King of kings 2144


Star Luo looked at omi and said inwardly, “Zichen is truly a wonder person, always meeting so many noble people.Of course, she always meets many enemies as well.”

After omi accepted the Immortal Pill, Qing Shi didn’t have anything to say to omi, Qing Shi seemed to be a rather boring person.

So, Aoshi then said, “Zhou Mi, there’s nothing else to say, so you should go back first.”

“Ah.”omi was so startled that he gave an eviction order, if omi didn’t know him as a person, he would still wonder if he had offended him somewhere.

“Brother, in that case, I won’t bother you any further.”


omi pulled Star Luo and was about to leave, when Star Luo panicked and gave omi a wink.

omi hadn’t reacted yet.

“What’s wrong?Starro, not feeling well in the eyes, huh?”

Star Luo was really going to be pissed off.

“You’re the one with the eye discomfort, didn’t you say that there’s one more thing you need to ask big brother for.”Star Luo said depressedly. The first website

omi remembered at once, hehehe smiled, “Look at my memory.”

omi busily said, “Brother Qing Shi, can you do me another favor.”


Star Luo was set up with a restriction, can you help me remove it.

“Who set it up?”

“A mid Upper Immortal.”

“That’s easy.”Qing Shi waved his hand and a strong stream of air struck Star Luo’s body.

Suddenly, the restriction on Star Luo’s body broke.

At this moment, in a distant place, in a stone cave, an old man who was in seclusion suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“Ah, what’s wrong with you?”The other old man beside him was busy asking.

The old man who vomited blood said in shock, “No good, my family’s descendant’s Star Luo, the restriction I set up was squeezed through.”

“What? Who dares to squeeze through my wife’s restraint?”The old man next to him was furious.

These two people were the Star Clan’s ancestor, as well as Yan Qinggang.

The ancestor of the Xing Clan said, “I don’t know, strange, is someone strong Xing Luo?My restraint, which only protects Star Luo from being violated ah, to ensure her purity ah, is being squeezed through right now, and nine times out of ten, she’s being strong.”

“What? Who dares to force my fiancée.”Next to him, Yan Qinggang yelled.

Xing’s ancestor said, “Old Yan, let’s go back first.”

“Let’s go, I’ll tear that person who dared to force my wife.”Yan Qinggang roared in anger, so the two of them swiftly headed back to Upper Feyan Continent.

Both of them were mid Upper Fairy.

Only, they were no longer qualified enough to be omi’s opponents.

Outside of Qing Shi’s Immortal Palace, omi and Xing Luo had already left.

omi smiled heedlessly and said, “Star Luo, it’s still you who’s on top, I forgot about that incident.”


“It seems that you want that more than I even do, hahaha.”omi laughed.

Star Luo was red in the face and punched omi’s chest.

“You’re so annoying, you’re making me ashamed to live.”

“Alright, just kidding with you, besides, what’s there to be shy about between us, really.”

“I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Hahaha.”omi was happy to see Star Luo pretending to be angry, Star Luo wouldn’t be fit to put on a soft girl face.

Star Luo changed the subject and asked, “Why did big brother Qing Shi drive us away?”

“Don’t think too much about that, he’s probably not good at talking to people and doesn’t know what to say to us, so he let us go.”


nbsp; “No wonder he doesn’t have a single friend, thanks to him being such a genius, he doesn’t even have a wife.”

“This is someone’s private matter, it’s not like everyone is interested in women.”

“That’s right, which is like you, lecher.”Star Luo a grouch.

“A man’s true colors.”


omi returned to the Star Clan, but before he arrived at his residence, omi saw Star Yao and the others, waiting at the entrance of Star Luo’s residence.

“Er, what are you guys doing?”

Xingyao smiled, “Master Zhou, I am courteous in this room.”

The rest of them also bowed to omi.

“Elders, why are you so courteous.”

“Yes, yes.”Star Yao and the others said with a bitter smile.

At this moment, two late Upper Immortals flew in.

“Boss, you’re back.”

omi saw that it was Lu Yun and Hu De.

“How come it’s you guys, what are you guys doing here?”

“Boss, first of all, please forgive us, we really admire you too much, so, we couldn’t help but want to come to you and call you boss.”Lu Yun said.

The elders of the Xing Clan next to them were speechless, even the late Upper Immortal called omi Boss, then their family’s ancestor didn’t know what to call omi, their family’s ancestor was only in the middle Upper Immortal stage, far from Hu De and Lu Yun.

omi said, “Sorry, don’t call me any boss from now on, call me Master Zhou.”

Lu Yun looked like a spoiled child and said repeatedly, “I want, I want, I want well.”

Suddenly, everyone got goose bumps.

omi said, “I’m sorry, I really don’t want you guys to call me Boss, it’s really not possible, you guys can always call me by my name.”

“Boss.”Lu Yun still wanted to say something, but Hu De stopped him.

Hu De was busy saying, “Master Zhou, although Lu Yun is a bit of a pervert, he really does want to worship you as his boss, so why don’t you be kind and accept the two of us.”

omi broke out in cold sweat, how could there be such a person.

“I’m going to be busy, so don’t disturb me.”omi was going to refine the ten 800 million year old Immortal Grasses that Qing Shi had given him, omi was going to refine them into Immortal Pills and then try to take them to see if he could raise them to mid Earth Immortal.

“Fine, fine, then we won’t bother.”

Hu De and Lu Yun, the two of them remained at the entrance of the Star Clan, as if they wanted to move omi.

Hu De sighed, “Lu Yun, do you think it’s really worth it for us to trample on ourselves like this?”

Lu Yun said firmly, “I think it’s worth it, as long as Zhou Mi can take us, I believe that this is definitely our immortal destiny, you and I are not young, staying in the upper immortal for a long time, we need someone with a strong immortal destiny to lead us, so we have a chance to continue to move up, I think so.Anyway, I’m going to wait here until I move him.”

Hu De said, “I think it would be more stable to give our entire possessions to Zhou Mi.”

Lu Yun said, “Don’t insult Zhou Mi, Zhou Mi is not this kind of person, if you buy him with fairy grass, wouldn’t you be looking down on him, we should still use sincerity.”

“I think it’s better to smash with fairy grass.”

“I think use sincerity.”

The two of them argued at the entrance of the Xing Clan.

If omi heard them, omi would raise his hands in favor of Hu De’s opinion, and smashing with fairy grass would definitely be able to smash omi until he was willing to accept them.

As for sincerity, omi didn’t care.

omi entered his immortal palace and began to refine the immortal pills.

At this moment, the two middle stage Immortals were on their way back to Upper Fey Yan Continent.


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