King of kings 2145


Five days later, Xing Luo’s ancestor and Yan Qinggang returned to the family.

Yan Qinggang didn’t go anywhere and immediately rushed to Xing Luo’s place.

The Xing Clan Ancestor had no choice but to go to Xing Luo’s place first.

When they arrived at Star Luo’s residence, they just happened to see, on a penthouse, omi and Star Luo behaving intimately.

“I’ll kill you.”Yan Qinggang roared in anger and killed that attic.

omi was shocked, and in an instant, an old man killed him.

In this situation, it was definitely too late for omi to escape.

So, helplessly, omi quickly chose to enter the Immortal Mansion.

After entering the Immortal Mansion, omi’s Immortal Mansion fell to the ground.

“Boom!”It just so happened that the loft had been reduced to powder by Yan Qinggang in one fell swoop.

Of course, Xing Luo stood unharmed in the ruins. Remember the website

omi would have been finished if he didn’t have a fairy house on his body to hide from it.

“Grass.”omi cursed in a fiery voice.

Because the attic had turned into powder, his Immortal Mansion had been strongly shaken, and omi’s Immortal Mansion was like an earthquake had happened.

“Tzichen, what’s wrong?”

“What’s happening.”

omi’s relatives ran out of the house inside the Immortal Palace in a panic.

“Someone killed me, luckily I ran fast and hid inside the immortal house, the immortal house fell outside, it must have been violently shaken, that’s why the inside of the immortal house was like an earthquake.” omi said furiously.

“Who was trying to kill you?”

“I don’t know, a very ugly old man, I’m going out to see.”

“You be careful.”

“I know.”

Outside now, Yan Qinggang waved his hand and all the dust dissipated, leaving Star Luo standing in the ruins.

Star Luo looked at Yan Qinggang, then ignored him and looked around, shouting, “Husband.”

Yan Qinggang said angrily, “Who are you calling Sage-Gong?”

Star Luo said angrily, “Yan Qinggang, how dare you hurt my husband.”

“You, you dare to say that again?I’m the one who’s your husband.”Yan Qinggang yelled in anger.

At this time, the Xing Clan Ancestor flew up as well.

The Xing Clan Ancestor said, “Xing Luo, Yan Qinggang is your fiancé, and I’ll arrange for you to get married tonight.By the way, who was the one who was just killed by Yan Qinggang?”

They thought that omi had been killed and didn’t know that omi had gone to hide in the Immortal Palace.

Not knowing the real situation, Star Luo also thought that omi had been killed, and cried out, “Husband.”

Xing Clan’s ancestor was furious, “Xing Luo, you’ve turned against him, say, what’s going on?”

Star Luo looked at Yan Qinggang with anger, pointed at Yan Qinggang and said, “You killed my man, I’m not done with you.”

“Pah.”The ancestor of the Star Clan slapped Star Luo across the face.

“Xing Luo, have you rebelled, how dare you speak to your fiancé like that.”

Star Luo’s eyes looked at the old man of the Star Clan and Yan Qinggang with hatred.

Yan Qinggang asked angrily, “Star Luo, I ask you, what happened between you and that little white face just now?Are you still pure?Say it quickly.”

“Hahaha, hahaha.”Star Luo laughed, “Yan Qinggang, you’re waiting to die.”

“Slap.”The Xing Clan Ancestor slapped Xing Luo across the air again, causing the corners of his mouth to bleed.

The Xing Clan Ancestor said to Yan Qinggang, “Qinggang, there’s no need to ask, they’ve, alas, I’m sorry.”After saying that, the Xing Clan Ancestor looked angrily at Xing Luo, raised his palm and tried to slap Xing


Sing’s ancestor said, “Sing Luo, you have disappointed me too much, and now that you have cheated on Yan Qinggang behind his back, there is no room for you in this world.”

Just at this moment, omi suddenly appeared.

“Ah, Xing Luo, what’s wrong with you?”omi was shocked when he saw Star Luo fall to the ground with blood at the corner of his mouth.

Star Luo saw that omi wasn’t dead and was delighted.

“Tzichen, you’re not dead?I thought you were dead.”

“How could I die so easily, I didn’t die before when Luo Bitch sent so many people to kill me, how could two little bugs in the district kill me now.”omi said.

Yan Qinggang and Xing’s ancestor were startled, Yan Qinggang said angrily, “You didn’t even die, who are you calling a little worm?”

omi turned his head and said, “Did you beat my woman?Say, what’s your name?”

“You’re looking for death.”

omi yelled, “Answer me, what’s your name?”

Star Luo was busy saying, “Zichen, he is Yan Qinggang, that one is my family’s ancestor.”

“Hmph, who did I think it was, so it’s you two, back just in time, I happen to have a score to settle with you.”

Yan Qinggang said angrily, “Kid, you’re an Earth Immortal, how dare you steal my woman, you’re tired of living.”

As he was about to do so, the Xing Clan Ancestor said, “Wait, Qing Gang, he’s just an Earth Immortal, he’s not even capable of breaking the restriction on Xing Luo, so there’s someone behind him.”

Yan Qinggang said, “, who is the person behind him?”

omi snorted, “The person behind me is someone you can’t afford to offend.”

“How ridiculous, I can’t afford to be offended?I’d like to know who dared to condone you stealing someone else’s fiancée.”Yan Qinggang raged.

At this moment, not far away, Hu De and Lu Yun who heard the commotion flew here.

The Xing Clan Ancestor immediately noticed and turned back in a panic, seeing that it was Hu De and Lu Yun, the Xing Clan Ancestor turned white with fright and was busy saying, “Qinggang, turn back quickly.”

When Yan Qinggang turned back, he saw Hu De and Lu Yun flying in the distance, and also turned pale with shock.

Yan Qinggang said, “Don’t tell me that they’re the ones behind this kid.”

Xing Clan’s ancestor said, “It’s very possible.”

“Oh my god, this.”Yan Qinggang was silly, no wonder omi dared to arrogantly say that he really couldn’t afford to offend.

Hu De and Lu Yun soon flew up, Hu De looked at Xing Clan’s ancestor and Yan Qinggang and smiled, “I thought who is it, it’s Xing Xi and Yan Qinggang.”

The Star’s ancestor and Yan Qinggang paid homage to Hu De and Lu Yun, “See Senior Hu De, see Senior Lu Yun.”

Cold sweat broke out on Yan Qinggang’s forehead, Hu De and Lu Yun’s reputation, they were well aware of the fact that they were the sixth and seventh ranked in strength among the Late Immortal powerhouses of the Upper Fertilization Yan Continent, ah.

“Hmph.”Hu De and Lu Yun, however, didn’t give them any face at all, and with a snort, they walked past them and came before omi.

Hu De and Lu Yun were delighted inside, and were worried about doing something for their boss.

Hu De said, “Boss, are you alright?”

Lu Yun was also busy saying, “Boss, is there anything I need to do?Whether it’s beating or killing, I’m more than willing to serve.”

Hood added, “Yeah, Boss, did Xing Xi and Yan Qing Gang, did they hurt you?Do you need me to do something to kill them?”

At this moment, Xing Clan’s ancestor and Yan Qinggang’s bodies were shaken and silly there.

“What is this situation?Boss?”

They thought that omi was their grandson, or apprentice or something, but they actually called the boss with a pleasing face.

omi helped Star Luo on the ground up, wiped the blood from the corner of Star Luo’s mouth, and asked, “Who beat you?”


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