’t have participated in the operation to kill Zhou Mi together.

Since the Green King’s death, Master Luo Ke deeply felt what it was like to be the only rank 4 Immortal, so she enjoyed it very much, she didn’t want another rank 4 Immortal to appear to share this only with her.Moreover, Zhou Mi had become a rank four Immortal Pill Master at such a young age, his future might be better than hers, which made Master Luo Ke feel even more insecure, once Zhou Mi surpassed her in the future, then Zhou Mi would definitely take away the position she originally had, she would never let that happen, so Master Luo Ke brought in a few of her friends to discuss, and formulated such a meticulous plan to kill her.

Right now, at Star Luo’s home, Star Luo was happy to finally have a strong man who could stand up to Gopi.

So, Star Luo immediately ordered his servant to send out seventeen letters, before there were eighteen Pre- Immortals, who also wanted to find omi, at that time, Star Luo said that he would notify them as soon as he knew the whereabouts of Zhou Mi.

Now, it was finally possible to notify. One second to remember to read the book

Within a few hours, all of those seventeen Pre-Superior Immortals came to Star Luo’s house.These seventeen Pre-immortals were not Master Luo Ke’s people, they used to look for the Green King to concoct pills, since the Green King died, they had nowhere to concoct pills, they had to go to Master Luo Ke, unfortunately, Master Luo Ke was very shady and charged very high fees.They were excited to hear that Zhou Mi was also a rank 4 Immortal Pill Master, and immediately wanted to find Zhou Mi and never suffer from Master Luo Ke’s bird anger again.

“Xing Luo, where is Master Zhou Mi?”A pre Immortal asked anxiously, with anticipation on his face.

Star Luo said, “Don’t be anxious, I’ll take you there right away, this Blue Moon Senior also wants to find Zhou Mi.”

The Blue Moon Upper Immortal smiled, “Yes, I also want to find Zhou Mi, I want to be friends with him.”

“Pay your respects to Senior Blue Moon.”The seventeen Upper Immortals were busy paying their respects.

“You’re welcome.”Blue Moon smiled, but unfortunately, everyone didn’t know that she was sent by Master Luo Ke.

Star Luo said, “From this moment on, you must guarantee Zhou Mi’s safety, so that I can take you to Zhou Mi.”

“Of course, we will swear to guarantee Master Zhou Mi’s safety.”Everyone was busy saying.

“Yes, with Senior Blue Moon here, what is that Gopi.”

“Right, if Gopi dares to kill Zhou Mi, we will definitely fight Gopi.”

“Well then, let’s go find Zhou Mi now.”Star Luo said, Star Luo thought to himself that with so many Upper Immortals, he shouldn’t be afraid of Gao Pi anymore.

So, that’s when Star Luo took the eighteen Upper Immortals and headed to Zhou Mi’s hiding place.

However, Star Luo didn’t go as fast as he could, but rather slowly, because Star Luo always felt uncomfortable inside.

What Star Luo didn’t know was that at the moment, at the

In the dark, Gao Pi, Master Luo Ke, and the five strong Upper Immortals, quietly followed.Once they found Zhou Mi, they were bound to die, the strongest one on the scene was a late Upper Immortal, called Tang Ju, so omi had no chance of surviving.

Star Luo suddenly stopped, his heart was always a little uneasy.

Blue Moon said, “Miss Star Luo, go, don’t worry, I’ll protect the circumstance, go.”

Star Luo said, “It’s too easy for a mid Upper Immortal to kill Zhou Mi, a random strike is all it takes, it’s impossible to defend against it, you take a nap and Zhou Mi will die hundreds of times.Senior Blue Moon, I have to be more cautious ah.”

“Then I’ll eat and sleep with Zhou Mi, that’s always fine.”

Star Luo asked, “Senior, that’s a bit too big of a payoff for you, then.”

“Oh, to acquire, there is always a price to pay.Hurry up and go.”

“Senior, I.”Star Luo hesitated.

The Blue Moon Immortal was a bit impatient, I really wanted to squeeze her to death, granny.

“If you don’t want to, then say so early, don’t waste everyone’s time.”

Star Luo said, “Alright, then everyone follow me.”

Star Luo flew towards the immortal’s tomb outside the city.

Eighteen people immediately followed.

Star Luo suddenly changed his mind and wanted to test it out.

So, instead, they went to the Immortal Graveyard.

Soon, arriving at the Immortal Graveyard, Star Luo arrived at an Immortal’s grave and knocked on the grave’s tombstone in a fanciful manner, whispering, “Zhou Mi, come out, Zhou Mi, it’s me, Star Luo.”

For a moment, there was no response, and Star Luo said, “I’m sorry ah, Zhou Mi is not coming out.”

“You mean, he’s really hiding in there?”

“Yes.”Starro had to lie.

“Then why didn’t he come out?”

“I don’t know, it’s so weird.”

Just at that moment, Blue Moon snorted, “Then dig the grave.”

Star Luo was startled when she saw Blue Moon’s face, and it turned out that her hunch was right, if she really wanted to beg for a weekly alchemy, she would have said something like that.

In the next second, Gao Pi, Master Luo Ke, and the others, came running out.

They had all fallen for it.

“Hahaha, Zhou Mi, I thought you were much better at hiding, but it turns out that you’re hiding in this tomb, before I didn’t know which one you were hiding in, so I didn’t dare to dig them all, now that I know you’re hiding in this tomb, so what if I dig it one.”Gopi let out a loud laugh.

Star Luo’s face turned pale, seeing so many strong people pop up, her back was covered in cold sweat, luckily she changed her mind before she died, otherwise she would have really killed omi.

Blue Moon went to Master Luo Ke’s front, smiled: “Luo Ke, find that son of a bitch, Star Luo said, just this one grave, I see should not be false, after all, before Gao Pi searched the whole city did not, then there is a very likely hidden in one of the graves, week use no one dares one grave to find him, so hidden here is the safest.”

“Well, Blue Moon, hard work.”

“Oh, you and I are girlfriends, I’ll be angry if I say such words again.”Blue Moon said as Rocco Blue Moon and the two of them smiled at each other.

“You guys.”Star Luo was filled with shock.

Rocco snorted, “Right, I forgot to thank Miss Star Luo for leading us to the circumstantial hideout.”


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