King of kings 2151

Chapter 2151

“Yun Zi, talk to Zhou Mi quickly, did you really let him kill your father.”Yun Zhan said to Yun Zi’s command.

omi said, “Is it useful for Yun Zi to beg me?You’re thinking too much, don’t believe try it.”

Yun Zi said to omi, “You can see for yourself, although he is my father, he is too desperate, he even eats his own son, such a person, I will not plead for him.”

“Me neither.”Yun Meng Dao.

“Then I’ll shoot him to death.”

At that moment, Yun Zhan suddenly attacked and tried to plot against omi.

“Looking for death.”

omi slapped Yun Zhan to death.

Of course, for the sake of him being Yun Zi Yun Meng’s father, omi left him a full corpse.

“Ugh.”Yun Zi sighed, there were still some complicated emotions in his heart, after all, he was a father, but he even ate his son, if he pleaded for him, he was sorry for his dead brother.

omi said, “This is the best place for him to belong, but killing him is killing him, but the funeral should still be handled for him in style, let’s take him back now to handle the funeral.” Remember the website


omi put away Yun Zhan’s corpse and immediately left the Flower Luo Immortal Kingdom.

Two days later, omi returned to the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom and gave Yun Zhan a thick burial.

When the people of the Cloud Luo Immortal Kingdom learned that the emperor had died, there wasn’t anyone sad, there wasn’t any emotion except for surprise, after all, the emperor here, but not as beloved as the emperor in the mortal realm, the emperor here, whoever had the ability to be, whoever was the emperor.

“Now that Father is dead, the rule of our Yun Clan is considered to be completely no more, the Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom, will change another master.”Yun Zi said, his eyes looking at the huge palace, wondering who the next emperor of this place would be.

omi said, “Will you hate me?”

“No, the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom has changed masters countless times throughout the ages, no one can own this place forever, even if you didn’t kill my father, he has lost his power now, sooner or later he will be killed and take over the ruling power.”

“That’s good, let’s go, I’m afraid I’ll rarely return to this place again.”

“Hmm.”The three of them sighed.

Yun Zi and Yun Meng, entered omi’s Immortal Mansion, of course, omi’s former father, Zhou Tie, and his stepmother and others, omi invited them to live in the Immortal Mansion, but they surprisingly refused.

No matter how good the Immortal Mansion was, it was just a small closed place, they had lived in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom all their lives, they didn’t want to go anywhere, besides, omi was after all the son of a past life, not the son of this life, they also understood in their hearts, so they didn’t follow omi.

omi promised that he would come back to see them in the future when he had the chance.

After that, omi left the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom and returned to the Upper Fey Yan Continent.

As soon as he returned to Upper Fei Yan Continent, someone came to look for omi for his alchemy pills.

Now, there was only one fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master in Upper Fey Yan Continent, so omi was very popular, and almost every six months, there were Immortals who wanted to concoct pills, and omi would not refuse.Moreover, omi also introduced that Earth Immortals could also come and request him to concoct pills, so that omi’s income would be a little higher, lowering the threshold of a fourth-grade Immortal Pill.

Of course, it couldn’t be free.

omi had his charges, refining eight strains of immortal grass, omi would have to take away one strain, regardless of the vintage of the immortal grass.Previously, when Green King helped people refine pills, he was charging six for one, while Luo Ke, was charging five for one.

In addition, omi also offered a special discount, more than eight strains, less than 15 strains, no longer receive a second charge, so omi suggested those people, try to gather up to eight strains to come to him for refining.If there are less than eight strains, for example, only five strains, they will still be charged according to the standard of eight strains of immortal grass.

Just what omi didn’t expect was that many people were in a hurry, and were anxious to refine it before they got eight strains together.

In the blink of an eye, countless spring and autumn years passed.

Unknowingly, omi had already spent a thousand years in Upper Fellows Island.

“My, a thousand years is too fast.”

“A thousand years feels like a long time in the mortal realm, but in the immortal realm, it’s all gone by without any feeling.”

After a thousand years, omi couldn’t help but sigh.

Star Luo said, “In this thousand years, you’ve spent every day refining, researching immortal pills, cultivating, and almost nothing else, getting used to this pattern, time naturally passed without feeling anything.For an immortal, a thousand years would have been a short period of time.”


omi had been helping others with their alchemy for a thousand years, and it was a small achievement.

So far, omi had also saved about 1,500 immortal grasses, all of which were a hundred million years old.

“One thousand years, I haven’t used a single one of them, I’ve only saved a total of 1,512 Immortal Grasses, when will this be enough.”

“How could it be so easy, if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re the only Immortal Pill Master in the Upper Fell Hell Continent right now, and you’re even refining people below Earth Immortal, then you probably wouldn’t have saved 500 of them.In the past, your master might not have been able to save a thousand Billion Year Immortal Grasses in ten thousand years.If you use it up again occasionally yourself, you won’t be able to save much in 100,000 years.”

omi said, “These 1,512 Billion Year Immortal Grasses can’t even top me now, it was fine when I was a mortal immortal, but now that I’m an Earth Immortal, without a hundred thousand Billion Year Immortal Grasses, or thousands of Billion Year Immortal Grasses, there’s no improvement at all.”

“That’s why it’s so hard for Immortals to break through, one layer a day.”

omi said, “Do I have to stay like this for countless thousand years?I would go mad.”

“Or what, do you go to an even smaller fairy kingdom?”

“In this world, is there no other place but the Upper Feyan Continent?”

“Of course there are, such as the Upper Four Continents, and also, the Heavenly Realm, but unfortunately, the Upper Four Continents are not for ordinary people, I heard that Big Brother Qing Shi, he has been to the Upper Four Continents, you can go and ask him.”


omi immediately went to Qing Shi’s Immortal Palace.

“Zhou Mi, why do you have the time to come to my place.”Qing Shi received omi, omi had only been here once in the past thousand years, but it wasn’t long for Qing Shi.

“Big brother, I’m almost suffocating a bird, every day I live such a boring life, either alchemy or cultivation, time clatters by so fast, so boring.Big brother, can you take me away from here to a better place ah.”

Qing Shi said, “In the Lower Four Continents, Upper Fei Yan Continent is already the most prosperous and powerful one, the other three places in the Lower Four Continents are not as good as here.”

“Brother Qing Shi, what I mean is, take me to the Upper Four Continents, or the Heavenly Realm.”

Qing Shi smiled, “The Heavenly Realm, I still want to go there.”

“Oh, what about the Upper Four Continents?”

“The Upper Four Continents aren’t so easy to go to, otherwise, why would I stay here.”

“Brother Qing Shi, I heard that you can travel to the Upper Four Continents at will ah, why?”


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