King of kings 2142


At this moment, Luo Ke herself was dumbstruck.

She couldn’t believe what her eyes saw, she thought that, at most, ten meters at most, ten meters was a perfect score, but as it turned out, there were thirty-nine meters, was this still a human being?

Hood laughed, “What else do you have to say, Lo Bitch?”

“That’s right, Bitch Luo, Zhou Mi’s level is so much higher than yours, hahaha.”

Suddenly, dozens of Upper Immortals flocked to omi to show their support.

Luo Ke stood there with a livid face, beside her, Tang Ju, Gao Pi, Blue Moon and the other six Upper Immortals all looked a bit silly.

Gao Pi was busy saying, “Master Luo Ke, what should we do now, the Upper Immortals who used to have a personal friendship with you have now all gone to Zhou Mi’s place.”

Luo Ke snorted, “Where so what, I’m still going to kill him.”

Gao Pi was depressed, “It’s too late now, how can you kill him.”

Luo Ke scowled, “Do you think of the soup as transparent?With Tang Ju’s strength, it’s not easy to kill Zhou Mi.”

After saying that, Luo Ke said to Tang Ju beside him, “Tang Ju, trouble you, exterminate Zhou Mi.You’re the only Late Upper Immortal ranked in the top five at the scene, and the strongest Late Upper Immortals beside omi are Hu De and Lu Yun, the two of them, ranked sixth and seventh among all Late Upper Immortals in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, are no match for you, and even if they were, they couldn’t stop you from killing Zhou Mi.” Remember the website

Next to him, Tangju said, “Of course, no matter how many Upper Immortals Zhou Mi has around him, it would be easy for me to kill him.”

After saying that, Tang Jutun rushed towards omi.

omi, who was now on the opposite side of the street, felt the killing aura, and Hu De and Lu Yun, who were standing beside omi, panicked and blocked Tang Jiu.

Hu De roared, “Tang Ju, what are you doing?”

omi was being protected by Hu De and Lu Yun, two late Upper Immortals.

Tang Ju snorted, “I want to kill Zhou Mi, Hu De, Lu Yun, are you two trying to stop me?”

Hu De was furious, “Tang Ju, you’re too shameless, it’s come to this point, and you still want to kill Zhou Mi.”

“Hmph, to this point?At what point?It’s nothing more than an assassination before, but now it’s an open kill.I’ll ask you again, Hood, Luwin, are you going to stop me?”

Lu Yun said angrily, “Nonsense, I was expecting the future Zhou Mi to help us with the alchemy, of course I’m going to stop you.”

Tang Ju sneered, “Very well, but unfortunately, with you two, can you stop it?”

Hood said, “You’re not going to think that you can win us over to join forces?”

Tang Ju laughed and said disdainfully, “Even if I can’t defeat you all together, it’s still enough to kill Zhou Mi with ease, isn’t it?”

“You.”Hu De and Lu Yun were both a bit cold and sweaty, busy saying to omi, “Zhou Mi, what should we do now?Together, the two of us are at most even with him, he has too many chances to kill you.”

omi was a bit surprised, how was this Tang Jiu beside Luo Bitch so strong.

“How come he’s so strong?”

“Zhou Mi, this Tang Ju is the fourth ranked among the more than ten Late Ascended Immortals in the Upper Fellows Continent, while Lu Yun and I, one sixth and one seventh, we’re no match for him alone.”

“Oh.”omi’s heart was in awe, he didn’t expect that he would be unable to stop Luo Ke even though he had gained victory.

Tang Ju said to omi with a sneer, “Zhou Mi, do you think that if you win, these people will be able to keep you alive?You’re really wrong, the two strongest people around you combined are just even with me.”

/> omi said, “Tang Ju isn’t it, I’m asking you now, are you sure you want to kill me?”

“Or else what.”

“Well, then, I’ll tell you now that the Upper Fellows of Yama, the Celestine, are my brothers.”

“Hahaha, hahaha,” Tang Ju laughed coldly and spat out a waterway, “I’m still the brother of the Heavenly King, alright, I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you, even if your Immortal Pill is strong, go to hell.”

Hu De and Lu Yun said, “Zhou Mi, you run away, we can only try our best to help you delay.”

At this moment, a voice sounded from the distant sky, “It’s not necessary.”

Everyone suddenly looked into the distant sky and saw a young man with no expression and an indifferent appearance.

“Ah, yes, it’s Qing Shi.”Everyone’s body shook when they saw that youth, could it be that omi was really Qing Shi’s brother?

Luo Ke now saw Qing Shi coming and also shivered in fear.

Flying from afar, Qing Shi said indifferently, “Whoever dares to touch my brother Zhou Mi, let me see your guts.”

“Ah.”Hearing Qing Shi personally say that Zhou Mi was his brother, all of them were foolish.

When omi saw Qing Shi coming, he laughed inside and shouted, “Brother Qing Shi, you’re back.”

Qing Shi flew to omi’s side and apologized, “Brother Zhou Mi, I’m sorry I’m late, I didn’t expect that you’re a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master.”

“Hehe, brother is polite.”

Qing Shi said, “Who tried to kill him, tell me and I’ll let him go to hell.”

omi busily said, “Big Brother Qing Shi, this person called Tang Ju wants to kill me, but, I heard that he is in the top five, you?”

The Hu De beside him was busy saying, “Brother Zhou Mi, Qing Shi is the number one person in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, under the Heavenly Immortals, not to mention one Tang Ju, even ten Tang Ju combined would not be a match for Qing Shi.”

Just at this moment, Qing Shi looked at Tang Ju with cold eyes and asked, “You want to kill my brother?”

“Me.”Tang Ju was shocked and panicked, “Brother Qingshi, you misunderstood, I, I was just joking.”

Alabaster raged, “Try calling me brother again.”

“Yes, yes, I don’t dare, and I hope that senior Qing Shi will spare me, I swear that I will never touch a cold hair of Zhou Mi again.”Tang Ju panicked and said.

Qing Shi snorted, “Unfortunately, life doesn’t have so many ifs, go to hell, Tang Ju.”

“Don’t.”Before Tangju could finish his sentence, his body suddenly split into countless pieces.

This was Qing Shi’s spell, Xian, immensely powerful, intangible matter, it couldn’t find an opponent.

omi was also shocked when he saw how powerful the blue stone was.

At this moment, Hu De and Lu Yun, both of them were secretly celebrating in their hearts, they didn’t expect that Zhou Mi was really Qing Shi’s brother, if they had known that Zhou Mi was Qing Shi’s brother, not to mention Tang Ju, I’m afraid that Luo Ke wouldn’t dare to be arrogant in front of omi.

Qing Shi looked at Luo Ke again and asked, “You want to kill my brother?”

“No no, nothing of the sort.”Luo Ke shook his head in panic, looking like he was dying to admit it.

Qing Shi asked omi, “Zhou Mi, tell me, did she try to kill you?”

Before omi spoke, Luo Ke panicked, “Zhou Mi, please, I’m really begging you, okay, I’m kowtowing to you.”Luo Ke immediately knelt down.

omi said, “Not only this Luo Bitch, these few beside Luo Bitch, including the one called Gao Pi, Blue Moon, all of them are fucking trying to kill me.”


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