King of kings 2138


“Senior Blue Moon, you, you lied to me.”Star Luo raged.

Blue Moon snorted, “So what if I lied to you, dead girl, you think I really want to find Zhou Mi alchemy ah, hahaha.”

Xing Luo had really seen how evil people’s hearts were today, thanks to her trusting her so much, but fortunately, Xing Luo changed his mind in time.

Luo Ke said to Gao Pi, “Gao Pi, since we found it, why don’t we start digging, don’t worry, we have so many Upper Immortals here today, and there is also a late Upper Immortal, digging a tomb is no big deal, there may not be a few Immortals buried here, so what are you afraid of.As for being cursed by immortal spirits and affecting immortal fate, hehe, I’ll gift you a few immortal pills later, if it does affect you, it’s time to make up for it by affecting your immortal fate.”

“Good, then I’ll do it.”After saying that, Gao Pi flipped his hand and slapped the tomb over, and the entire tomb rolled up.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything inside the tomb.

“Where are the people?”

“Why isn’t anyone here?”

“Everyone turned pale and looked at Starro.

“Hahaha, hahaha.”Star Luo let out a loud laugh knowing that she was going to be finished today, right now, she put her own life and death at risk, at least, she didn’t harm omi.

Star Luo said, “You’ve all been deceived by me, Zhou Mi is not even in this tomb, hahaha.” First URL

“Star Luo, you dare to lie to me.”Blue Moon instantly rushed up and strangled Star Luo’s neck and hung up.

Star Luo couldn’t struggle at all.

Blue Moon was very angry because Star Luo had lied to her.However, she didn’t think about how she herself had lied to Star Luo, was it okay for her to lie to others and not okay for others to lie to her, but she was so angry.

“I pooh.”The struggling Star Luo, a mouthful of water sprayed down, spraying Blue Moon’s face.

“You, you spluttering hoof, I’ll kill you.”Blue Moon was about to kill Star Luo.

At that moment, Master Rocco said, “Blue Moon, don’t do it yet.”

Blue Moon held up Star Luo and turned his head, “Luo Ke, I am sorry that I didn’t help you find out Zhou Mi, but I was fooled by this prodigal hoof.”

Star Luo looked at Master Luo Ke, and all of the Upper Immortals and said, “You all shall not die in peace, one day, Zhou Mi will take revenge for me and kill all of you.”

Blue Moon snorted, “Bitch, I’m going to pull your skin off, I’ll see how you still talk tough.”

Luo Ke said, “Xing Luo, I believe you are a smart person, tell me, which tomb is Zhou Mi hiding in?”

“I won’t tell you, kill me if you dare.”Star Luo gritted his teeth and said with tough eyes.

“Star Luo, you better not challenge my boundaries.”Master Rocco’s face went cold, and she had a temper.

“I pooh.”Star Luo spat and a mouthful of blood spurted out, which was due to being strangled by Blue Moon.

That late Upper Immortal, Tang Ju, waved away the blood spurting out of Xing Luo and said, “Little bitch, you better not be ungrateful, do you believe that I will exterminate your Xing Clan?I am a late stage Upper Immortal, you should know that I can easily do that, as long as you tell me where Zhou Mi is, I can bypass you.”

Star Luo coldly snorted, “I pooh, a late Upper Immortal, but instead of being a human, you want to be a dog.”


“Bang.”That Soup Lift waved his hand and a slap across the air flew at Star Luo’s face.

Star Luo suddenly flew away, his entire face collapsed and his face turned blurry, but he didn’t die.

Right now, the most depressed was Gao Pi, omi didn’t find it, but he dug a grave first, digging an immortal’s grave is cursed by immortal spirits, it will definitely affect the fate of immortality, now that Zhou Mi didn’t find it, Master Luo Ke definitely won’t gift him immortal pills, what a loss.

“Bitch, it’s all your fault.”Gao Pi exhaled with a roar.


Luo fell miserably to the ground, unable to move but looking at them with cold eyes, as if he was mocking the group.

Even if Star Luo died, there was nothing anyone could do about it.

“Luo Ke, what should we do?We can’t dig up all the graves if she’s dead and won’t talk.”A Shang Xian said.

Luo Ke was filled with anger, he really wanted to shoot Star Luo to death, but after shooting her to death, not to mention which tomb Zhou Mi was hiding in.

“Take her away first, if she doesn’t reveal Zhou Mi’s whereabouts within three days, die.”Luo Ke’s old face was fierce, and he said viciously.

“Good.”Suddenly, Star Luo was arrested by one of the Upper Immortals.

Master Luo Ke and the others, all of them were incomparably depressed and left.

There were only those seventeen Pre-Superior Immortals left on the scene, and they weren’t from Luo Ke’s group.

“Damn it, what is this.”

“Master Luo Ke, it might not be too cruel, she even tried to kill Zhou Mi.”

“My God, I was wondering if I could get a little discount for finding Zhou Mi for alchemy in the future, for the sake of the once Green King, but now it seems that Zhou Mi is in trouble on his own.”

“What self-preservation is inevitable, it’s certain death, not to mention looking at Luo Ke’s energy, the entire Upper Fey Yan Continent, in addition to strong people with other channels, the vast majority of Upper Immortals are looking for her to refine immortal pills.”

“Alas, this is fate.”

Those seventeen Pre-Supernatural Immortals sighed.

One of them said, “The grave that was just dug by Gao Pi, let’s work together to bury it back, perhaps we can be blessed by the immortal spirits, allowing us to increase our immortal fate a little.”

“Good.”So, those seventeen people, put the grave back together again.

This is where the graves here could remain undiminished for countless years, as some people would go and re-bury some graves after seeing them destroyed, with the purpose of, expecting to be blessed with an increase in immortal fortunes.

Right now, omi was in the Immortal Palace, restless.

“Don’t worry about it, Star Luo can’t be alright, she’s a member of the Star Clan, who dares to touch her.”

“But why hasn’t she been heard from for so long?She’s been out for a long time, it’s been more than half a month, why haven’t we heard anything at all now.Before she went out, I told her that I could sense it by tapping on the Immortal Palace three times, then let her in.”

“Then what do you want, to go out?You don’t want your life.”

“I’ll go out even if I don’t want my life, I won’t be a shrinking turtle.”

“Zichen, really don’t be so adventurous, Starlot will come in when she should.”

“I have a hunch she’s running into trouble, alright, I’m going out.”After saying that, omi disappeared into the Immortal Palace.

omi appeared in that remote house, omi put the fairy house in his arms, then disguised himself and went out onto the street.

Although his bit of disguise was almost ineffective, he was able to protect for a moment.

However, omi found that no one was looking for him.

omi had thought that once he came out, the entire sky was filled with people looking for him everywhere.

In fact there was none.

“Strange, aren’t the people of the Gao family looking for me?”

What omi didn’t know was that the Gao family had already searched all over the city, and since Xing Luo had lied to them that omi was hiding in the Immortal Graveyard, no one was looking for him in the city, instead, many people were searching to see if they could find any traces of him, and the Immortal Graveyard had already been sent by Gao Pi to guard it in case omi escaped.

Since no one was looking for omi, omi strutted up the street, he was disguised, as long as he wasn’t specifically looking for him, no immortal mind sweeping him, no one would find out he was Zhou Mi just by looking at his face.

omi entered an inn, he wanted to get information about the city as quickly as possible, coming to such a crowded place was the right thing to do.


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