King of kings 2139


“You know what? Half a day ago, Star Luo brought a group of people up to the Immortals and went to find Zhou Mi.”

“Yeah, I saw that too, it seems like Blue Moon Upper Immortal, and the rest of the ten or so, went to the Immortal Graveyard, I don’t know if they saw Zhou Mi or not.”

As soon as omi entered the inn, he heard the sounds of discussion, omi immediately made his way over to the table.

“Found a fart, I heard, only when they arrived at the Immortal Graveyard did they find out that Xing Luo lied to them.Also, the one who wanted to kill Zhou Mi turned out to be not only Gao Pi, but also Master Luo Ke.”

“What? Why would Master Luo Ke want to kill Zhou Mi?”

“I don’t know about that, that Master Luo Ke is even more ruthless than Gao Pi, she called a few Upper Immortals who were close to her, two of them were still late Upper Immortals, namely Blue Moon and Tang Ju, so that Blue Moon deliberately went to deceive Xing Luo, saying that she wanted to find Zhou Mi alchemy, then Xing Luo told Zhou Mi without knowing, and finally killed them in one move.It’s a pity that Xing Luo stayed alert at the crucial moment and uncovered their conspiracy with him.”

“No way, how do you know in such detail?”

“Hehe, my grandfather is a Pre-Supernatural Immortal, he was also there, my grandfather really wanted to go to Zhou Mi Alchemy, he’s not on the same page as them, my grandfather looked very badly at this matter, he was still chattering and scolding that Master Luo Ke when he got home.”

“So that’s it, that Master Luo Ke is too abominable.”

“It can’t be helped, Master Luo Ke wants to make sure that she’s the only fourth-ranked Xiantian in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, just a fourth-ranked Xiantian.”

omi sat at the side table, his fists clenched. Remember the URL

omi never expected that Luo Ke, who was also a fourth-grade Immortal Pillar Master, would do such a thing.

omi scrambled up and asked, “Excuse me, how is that Star Luo now?”

Those men looked at omi, and one of them said, “My grandfather said that Xing Luo was captured by Master Luo Ke’s men, and if Xing Luo doesn’t reveal your exact whereabouts within three days, he will kill her.”

“Luo Ke, she dares.”omi yelled with red eyes.

Everyone at that table was shocked by this reaction from omi.

“Hey, what’s your relationship with Xing Luo?Why so angry?Are you Chow Mi?”

omi said, “Yes, I am exactly Zhou Mi.”

omi was open-minded.

“Ah, you really are Master Zhou Mi?”

“I don’t have time to waste time with you guys right now, I’m going to save Star Luo.”

One of them was busy saying, “Master Zhou, don’t be impulsive ah, you’re not even a match for Luo Ke now, you rashly go to the door and just happen to send it to the door.If I were you, I’d better calm down first and think about how to properly save Miss Xing Luo.”

“Yes, yes, Master Zhou, let’s help you think of a way together.”

omi stopped in his tracks, right, rashly coming to the door was nothing more than shooting oneself in the foot.

One of them cursed, “That Luo Ke bitch is just relying on the fact that she knows fourth-grade Immortal Pill, otherwise, she’s simply trash.”

omi said, “A few of you, could you do me a favor?”

“Sure, you say.”

“I will send a challenge letter to Luo Ke now, one of you will help me send it to Luo Ke, and the rest of you, help me spread the word around, and say that tomorrow at noon, I will be at the Ruyue House to compete with her, and at the same time, you will also help me send a letter to every Immortal in the Upper Fellows Island, asking them to come tomorrow at noon for me and the

Rocco’s contest to judge.”

“Of course, we beg to differ.”Those people were ecstatic and very willing to help omi with this favor.

So, omi immediately placed a challenge letter, and at the same time, omi divided the challenge letter into dozens of copies, one of which was given to Luo Ke, and the rest were sent to all the Upper Fellows of Yan Continent, so that they could see the challenge letter with their own eyes, believe that it was true, and be able to rush to be the judge tomorrow.

omi had already refined a fourth level two layer Immortal Pill, and that Luo Ke, bracing for death was only one level, and might not even be there yet, so omi could definitely defeat her in front of all the Upper Fey Yan Immortals.

“Alright, I’m counting on you all to help me with this.”


The group of people went off to do their jobs, and omi inwardly said, “Luo Ke, you wait for me.”

After saying that, omi left the restaurant, omi went to Qing Shi’s Immortal Palace as fast as he could to see if he had returned.

Unfortunately, Qing Shi hadn’t returned yet.

Reluctantly, omi took out his immortal residence at the entrance of Qing Shi’s immortal residence, posing as a stone and hiding it in place.

omi’s most important thing was to ensure that he survived until noon tomorrow.

Next, after Luo Ke received the challenge, he would definitely search the entire city to catch and kill omi before noon tomorrow.

Half an hour later, at Master Luo Ke’s house.

“Report, I received a challenge called Zhou Mi, asking you to fight at Ruyue House tomorrow at noon.”

“What? A challenge to me.”Rocco was trembling with anger.


“Where is he?”

“I don’t know about that, it’s said that he just showed up at the Ruyue House, and this challenge was issued at the Ruyue House as well.”

“Kill, go kill, be sure to kill him before noon tomorrow.I don’t want to waste my time competing with him for the Immortal Pill, he wants to borrow me to get to the top, don’t even think about it.”


Next, it was time for a mad search throughout the city, and Gao Pi and the others at the Immortal Graveyard were urgently summoned back to help with the search throughout the city.

Of course, what Luo Ke and the others didn’t know was that the challenge letter was also sent to all the Immortals in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, beautifully named, inviting them to be judges, and those invited Immortals were naturally interested, after all, it was two fourth-grade Immortal Pillars fighting it out.

Time passed bit by bit.

Master Luo Ke sent out all the people to search inch by inch.Although they also searched for the Greenstone Immortal Mansion, they couldn’t enter at all, so they could only look outside and leave if they didn’t have any, and they didn’t even dare to step on the turf in front of the Greenstone Immortal Mansion.

Soon, it was noon the next day.

The Lunar Mansion was crowded with people, not only countless onlookers, but also hundreds of strong Upper Immortals.

These hundreds of Upper Immortals were almost all the Upper Immortals of the Upper Fellows Continent, among them, there were more than ten Late Upper Immortals, more than twenty Middle Upper Immortals, and the rest were all Pre-Senior Immortals.

At this moment, not far from the Ruyue Building, Luo Ke and the others were standing on the roof with frustrated faces.

“Master Luo Ke, since yesterday, until now we’ve searched without blinking an eye, but still, we haven’t found it, what should we do?It’s now noon, and everyone in Ruyue House is waiting for you.Looks like you’ll have to go ahead and fight Zhou Mi.”Tang Ju said.


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