King of kings 2141

Chapter 2141

“No, I must defeat him, it’s my best Eternal Pill, I can practice it with my eyes closed, I can do it.”Rocco forced himself to calm down and not be affected by the other side.

After about another twenty minutes, Master Rocco’s fire died down.

“Master Luo Ke has also finished refining!”

Luo Ke placed the Eternal Pill in front of him.

omi said, “Very good, here is the time for the results, Master Luo Ke, before testing the results, I would like to ask you, how many levels and tiers of quality is your Immortal Pill.”

Luo Ke snorted, “Nonsense, of course it’s a fourth-grade Immortal Pill.”

“Then, how many tiers of quality is it fourth tier?”

Luo Ke was upset, “Why are you asking this, it’s always a Grade 4 Immortal Pill that is, do you think that you can train into a Grade 4 more than one layer quality Immortal Pill.”

omi said coldly, “I’m sorry, the Immortal Pill I’m refining at the moment is exactly a fourth-grade, second-tier quality.”

“What? Fourth-grade, second-tier quality?”

“Master Luo Ke’s Immortal Pill is only a fourth grade, and it’s not even of any quality yet.” First URL

Rocco scoffed, “Just you?I’ve studied all my life, but I still can’t train a quality Level 4 Eternal Pill, I pooh.”

omi said, “You are you and I am me, your level is not even in front of me, you can’t even train an Eternal Pill without the White Fox Grass just now, what qualifications do you have to compare with me.”

Luo Ke’s heart was in turmoil at the moment, shouting, “I don’t believe that your Eternal Pill is a fourth level, second level quality.”

“It doesn’t matter, there are so many Upper Immortals present, just for you and me to be the judges.”

Luo Ke shouted, “Hmph, they are only Upper Immortals, how can they tell the difference, all the Upper Immortals at the scene, no one has ever seen a fourth grade, second layer quality Immortal Pill, you let them be the judge, what if they are all the trusts you invited.”

When Luo Ke said that, a late Upper Immortal man at the scene became upset and snorted, “Master Luo Ke, you’re disrespecting us by saying that, we’d be the ones he invited to be the trust?You don’t use your brain to think about it, Zhou Mi was still being hunted before this, and also doesn’t have your fame at all, how can you invite us to be his trust.”

“That’s right, besides, although we don’t know anything about immortal pills, but we haven’t eaten less immortal pills in our lives, can’t we all be blind one by one, we can’t even tell if the pills are good or bad, you’re underestimating us.”

Luo Ke was depressed and didn’t say anything.

omi said, “Fellow seniors, I expect you to personally come up here and judge who’s good and who’s bad in my Immortal Pill and slut Luo’s.”


After saying that, several Late Upper Immortal powerhouses immediately came out and tested them in front of omi and Luo Ke respectively.

After the testing, those few late Upper Immortal powerhouses said loudly, “Alright, we’ve already tested it, we really don’t know anything about Immortal Pills, so we can’t be sure that Zhou Mi’s Immortal Pill is a fourth level two, but we can clearly tell you that if Zhou Mi’s Immortal Pill is a plate of cabbage, then Luo Ke’s Immortal Pill, is a plate of shit.”

“Ah.”The crowd was shocked, not expecting that their Immortal Pills differed so much.

Another late Upper Immortal said, “Yes, I can prove that Immortal Hu De is telling the truth, Luo Ke’s Immortal Pill is a piece of shit compared to Zhou Mi’s.”

“Wow.”Everyone at the scene was shocked, never expecting that two late Upper Immortals would come up with the same assessment.

At this moment, Luo Ke was filled with anger, pointing at the Upper Immortal called Hu De and roared, “Hu De, you even asked me to help you refine your pills last month, but I didn’t expect you to blacken me like this.”


nbsp; Immortal Hu De laughed, “In the past, when there was only you, a rank four Immortal, I definitely had to look for you, but in the future, I won’t look for you anymore, it’s simply a waste of my materials.”


At this time, omi smiled, “Senior Immortal Hu De, in the future, if you have any immortal pills, I’ll bring them and I’ll refine them for you, you’ll be my number one guest from now on, and I’ll make them for you first.”

“Good, hahaha.”Hu De was delighted.

The other late Upper Immortal was busy saying, “Master Zhou Mi, what about me?I also clearly told everyone that your Immortal Pill far surpasses Luo Bitch.”

Luo Ke was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood, these bastards, when they were begging her for alchemy, one and all of them seemed to be on good terms with her, but now, in order to please Zhou Mi, they followed Zhou Mi and called her Luo Bitch.

omi smiled, “This senior, you are my number two guest.”

“Hahaha.”That late Upper Immortal laughed and said, “Master Zhou, my name is Luoyun.”

“Good, Senior Lu Yun, I’ll remember you.”

The rest of the Upper Immortals on the scene also wanted to get close to Zhou Mi.

At this time, Luo Ke shouted, “Everyone, wait.”

“What, what else do you have to say?”

Luo Ke snorted, “Gentlemen, I have reason to believe that Hu De and Lu Yun, who are Zhou Mi’s prop, are not able to tell if they are Level 4 Level 2 or not, are we going to let them say that they are?”

omi said, “In that case, let’s pretend that the immortal pills I refined are also of no quality, and let’s go back to a starting point, now we don’t care about quality, how about just comparing effectiveness?”

“Hmph, that’s exactly what I was thinking.”Luo Ke snorted, she just wanted to compare effectiveness with omi.

“Good, then please move to the Great Hall of Immortal Pills.”

At that moment, a person said, “No need, we have already brought the potency detection artifact from the Great Hall of Immortal Pills.”

“Exactly, then, Luo Ke, please take your Immortal Pill and put it on the potency detection magic device first, so that everyone can see how much your Immortal Pill potency glow is.”

“Hmph, then open your dog eyes and see.”After saying that, Luo Ke placed her Immortal Pill on the Dharma Device.

More or less, the light on the magic weapon emitted and shone four to five meters away.

The people from the Immortal Pill Palace immediately went forward to measure it.

Then shouted, “Master Luo Ke Immortal Pill, potency light 5.6 meters.”

“Wow, that’s awesome.”There were also some people on the scene who shouted awesome.

Luo Ke had a smile on her face, she didn’t expect that she still overperformed today, normally she could only practice a radiance potency of around 4.8 meters.

Next, it was omi’s turn, and omi placed his Immortal Pill on the detecting magic tool.

It was direct, and the light shone out far and wide.

“Ah.”Luo Ke’s face changed, is this still a quantity?You can tell who’s good with your toes.

“This.”Everyone in the arena was dumbstruck, was this a dream?omi’s elixir is so potent?

The people from the Great Hall of Immortal Pills went up to measure, and a moment later, the person who measured shouted, “Master Zhou Mi Immortal Pill, potency light, 39 meters.”



Although many people already saw a very long radiance, everyone was still shocked and couldn’t help but shout in awe when they heard the specific value of 39 meters.

39 meters versus 5.6 meters, was this a level?


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