King of kings 2147


omi entered his immortal palace.

“It’s time for me to go refine the pills, I haven’t even used the meeting gift that Brother Qing Shi gave me earlier to refine.”omi said.

Star Luo nodded and said, “Well, hopefully you can step into the mid Earth Immortal stage this time.”

“I hope so.”

omi immediately plunged into the alchemy.

A few hours later, omi finished refining all ten 800 million year old Immortal Pills.

In total, ten Immortal Pills had been refined.

omi took one to Star Luo and said, “These Immortal Pills, we’ll all split them, one for each of us.”

However, Star Luo stopped him, “Really don’t, have you forgotten what happened before?Rocco wants to kill you, Gopi wants to kill you, and if you die, there will be even less of a future if you die, so just get stronger yourself, don’t worry about us.When you’re strong, you can not only protect yourself, but also us, and get more resources, and then, wouldn’t it be better to come to our relief.”

“But I can’t do the whole eating alone thing.”

“Then I’ll help you.”Star Luo put all ten immortal pills in his mouth, then kissed omi and passed all the immortal pills in his mouth to omi. First URL


“Now you can eat it.”Xing Luo slapped omi on the chin, and omi swallowed it.

“Just, I’ll take it first then.”

“Really, then you digest it well.”

“No need.”


“I’ve finished digesting it.”

“Ah, so soon.”


Star Luo was surprised that omi’s speed of digesting the Immortal Pill was too fast, the speed at which it transformed into Immortal Fate.

At this moment, omi’s body immediately transformed the Immortal Pill he had just taken into Immortal Fate, and omi’s realm, scuffling, rose to the mid Earth Immortal stage.

“Wow, that’s too fast, often the faster one is, it means his Immortal Fate is strong,omi, in fact, you will be strong in the future even if you don’t have the Immortal Machine Spitting Method.”Star Luo said.

“Eh, is that so, haha.”

In the days that followed, omi had been living in Upper Fellows Island.

Since omi was protected by the blue stone, there was no danger at all anymore, so life was a bit boring.

A month later, Tianxiang asked, “Tzichen, have you forgotten someone?I see you haven’t mentioned it all this time.”

“Uh, who?”

“Cloud Violet.”

“Huh.”omi sweated, and really forgot about her.

“Oh shit, yeah, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Yun Zi, more than ten years, oh my god.”omi smacked his head, maybe had been too happy, and had forgotten about Yun Zi.

Tian Xiang Dao: “I think you should go and get her back, after all, she and you used to worship squarely as well.”

“Of course I should get her back, I’m not a thin-hearted person.Just as well, anyway, in the last month, life hasn’t had a single ripple, it’s all a bit uncomfortable, and I’ve been away from the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom for over a decade, I should go back.”

“Your father from your previous life, isn’t he still there.”

“Yes, he wasn’t mean to me, it would be fine if I hadn’t recovered my past life memories, but since I have, I can’t be widowed.”

The next day, omi set out for the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, and was able to reach it in about six or seven days.

At this time in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, Yun Zi didn’t know that omi was about to come, even, Yun Zi didn’t know if omi was dead or alive, since ten years ago, omi had lost the news, except to avoid the Gao family’s pursuit to kill him.

Yun Zi and Yun Meng had waited for eight years in Upper Fernia, but there was no news about omi.

Since the death of Yun Zi’s uncle Yang Qilu, Yun Zhan had no backup in Upper Fei Yan Continent and had never been to Upper Fei Yan Continent, so he was unaware of the news that omi had returned a month ago.

“Princess Yun Zi, your father has asked you to go there.”A servant came to inform.

Yun Zi arrived at her father’s palace and found Yun Meng was there as well.

Yun Zhan looked dejected.

“Father, what did you call us for?”

“Yun Zi, Yun Meng, you guys get ready.”

“What for?”

“Ever since Yang Qilu’s death, we’ve been alone, and although I have some friends in the Upper Ficus Fairy Continent, they’re all useless.Now, it’s been ten years since Yang Qilu’s death, and we must go find new allies, our next door Flower Cauldron Kingdom, which is in a very stable position, and has a good relationship with the Upper Fei Yan Continent over the years.So, I’m going to.”

“An alliance?”Yun Meng was busy asking.

“It’s not an alliance, how are we qualified to be in an alliance with them, but as their vassal state, allowing them to shelter our country, of course, we will inevitably have to pay tribute taxes later, but compared to the crisis of extinction, this is nothing.”

“Oh.”Yun Meng sighed, now, the Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom had fallen to the point where it had to be someone else’s vassal state.

Yun Zi said, “Father, then why did you call us here?”

Yun Meng is also puzzled. If you want to be a vassal state, just be a vassal state, do you want to discuss with them?

Yun Zhan said, “Right now I still don’t know if the Flower Rose Immortal Kingdom needs us to be their vassal state.I’m bringing you two forward to see if I want to add some leverage to see if with your beauty, you can make any Flower Rose Prince look good and increase the chances of this succeeding.Understood?”

“Ah, Father, are you asking us to marry Prince Hanabusa?”

“It would be best if I could marry.”

“What do you mean?”

“Isn’t it clear, if you can’t marry, then you will accompany, and whichever Faerie Prince wants you to sleep with, you will do it, because, it is for our country.”

“Father, I don’t want it.”Yun Zi ton resisted, Yun Zi inwardly thought that she would not be sorry for omi, she was prepared to be widowed for the rest of her life.

Yun Meng also turned pale and said, “Father, think twice.”

Yun Zhan snorted, “Do you want the country or the body?Yun Meng is just a little, after all, she is still intact, you Yun Zi even have the nerve to say no, you are already a broken flower, do you know.I haven’t settled the score with you yet. If it wasn’t for Zhou Mi, your uncle would have died, wouldn’t he?Will our country end up isolated and helpless?”

“Ooooh.”Yun Zi cried out.

“There’s no use crying, I’ve already decided, we’re leaving now.”

Yun Zhan didn’t care if Yun Zi and Yun Meng were willing or not, he lifted them and flew away.

Three more days later, omi finally arrived at the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom ahead of schedule after traveling for several days.

“Haha, Yun Zi, I’ve been here for ten years, you must have thought I was all dead.”omi’s heart was excited at the thought of seeing her soon.


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