King of kings 2150


“Who.”As soon as the Flowering King shouted, he immediately looked towards the door.

Yun Zhan also panicked and looked out, but the two of them didn’t even sense anyone’s presence at all.

Yun Meng Yun Zi, who was crying, also looked towards the door, and suddenly, they were shocked.

Of course, that Flower Rose King, although he had heard of Zhou Mi’s name, he had never seen him, so he didn’t recognize who it was at the moment.

When the Flower Rose King saw that it was a middle Earth Immortal, he shouted.Why are you intruding into my Immortal Kingdom, someone, go find the Emperor.”

“Yes.”A few of the personal servants went in a panic.

omi didn’t stop them, if he wasn’t wrong, the emperor he was talking about was the old man who was beaten to his knees by omi an hour ago and begged for mercy.

“Husband.”Yun Zi shouted in surprise and rushed towards omi, Yun Meng also couldn’t control herself and ran towards omi because she had no one to rely on at the moment but omi, her father had sold her out.

Yun Zi Zi threw herself into omi’s arms and cried as loudly as she could, turning all the years of concern and all her emotions into tears.However, Yun Meng was embarrassed, although she couldn’t control it, she ran to omi’s side but could only stop a few meters in front of omi, even though how much she wanted to jump into that embrace inside and also release her grievances and tears, but unfortunately she could only watch, this moment of happiness had nothing to do with her.

Yun Zhan was a bit confused at this point, but it was Zhou Mi, wasn’t he dead?

Of course, that Faerie King was also startled there at this point, what the hell?Yun Zi called him her husband?Is it possible that he’s week?Or did Yun Zi marry another husband?This is the second husband? First web site

The Flowering Root King immediately roared, “Yun Zhan, what the fuck is going on?”

Yun Zhan was also confused at the moment, he was confused as to when Zhou Mi had become a middle Earth Immortal?He had heard that Zhou Mi had become a Mortal Immortal, but now that he was a mid Earth Immortal, one finger could kill him in seconds.

omi comforted Yun Zi, “It’s okay, I’m here, it’s okay.”

“Husband, woohoo.”Yun Zi couldn’t seem to calm down, after all, how could someone who was thought to have been killed, suddenly returned, how could he calm down so quickly.

omi looked at Yun Meng and saw that she was also quite pitiful, also betrayed by her father, but Yun Zi here had her to comfort and rely on, while she didn’t have anyone to rely on.

omi said to Yun Meng, “Everything is in the past, with me here, no one can hurt you in the future.”

“Mmhmm.”Yun Meng burst into tears, omi’s words felt like the warmest words she had ever heard in her life.

omi looked at the Flower King and said, “Should I do it, or are you going to do it yourself?”

The Flowering Rose King’s body trembled, busy, “Who the hell are you?It’s the peripatetic or the second marriage guy.”

“You’re the fucking second marriage, I’ll ask again, did I do it or did you do it yourself?”

“Ah, you really are circumspect.”Suddenly, the Flower Luo King collapsed to the ground in shock.

omi said furiously, “You, a small Immortal Empire emperor, how dare you touch my woman, I don’t believe I will exterminate your whole country in minutes.”

Hua Luo King was busy saying, “Senior Zhou Mi, this is really a misunderstanding, how would I dare to touch your woman.Everyone knows about what happened to you in Upper Fey Yan Continent, I wouldn’t dare even if you gave me a hundred guts.”

“And you’re still arguing.”

“I really don’t dare, I thought that Yun Zi was the woman you didn’t want and abandoned, so that’s why I dared.And because you’re a genius, that’s why I thought that marrying you to play with the leftovers was an honor, an achievement.”

“Go to hell.”omi.

A slap across the face.

“Pah.”Suddenly, the Flower Rose King was crippled and fell in a pool of blood from omi’s slap, but he was not dead yet.

The Flower Rose King looked angrily at omi and shouted, “Zhou Mi, I don’t obey.”

omi snorted, “Even if Yun Zi was abandoned by me, you’re free to play with it, right?You deserve to die, and you don’t look at what you have.”

At this time, the old man from before came.

When the Fa Luo King saw it, he was busy saying, “Father, Zhou Mi wants to kill me, save me.”

“This.”The old emperor was a bit overwhelmed when he saw his son fall in a pool of blood.

“Father, save me.”The Flower King shouted.

omi snorted and looked at the old man with a chilling gaze.

That old man was very depressed at the moment.

The Flower Rose King said to omi, “Zhou Mi, I know that you are very influential in the Upper Fey Yan Continent and even Master Luo Ke can’t kill you, but unfortunately, you can’t do whatever you want here today.My father, a late Earth Immortal, and you, a middle Earth Immortal, had better not act recklessly here.Today’s matter is my mistake, I didn’t investigate whether Yun Zi is the one you abandoned on, I apologize for this, and I hope you won’t kill me, we don’t offend each other with well water.”Hua Luo Wang softened as he carried a threat, however, his threat was weak.

omi snorted, “Your father, were almost struck by me, do you think he could save you?”

“Impossible, my father is a late Earth Immortal.”Hua Luo Wang was busy, his eyes looking at his father.

That old man sighed and said, “It’s just a matter of time, son, Master Zhou is right, I was indeed almost struck by him, I met him an hour ago, I thought he was an intruder and tried to stop him, but I was almost killed by him, fortunately I was able to save my life by kneeling down in time and begging for mercy.So, father really can’t save you at the moment, so behave yourself, who told you to never change this lustful habit, a beautiful woman is something that accompanies a strong man, not everyone can have it.”After saying that, the old man turned his head in pain and walked away.

“Ah, father.”Hua Luo King roared with a pale face, his father didn’t even turn back.

Of course, at this moment, Yun Zi and Yun Meng were both very shocked, not expecting that omi was so powerful.

At this moment, Yun Zhan was also sitting on the ground with his buttocks, the Flowering King had cleaned up, how could he have missed him?

omi waved his hand in the air and slapped it down.



The Flower Lola King turned into a piece of meat cake.

Yun Zhan’s body trembled in fright as he looked at the Flower Lola King’s meat pie.

omi didn’t show any mercy, although this Flower Root King slyly argued that he mistakenly thought that Yun Zi was the one he abandoned, this explanation couldn’t save his life in the slightest, even if it was really omi’s abandonment, it was still a capital crime.

omi said to Yun Zhan who collapsed on the ground, “Now it’s your turn.”

“Zhou Mi, please don’t kill me, I’m your father-in-law, the incomparably noble father-in-law.”The emperor was busy being emotional and said.

omi snorted with disdain at the corner of his mouth, “The one to kill is the father-in-law.”

“Ah.”Yun Zhan shuddered, it was useless to will ethics with omi.

“Zhou Mi, I’m helpless in doing this, I’m doing it for the Immortal Kingdom.”

“Still daring to argue, it’s clearly for yourself, what kind of person would I not know, you even dare to eat your own son’s bone marrow, what else can’t you do, back then you still wanted to eat my bone marrow, this account is exactly together.”
“Still daring to argue, it’s clearly for yourself, what kind of person would I not know, you even dare to eat your own son’s bone marrow, what else can’t you do, back then you still wanted to eat my bone marrow, this account is exactly together.”


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