King of kings 2143


“Well then, I’ll destroy them all.”

When Gao Pi, Blue Moon and the other few Upper Immortals saw this, they immediately scattered and fled.

However, they hadn’t even escaped fifty meters before their bodies were in mid-air, splitting into countless pieces, dead beyond death.

Of course, Luo Ke didn’t flee, so he was still standing there at the moment, Luo Ke looked at his friend, who died horribly in an instant, and his entire body was stupid.

omi sneered, “Bitch Luo, see, what happens to them is what happens to you.”

Luo Ke repeatedly kowtowed to omi, “Zhou Mi, please forgive me, I was wrong, I was really wrong.”

omi laughed, “Since you know you’re wrong, then why don’t you hurry up and thank me with your death.”


Qing Shi said, “Zhou Mi, no need to talk nonsense with her, let her die.”

After saying that, Master Luo Ke’s body also split into countless pieces, it was completely impossible to see how he had been hit, the spell was too strong.

No wonder Qing Shi was the first person under the Heavenly Immortals. One second to remember to read the book

The scene was silent, the group of Luo Ke who were just arrogant and incomparable were now all dead.

The rest, who still dared to mess with omi.

omi busily said gratefully, “Big Brother Qing Shi, thank you for saving me.”

“We are all brothers, why are you so polite, alright, from now on, no one will dare to touch you in Upper Feyama, under the Heavenly Immortals.”

“Thank you, big brother.”

omi said in his heart, under the Heavenly Immortals, then what if it’s above the Heavenly Immortals?

Forget it, after all, Aoshi himself was only the first person below the Heavenly Immortals.

However, there were only four people above the Heavenly Immortals in the entire Upper Fellows Yan Continent.

In other words, there were only four strong people who had reached the Heavenly Immortal in the Upper Fey Yan Continent.

“Zhou Mi, I don’t like the occasion of so many people, I’ll go back to the Immortal Palace first, come when you’re done, I’ll wait for you.”

“Okay, big brother, take care.”

Qing Shi instantly flew away, his personality was a bit strange, he probably didn’t like being watched by so many people.

After Qing Shi left, all the Immortals at the scene looked at omi in a completely different way.

Even Hu De and Lu Yun, looked at omi with a bit of a lower status, before Qing Shi didn’t appear, they were all one level more noble than omi, treating him as their partner, but now, it was clear that they weren’t.

Hu De smiled, “Master Zhou Mi, how should I address you now?Or, I can just call you Boss.”

omi smiled, “No need, thank you for protecting me today, if you need to refine any immortal pills in the future, you can always come to me, the price is excellent.”

“Thank you, Master Zhou.”Hu De looked a little regretful inside, if he called omi Boss and omi didn’t refuse, then it would be logical to become omi’s subordinate, and in the future, omi could hang out with Qing Shi, and indirectly, he would be able to get in touch with Qing Shi more, so maybe the future chances would be different.Qing Shi was someone who was able to travel freely to the Upper Four Continents, while they, on the other hand, could only hang out in the Lower Four Continents.The Upper Four Continents, and the Lower Four Continents, that was too different.

The lower four continents, respectively, were: the Upper Feyan Continent, the Lower Tingguo Continent, the Left Shanta Continent, and the Right Shimpan Continent.

The upper four continents, on the other hand, were: the Eastern Sheng Shen Continent, the Southern Zhanbu Continent, the Western Niu He Continent, and the Northern Ju Lu Continent.

omi shouted to everyone, “Everyone, there is nothing to disperse.”

Only then did everyone disperse.

omi had no time to procrastinate, omi immediately went to Luo Ke’s house to search for Star Luo.

In Luo Ke’s house, omi managed to find Star Luo, who was locked up and beaten all over the place


“Star Luo, Star Luo.”omi called out for a long time before Xing Luo opened his eyes.

“Tzu-Chen, you, how are you.”

“Xing Luo, I’m sorry you suffered, it’s okay now, Bitch Luo is dead, Gao Pi is dead, the people sluts that followed Bitch Luo, Tang Ju, Blue Moon, etc. are all dead.”

“Ah.”Xing Luo was startled.

omi said, “Didn’t I tell you before, Qing Shi is my brother, he came back and easily killed these scum, of course, I also competed with Luo Bitch for the Immortal Pill, she failed miserably, I’m now in Upper Feyama, I’ve achieved fame and success, let’s go, I’ll take you out of here.”

“Mmhmm.”Star Luo nodded happily.

omi hugged Star Luo and went straight to the Greenstone Immortal Palace.

“Brother Zhou Mi, you’re here, she is?”

“Brother Qing Shi, she’s my woman, she was injured by Luo Ke’s group, wait for me, I’ll save her first.”

“Do you need my help?”

“No need, I’m an Immortal Pill Master, this is what I’m good at.”

Qing Shi took out a few Immortal Grasses and said, “This is some healing Immortal Grasses, take it and see if you can use it.”

“Brother, this is too polite.”

“No need to be polite, I don’t like to be polite.”

“Good, then I’ll take it.”omi took in the Immortal Grass and went to a room to clean up Mu Qianji’s external injuries before refining some Immortal Pills, and a few hours later, Xing Luo had recovered as before.

“Thank you,omi, I’m completely well.”

“Look at what you’re saying, I’m the one who wants to thank you, the reason you were so badly injured and even almost died was because of me.”

“Isn’t it all right now, you’re completely out of danger, let’s not talk about those unhappy things, let’s go, Senior Qing Shi is still waiting for you.”


omi arrived at the main hall of the Qing Shi Immortal Mansion, and sure enough, Qing Shi was looking at a book on the side.

“Zhou Mi, you’re here, how’s your mother-in-law.”Alabaster asked.

Star Luo was busy saying, “Thank you, Brother Qing Shi, I’m fine.”

“Well, that’s good, you guys don’t have to be polite, feel free to sit down.”

omi and Star Luo sat down, and the servants from the Qing Shi Immortal Mansion came to serve them in a panic.

omi asked, “Brother, where have you been this time, fortunately you rushed back in time, otherwise I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to see you.”

“I took a casual walk outside, by the way, this is a meeting gift I gave you.”Saying that, Aoshi took out a bundle of Immortal Grass.

“Ah, brother, just now you’ve bestowed Star Luo with the Healing Immortal Grass.”

“It’s two different things, this meeting gift, I specially prepared it for you, these are ten 800 million year old Immortal Grasses respectively, and you yourself happen to be a rank 4 Immortal Pill Master, so it’s just right.”Qing Shi said.

“Brother, I can’t accept this great gift of yours.”

“Brother Zhou Mi, please don’t be sentimental, I don’t like sentimentality.”

“This, well, sluts are all preposterous, so I’ll take it, but let me do something for you as well, or I can’t do anything for you.”omi said.

Qing Shi smiled bitterly, “There’s nothing I need you to do for me at the moment.”

“Then if big brother needs anything from me, he must tell me.”

“Of course, if I need anything, I will definitely say it, I won’t be polite.”

“Hehe, me too.”omi said in his heart, he also liked people who were so bold.


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