King of kings 2148


omi rushed into the palace, but with a sweep of his immortal mind, he didn’t see Yun Zi.

Also, there was no sign of Yun Meng, or even Emperor Yun Zhan.

“Where would it run to?”omi groped his head.

omi immediately grabbed a man and asked, “Do you know where Yun Zi and Yun Meng went?”

“Back to Senior, I don’t know.”

omi asked several people one after another who didn’t know, and this time, Yun Zhan’s trip to the Flowery Luo Immortal Kingdom wasn’t something that all the little cats and dogs knew about.

In the end, omi found one of Yun Zhan’s personal servants.

Only then did omi find out that Yun Zhan had taken Yun Zi and Yun Meng with him to go to the Flowery Luo Immortal Country for a blind date, which was a blind date to put it nicely, or to put it bluntly, to sell his daughter.

“This son of a bitch, he really will do anything, if Yun Zi is insulted in any way, I will definitely exterminate the entire Upper Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom.”omi was furious and immediately ran at full speed to the Flower Luo Immortal Kingdom.

At this moment, Yun Zhan, with Yun Meng Yun Zi, had just arrived at the Flower Luo Immortal Kingdom, and because he was alone with two people, and both of them were reluctant, with acts of resistance, he wasn’t traveling very fast.

omi traveled lightly by himself, and his realm was higher than Yun Zhan, so his speed was even faster than Yun Zhan’s, and it was estimated that with all his strength, he could reach the Flowery Luo Immortal Kingdom in a day. Remember the website

After Yun Zhan arrived at the Flower Rose Immortal Country, he arranged Yun Zi and Yun Meng to stay at an inn first, but of course, Yun Zhan had put a ban on the rooms in the inn, so it was impossible for Yun Zi and Yun Meng to escape.

“You guys stay here first, I’m going to be active first, when I’m active, I’ll come back to you if I need anything.”

Yun Zi cried, “Father, please, I really can’t be sorry to my husband.”

Yun Zhan yelled: “How many times have you told me along the way, can you be quiet, Sage-gong, Sage-your sister, that short-lived Zhou Mi is already dead, it’s just as well that he died himself, but he also harmed so many people.”

Yun Zhan commanded Yun Meng, “Give me a good look at her, if she makes any mistakes, you’re the only one to ask.”

Yun Meng didn’t say anything, and Yun Zhan hurriedly left.

Yun Zi said, “If Father really wants me to go and sleep with a certain Flower Prince, or to marry a certain Flower Prince, then I will die to him, don’t you dare stop me.”

Yun Meng sighed, “Our lives are pitiful, you’re lucky, at least you were happy once, while I’ve been unlucky, I won’t stop you, in fact, I don’t want to live, and as things stand, I have something to say about it, since I learned that Zhou Mi died, I also, feel very boring.”

“Ah, you.”

“Yes, I liked him, and I’ll say it even if it will ruin our sisterly relationship.Unfortunately, he’s no longer interested in me.”

Yun Zi was busy saying, “No, where would I be angry, you were still Zhou Mi’s goddess in your previous life, his initial target was also you, it’s only because I got ahead of you that you were so passive.”

“Don’t say it, the people are already gone, what’s the point of talking about it.Anyway, if Father really wants us to do something, we’ll die together.”


Yun Zhan entered the palace of the Flower Luo Immortal Kingdom, and then engaged in activities.

And right now, omi was still on his way here, omi’s mind was filled with images of Yun Zi being played with, he absolutely couldn’t take such a blow, if he came to the Flower Luo Immortal Kingdom and really found out that Yun Zi had been played with, I’m afraid omi would be greatly affected, just like the Green King back then, his unmarried

His wife was killed first J and then later killed by the Master of this summer, after which her spirit was greatly stimulated, causing her life’s achievements to stop there.

omi would definitely be affected by this as well.

“Please, never ah.”omi secretly prayed inside.

In the blink of an eye, it was almost a day.

omi was finally almost to the Flowering Lotus Immortal Kingdom, and in another hour, he would be there.

However, the more anxious he was, the more unlucky he was.

“Stop.”Suddenly, an old man blocked omi’s path.

This old man was a late Earth Immortal.

omi didn’t even look at him and said, “If you don’t want to die, get out of my way immediately, I have no time to waste with you.”

“Who are you and why are you intruding into my Flower Luo Immortal Kingdom.”That old man shouted.

Although omi had the heart to kill, he really didn’t pay any attention to him, omi bypassed him and immediately ran to the Flower Luo Immortal Kingdom.

However, that old man stopped omi again, and this late Earth Immortal was quite fast.

“You don’t fucking want to live do you?You try stopping me again?”omi roared, maybe Yun Zi is being stripped right now, maybe he will appear right away to save Yun Zi, being delayed by this person, wouldn’t it be that what could have been salvaged is not salvageable.

That old man said: “I am the old emperor of the Flower Rose Immortal Kingdom, you dare to trespass on my empire, you don’t want to mix, give is get out.”

“Hehe, old thing, you’re really tired of living you.”omi killed up at once.

That old man also killed omi.

“Boom.”Their spells clashed fiercely together, and the sky went dark.

“Ah, why are you so strong?”That old man was shocked, a casual fight with omi he felt that omi was powerful.

omi was full of killing intent and continued to charge up, not stopping until he killed this old ghost.

“Great Life Law.”omi was like a brute bull, going forward and beating that old man to retreat.

“Poof.”A few minutes later, that old man spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“Heavens, he’s only a mid Earth Immortal, why am I no match for him at all?If I didn’t have some skill in speed, I would have been chopped to death by him.”That old man’s face was so pale that omi was beginning to doubt his life when he beat him up.

“Wait, wait.”omi was about to come up with a big move to blow him up completely when that old man shouted incessantly.

omi suddenly sobered up from that angry plus anxious state he had just been in.

Only after waking up did omi realize how badly this late Earth Immortal old man had been beaten by him.

At this moment, that old man was kneeling on the ground, bruised and swollen, crying and begging for mercy, “Please, please spare me?I don’t want to die, I really don’t want to die, my entire Immortal Kingdom, is still counting on me ah, please.”

omi lowered his hand that was raised in the air, at this moment, omi was confused inside, “Did I really hit this?It’s impossible, even if I did overstep my bounds before, but that was a close win, and now, it’s completely abusive, why am I suddenly so powerful just now?Something is not right.”

Yes, omi was very confused, with his current strength, and the difference between the middle and late Earth Immortal stage, it was impossible for him to beat this old man without a fight back, there was only one possibility, omi had just increased his strength a lot for some reason.


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