King of kings 2140


Master Luo Ke’s face was ugly, since yesterday, she had also searched and searched moment after moment, but in the end, she couldn’t find it before noon.

Gao Pi said, “Master Luo Ke, you’re not afraid to compete with Zhou Mi for the Immortal Pill, are you.”

“Bullshit, I would lose to a hairy boy?Even if his master jumps out of his coffin, he’s no match for me, otherwise, why do almost all the Upper Fey Yan Continent’s Upper Immortals look for me.”

“Then go and compete with him, when Zhou Mi loses, you can just grab him and shoot him to death.”Gao Pi said.

Luo Ke snorted, “You guys just pray that I can win against him, otherwise, I’m afraid it’s going to be a disaster today.”

Gao Pi and the others all turned pale, but they weren’t weak, they were also late Upper Immortals, and it wasn’t that easy to kill him.

“Go.”In the next second, Luo Ke flew directly to the Ru Yue House.

“Master Luo Ke is here.”

Everyone looked towards Luo Ke.

“Pay your respects to Master Luo Ke.”

“Pay your respects to Master.” One second to remember to read the book

Many Upper Immortals were busy greeting each other, now Zhou Mi still didn’t know if he could win, they naturally still had to respect Luo Ke, in case Luo Ke defeated Zhou Mi, they would still have to deal with each other in the future.

“Well, you’re welcome.”Luo Ke’s face wasn’t good as he nodded.

Luo Ke swept a glance and said, “Has Zhou Mi not come yet?”

“It’s not there yet.”The crowd said.

At this moment, outside the Greenstone Immortal Mansion, omi suddenly appeared in place.

omi had just come out of the Immortal Palace, and omi put away a stone on the ground, which was his Immortal Palace disguise, and couldn’t even recognize the upper immortals who had barely seen the Immortal Palace.

“Almost there.”omi swiftly rushed to the Ruyue House, fortunately, the Ruyue House was not far away, and in less than five minutes, the full speed impacted omi reached the Ruyue House.

Luo Ke was about to order her people to look around the Ruyue Building and slaughter them if they saw Zhou Mi.

However, before Luo Ke had finished ordering, someone yelled, “Zhou Mi is here.”

Everyone’s eyes looked and saw Zhou Mi flying in from the distant sky.

In full view of such a crowd, of course Luo Ke couldn’t rush up to kill Zhou Mi.

It was just a matter of time, but now, she had missed her chance to kill Zhou Mi and could only fight with him.

omi landed at the Sun and Moon Tower, just in front of Master Luo Ke’s body.

omi’s gaze was chilly as he said, “Luo Ke, you dare to kill me.”

“Hmph, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”Of course Luo Ke would not admit it.

“It’s fine if you don’t admit it, it’s good that I know it in my heart, come on, if you don’t defeat me today, I will definitely make you suffer greatly.”omi said.

“Talking out of your mouth, even your master, Green King, is no match for me.”

“Master is Master, I am me, come on, what do you want to compete with?Take your pick, with hundreds of Upper Immortal seniors as judges now, I don’t think you’ll be able to shake off any tricks.”

“Who wants to shake off tricks, do you deserve it.”

“There’s no point in saying such words, it’s better to see what’s under your hand.”

After saying that, omi instantly took out a few of the most common and common billion-year-old immortal grasses, omi said, “I believe you also have these most common immortal grasses, we’ll refine them with exactly the same ones, what kind of effectiveness we want to make, it’s up to you to say, you’re good at that kind, refine that kind, I’ll compare you with the one you’re best at.”


“Wow.”Everyone was shocked at this statement, omi’s words were really crazy, and of course, it showed that omi’s bottom line was so strong that she was directly comparing her best with Luo Ke.

Luo Ke’s face chilled and said angrily, “Are you insulting me?You think I’m going to lose to you?Fine, I’ll directly compete with you on what you’re best at.”

omi sneered, “Are you really asking for embarrassment?”

“You.”Luo Ke was furious in his heart, saying that she was asking for embarrassment, making it sound like her level stunk.

At this time, a superior immortal on the scene said, “I remember the immortal pill that Master Luo Ke is best at is the Eternity Pill, this pill can beautify your face and prolong your life, and of course, it can also increase your immortal fate and mana.”

omi said, “Good, then refine the Eternal Pill.”

omi immediately started refining it.

At that moment, Luo Ke’s face changed and he was busy saying, “Wait.”

“What?You still have questions?”

Luo Ke said, “To refine the Eternal Pill, you need at least the White Fox Immortal Grass, how can you refine the Eternal Pill when you’re only using these common immortal grasses?”

omi snorted, “So, your brain is dead, you only know what materials are needed to refine what kind of dan, but you don’t know that even if you don’t have such materials, you can still achieve the purpose of what kind of dan you want to refine by changing the potency of an existing material to the potency of another needed material through a modification of the Immortal Pill Technique.Luo Ke, I’ll use these ordinary immortal grasses right now to refine the Eternal Pill with you, if you can’t refine it, you’ll lose, and if you do, then we’ll compare the quality and then the potency of whoever has the highest quality.”

“You.”Luo Ke looked nervous, because what omi said, using ordinary materials and steering through the Immortal Pill technique, this she didn’t understand at all ah, now without the main material needed for the Eternal Pill, White Fox Grass, she couldn’t practice at all.

At this time, omi was busy saying, “Zhou Mi, you’re simply using strong words, I suggest that another White Fox Grass be added, so that it is an authentic Eternal Pill.”

“Yes, I also suggest adding another strain of White Fox Grass.”Blue Moon said.

omi snorted, “Fine, since someone must have White Fox Grass to train an Eternal Pill, I’ll add it.”

After saying that, omi took out a White Fox Grass, fortunately, omi had this immortal grass.

Luo Ke was also relieved, with the addition of a White Fox Immortal Grass, she could finally train the Eternal Pill.Luo Ke was still very confident in herself, the Eternal Pill was what she was best at, she would definitely be able to defeat Zhou Mi.

It started to refine, and everyone around her didn’t make a single sound.

omi and Luo Ke stood on opposite sides, each of them manipulating the virtual fire, that image, it was like two cooks frying vegetables.

After about five minutes, the fire in omi’s hand suddenly went out, and in the next second, an immortal pellet appeared in omi’s hand, and the aroma of the pellet was emitted, and everyone standing hundreds of meters away could smell it.

“Wow.”Everyone wowed and sucked their noses hard, not everyone had the chance to eat a Grade 4 Immortal Pill, and now it was rare to smell a bit of a Grade 4 Immortal Pill.

omi put his refined Immortal Pill in front of him and let everyone look at it, omi didn’t put it away for fear that afterwards Luo Ke’s people would say that he cheated somehow.

Luo Ke on the other side was startled when he saw that omi had finished refining it, “How did he do it so fast?Gosh, I haven’t finished refining it just yet.”

When Luo Ke saw omi so quickly, he was a bit anxious.

Luo Ke didn’t want to compete with omi at all inside, she originally just wanted to kill omi and be the only one in peace.So at this moment of the competition, Luo Ke was under a lot of pressure inside, it was hard for her to overperform, and she might not be able to maintain her average level.


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